Kristan Hoffmanwinner of the St. Martin's Press New Adult contest, was once quoted by Cally Jackson as saying:

“The Transition from child to adult doesn’t happen overnight--just ask as anyone who is or has been (or is a parent to) a teenager. But the transition from teen to adult doesn’t happen overnight either. There’s a period of time where adulthood feels like a new pair of shoes. The expectations of independence and self-sufficiency are still new, still being broken in. New Adults are the people who have just begun to walk in those shoes; New Adult fiction is about their blisters and aches.”
* Excerpts from Cally Jackson's “The Missing Genre” and Kristan Hoffman’s post for Writer's Digest "New Adult: What Is It"

What exactly is “New Adult” fiction?

We view New Adult fiction (NA) as a category of literature—meaning, it gives readers content expectations, but it does not dictate genre-based criteria. Typically, a novel is considered NA if it encompasses the transition between adolescence (a life stage often depicted in Young Adult fiction) and true adulthood.

Protagonists generally fall between the ages of eighteen and twenty-six, though exceptions may apply. NA characters are often portrayed experiencing: college, living away from home for the first time, military deployment, apprenticeships, a first steady job, a first serious relationship, etc.

Other terms for NA include: Upper YA, Crossover Fiction, and Mature YA.

New Adult and Genres:

New adult works like any other category of fiction. You can have New Adult horror stories in which zombies take over a college campus during finals week, or even new adult science fiction or fantasy set off in faraway lands. The category can be combined with all genres and sub-genres for every type of reader to enjoy!

To make finding these individual genres and sub-genres easier, we have started* a catalog of NA reads here and separated them by genres. There are also lists separating the different NA genres on Goodreads, and you can find those listed on our catalog page at the bottom.

*Feel free to contact us about books that you recommend to be added to our lists!

So, what are some common themes and issues in NA?

New Adult embodies the period between adolescence and adulthood, so there are a wide range of issues to tackle. Common themes in NA include: identity, sexuality, race, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, bullying, empowerment, familial struggles, loss of innocence, fear of failure, etc.

Combine those themes with common new adult issues: living away from home for the first time, military deployment, starting college, engagements and marriages, etc.


Slap a genre on there, and you’ve got yourself a New Adult novel!

A Small Note About Themes and Issues: It’s important to note that issues in NA can and do vary by genre.

Why NA Alley? 

The seven of us have come together to shine a light on the space that exists between Young Adult (YA) and Adult fiction. In life, we can’t skip those years between being a teenager and being a full-grown adult, and in fiction, we shouldn’t skip these years either.

Our Mission Statement:

NA Alley was created to inspire and encourage writers and readers of new adult (NA) fiction. We are here to build a community and will network as much as possible through social media, and will always look for new opportunities to reach out. NA Alley keeps the reader in mind with quality content and pleasing aesthetics. We will do our best to bring industry information, NA reads, and writing advice to our readers. We seek to promote NA authors and NA readers through giveaways, interviews, and guests posts, and by bringing together relevant, up-to-date information on what others are doing to support our ever-expanding NA community.
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