While some people prefer to decorate their houses with cool Halloween Wreaths here, others enjoy putting out a growing display of Halloween books. To carry you through the Halloween month, make sure your bookshelf is stocked with the best Halloween books. Whether you want to build your own collection of books or just want to pick a few titles from the library, here are the top 5 books for every Halloween lover.

1. Nightshift by Stephen kings

Although this is the first collection of short stories, it remains among the best. Its opening tale of Jerusalem Lot is inspired by an inherited evil, Lovecraftian tropes, hunted family, and cursed mansion. Although it’s the same old horror, Stephen King sets up some backstory for future novel and adds new twists. Although the other stories veer towards modern landscape, they are rife with physical horrors, mental horrors, and psychotic children roaming cornfields. If you are a Halloween lover, you will realize that King is at his best.

2. Bone Dog by Erick Rohmann

If you are a Halloween lover then you will definitely read this book every year. Even if you read it a dozen times you will never get tired. In this book, Gus doesn’t feel like doing anything after his dog has died. He does not even feel like putting on a costume, but when he finds a bunch of skeletons, it’s actually his own dog, who comes along to help him put those bones in their place. This book focuses on loss, friendship, and a delightfully spoken Halloween.

3. The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury

Although this book is geared towards younger readers, adults will also find it quite entertaining. It actually takes a wallop in nostalgia with a history of beliefs and rituals behind the holiday. From Druid fires in the night to Egyptian pyramids, the author explores everything concerning the holiday. These children venture into a house having a Halloween tree where Mr. Moundshroud guides them through the centuries order. This book is not only fun but also educative, spooky, and a must-read for any Halloween lover.

4. Ten orange Pumpkins by Stephen Savage

If you are like me then you will definitely be obsessed by Stephen’s artworks. Although this book came 3 years ago, the story starts with 10 pumpkins which later on disappeared one by one. This means you have to keep a close eye on the illustrations so as to figure out the mystery. This book has a softness and gentle humor that will capture the young one’s imagination and anticipation. It’s one of the best halloween books.

5. The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson

The trick about this halloween book is that Jackson tells you that this ancient manse is not right. With a creeping sense that you will only find in this book, the horror comes on slowly. Since the pacing is the key, bit by bit Jackson builds a sense of distrust and genuine fear. After reading this house, you will never look at an old spooky house or even your very own.

Top 5 Books for Every Halloween Lover