I spend a ridiculous amount of time in the car. I've adopted a lot of commute coping strategies for my 10+ hours a week on the road. Early on, I discovered a love for audiobooks. Otherwise, I'd babble myself into a corner at the day job.

Some narrators have voices that are crush-worthy. Others have forced me to click delete after the first half hour.  What do I look for in my audio purchases? I expect the narrator to convey a range of emotions, execute both male and female voices with an appropriate accent, and have a pleasing tone. I admit my standards are high.

All of Samantha Young's books have great narrators. I'm still swooning over the character of Braden from On Dublin Street. His Scottish accent is the sexiest ever and the dialogue delivery is perfect. The narrator, Paula Costello, nailed the characters of husky-voiced Joss and jump-my-Scottish-bones Braden. I'd marry that brogue. Seriously.

New Adult is known for books with male and female POVs. Jay Crownover's Nash is narrated by two actors: Paula Costello and Tad Branson. I chose this book simply because I knew I already loved Costello's narration of On Dublin Street. Did she do well with Nash? It's a winner.

Let's talk Abbi Glines for a minute. I've listened to quite a few of her books which feature two POVs yet different couples all portrayed by the same narratorsShayna Thibodeaux and Kirby Heyborne. Heyborne's portrayal of the males rolls out with a heavy Southern accentsomething I don't hear a lot in audiobooks. Being a Southern gal myself, this is all sexy as sweet tea. Fan yourselves when you listen to a Glines book.

One of my favorite listens is Flat-Out Love written by Jessica Park and narrated by Julia Whelan. Whelan sure knows how to deliver lines with sincerity and humor. It's wonderful.

I've read most of Tammara Webber's books specifically The Between the Lines series and Easy. I noticed that her recent releases, Breakable and Sweet, are both performed by her actor son,  Zachary Webber. I've listened to a sample (this is KEY, folks). I love his voice and these two books are in my listening queue.

A couple of months ago, I downloaded Burying Water by K. A. Tucker. This book is performed by two narrators, Josh Goodman and Elizabeth Louise. For the most part, I prefer multiple actors if there's more than one POV in the book. I'm twice as likely to listen. These two did an excellent job in portraying the high emotions in this romantic suspense.

Today, I featured the New Adult narrations I adore. Why am I not mentioning the ones that made me want to throw myself from a moving car? I refuse to spread the hate. There's been quite a bit of that oozing around the internet. So, please add your own NA audiobook recommendations in the comments. Summer is road trip time. If you haven't tried an audiobook, now is the time.

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  1. I love, love, love my narrator! She's an actress named Nellie Barnett. Check her out:


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