Halloween is all about looking cool and funky. Nobody cares about how he looks on this beautiful event but everybody wants to wear a look that can make him appear prominent from others.

It’s not about wearing a casual dress but it’s all about wearing something that appears strange in normal days. You can wear a superman or Spider-man look or you can even wear the costume of a cartoon character to look different from others.

You can say that Halloween is like a race where everybody tries to beat others with his unique and funky costume. You might have seen people wearing the costume of batman or Barbie but have you ever seen someone wearing the costume of God Father?

Well, if you want to look amazing among others, then you must try something new and creative this Halloween.

Taking a look at Fancy Dress Ireland, Halloween Costumes, Women’s, Costume Shop .ie will help you see the Halloween costumes from a different perspective. There is a wide range of unique and funky costumes available that you would have never seen before.

Today, we’re also going to share some unique and funky ideas with you that no one has ever tried before.

If you’re a book lover and like to read different interesting books, then you can choose a character from your favorite book this time to look different among all others. Let’s take a look at some popular characters that you can choose from.

Harry Potter

Who doesn’t know the famous character Harry Potter? What can be more interesting than following one of the most popular characters from a novel?

Even there is a series of films available now that was made on this character so you can easily wear the costume of harry potter because you can find this costume from different stores and fancy dress shops.

Harry potter is a very interesting character and this beautiful character will help you inspire others.

God Father

God Father is one of my favorite characters from the most popular novel of the world written by Mario Puzo. Mario Puzo has portrayed this character in such an amazing way that everybody would love to copy his style. The most amazing thing about this character is that he is very popular character and every book reader is familiar with this character.

So, all the people around you will definitely be inspired from this character and they will appreciate this unique choice of yours.


Shakespeare is a writer himself but you can even copy his style as well. Shakespeare is known as the best author of English Literature and all almost all the English speaking people are aware of his personality.

Even people from other countries are also familiar with this wonderful character. You can copy his style if you’re also an author or a writer.

All of these characters are unique and popular as well. You’ll definitely look prominent among all others if you consider following any of them on this Halloween.

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Follow a character from your favorite book and wear a different look this Halloween