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Round One:


Match #1: Tristan Fallbrook vs. Josh - Goes to Tristan Fallbrook

Match #2: Lucas vs. David - Goes to Lucas

Match #3: Cam vs. Drew - Goes to Cam

Round Two:  


Match #4:  Ull  vs Ford - Goes to Ford

Match #5:  Clark vs Matt  - Goes to Matt

Match #6:  Loren vs Dane  - Goes to Loren

Match #7:  Ridge vs Ambrose - Goes to Ridge

Round Three:


Match #8: Drew Callahan vs Lincoln - Goes to Lincoln

Match #9: Remy vs Wesley - Goes to Remy

Match #10: Archer vs Emerson - Goes to Archer

Round Four:


Match #11: Eric vs Andrew - Goes to Andrew

Match #12: Carson vs Jack - Goes to Jack

Match #13: Rule vs Quinn - Goes to Rule

Round Five:


Match #14: Rush vs. Tristan Fallbrook - Goes to Rush

Match #15: Travis vs. Lincoln - Goes to Travis

Match #16: Tristan Knight vs. Andrew - Goes to Tristan Knight

Match # 17:  Lucas vs. Cam - Goes to Lucas

Round Six:


Match #18: Ford vs. Matt - Goes to Ford

Match #19: Loren vs Ridge - Goes to Ridge

Match #20: Remy vs. Archer - Goes to Archer

Match #21: Jack vs. Rule - Goes to Rule

Round Seven:


Match #22:  Rush vs. Lucas - goes to Rush

Match #23:  Ford vs. Ridge - goes to Ridge

Match #24:  Travis vs. Archer - goes to Travis

Match #25:  Tristan Knight vs. Rule - goes to Rule

Round Eight:


Match 26:  Rush vs. Ridge - goes to Rush

Match 27:  Travis vs. Rule - goes to Travis

Winner of the 2014 Crush Tourney:


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