Hey, gang! Just wanted to extend an invite to the Alley audience to pop over to a Facebook-Twitter event being orchestrated by NA Lit Chat this week.

For our Thursday (3/26) chat we'll be talking about book blurbs. How to write them, sharing our favorites, giving tips, etc. Leading up to that, we've opened a Facebook event where all are welcome to pop in and share blurbs and give feedback on blurbs being shared.

You can check the event HERE and participate in the chat Thursday by following and tweeting to #NALitChat with your favorite Twitter app. We kick things off every week at 9 PM Eastern.

As always, you can find the NA Lit Chat page under the 'NA Up Close'/other media tab here at the Alley. There you'll see a calendar of upcoming chats, transcripts of previous chats, and interviews with authors and various publishing professionals.

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  1. I really want to catch one of these! Will have to note Thurs eve on my google calendar.

    1. We'd love to 'see' you out there, Catherine! Lots of fun. :-)


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