If there is anything to say about New Adult fiction at the moment, it could be this -- it stirs the pot. Naysayers come out of the woodwork to sling mud on the emerging category...I'm not going to add credibility to the grumpies by linking and sending more traffic to their sites. You've seen 'em.

As a hybrid author, I wonder if part of that discomfort stems from the fact that the category got its start in the murky and oft-misunderstood world of self-publishing. Keep in mind that self-publishing emerged as a viable craft on the sea of credibility only recently. Before, oh, 2012, authors who dared take the reins into their own hands did so at the risk of potential future "real" publishing opportunities. And it was from a position of self-assured complacency and potentially fear that many traditional authors and publishing houses looked at the self-pub pioneers with a mix of ridicule and trepidation, watching them fight their way onto the same industry-esteemed lists that "real" authors struggled through long careers to hit. But now? Self-publishing produces some of the best-selling authors of our day. And many of them publish new adult fiction.

I'm encouraged to see that when searching for the newest lambasts of New Adult to gather some gems for this piece, I found surprisingly few dated past last fall. In fact, instead, I found several lists of up and coming new adult authors, NA books to read in 2015, and celebrations of the NA category in general. Is acceptance finally coming this way? Maybe the debate is nearing an end and we can at last focus on the wide variety of amazing books being published (both traditionally and by self-published authors) in this category. I surely hope so!

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  1. I sure hope so too! I still see comments on my reviews that they'd never heard of NA before so it may be that we still have a lot of work to do in getting recognition of the category.
    But just look how far it's come!

  2. It seems like whenever you draw hate, you're doing something right--right enough to land on naysayers' radars, anyway. Go NA!

  3. I agree with Carrie! Haters gonna hate, I think a lot of the time but it's great to think NA is being accepted :)


  4. I see a lot out there supporting NA. Sure some people aren't going to take the chance or won't admit loving the genre but more and more people are informed and buying NA. Great article.

  5. I thought the brouhaha over this genre had ended, especially since it has now been deemed acceptable by traditional publishing.

  6. It's definitely gaining traction in traditional circles as a cash cow if nothing else. The 50 Shades movie is going to stir the pot again, I'm afraid. My biggest takeaway from NA is the passion--as you said, for and against. People love it or love to hate it. I had someone tell me it was nothing but "condescending mommy porn". I laughed. I don't write mommy porn ... I don't think anyway. But I definitely write NA. ;-)

  7. I am passionate about NA as both a writer and a reader. I honestly couldn't give a damn what people say because ultimately, the success of New Adult since its emergence speaks for itself. I released my NA book in December last year and I've been pleased with the results so far. The market is there, the readers are there and, yes, the haters are there, but their impact has waned. Now I want to see more diversity in NA sub-genres. More Dystopian, more paranormal, more fantasy - please! It's not just about 18-25's at college. It can be so much more. Absolutely brilliant article.

  8. Why are people hating on NA? It could be because of the trash that's being promoted as NA. It could also be because the porn writers have jumped on the NA bandwagon. But .... it could be because ...

    It seems that when I do a search for an NA book to read, I find that there are more billionaires under 30 than exist in the entire world and they’re all enamored with virgins that no one else wants to date.

    It seems that NA hits tend to have very limited tropes. Here are the ones that I am sick of seeing:

    1. Damaged girl and damaged boy find each other
    2. Good girl heals damaged bad boy
    3. Bad boy abuses good girl and she takes it because she loves him and hopes she'll change him through the power of love
    4. Billionaire/rock star/royalty falls in love with dowdy normal girl - this may or may not have 50SG BDSM involved (better if it does)
    5. Girl damaged in high school is still a virgin at 21 until the right guy takes her to bed 12 pages after they meet
    6. Any kind of Twilight fan fic will work, just make sure the h/H fall in bed quickly - no later than chapter 3. (As an alternative, h can sigh and drool over H’s looks for 200 pages before he finally decides to take her to bed. His romantic seduction consists of “I want to f**k you.”)
    7. Bad boy abuser/control freak/manwhore seem to be fine, actually preferred. Lots of slut shaming of women. Books about 95% romance. Including a vampire or werewolf acceptable. Editing optional. Vocabulary preferably not above 6th grade.

    The abuse factor is very big. Look on the Goodreads shelf "Books I don't want my daughter to read".

    What I want are realistic stories about young adults. Preferably with a plot and characters who aren't cardboard cutouts or gross stereotypes.

    And just as an aside, looking at the comment above mine, do you ever read these comments?


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