Speculative New Adult Authors were busy in 2014. When they weren't busy trying to convince people that they really do exist, they were busy writing and publishing. And publishing. And publishing.

After many hours on the internet researching, I've been able to come up with a rather extensive (and incomplete) list of Speculative New Adult titles published this past year. If I've left any out, please feel free to leave the missing titles in the comments, or tweet me @sarahharian!

Every cover is linked to the novel's Goodreads page. Adding these to your shelves is just a click away. You don't ever have to agonize again about the lack of Speculative NA! (I know, I'm totally awesome, right?)

(Thanks to Laura and Julie for extra help out with this project)

And without further ado, I give you....

2014 Speculative New Adult


King Cave (Forever Evermore, #2)Living Dead Girl (Living Dead World #1)Shadow Boxer (Alterations #2)


The Star Thief (Star Thief Chronicles, #1)ClandestineIvory Guard (The Guard Duet, #1)First (A Crescent Chronicles Novella)


The Wicked We Have Done (Chaos Theory, #1)Redemption (Alchemy, #4)Honesty (Mark of Nexus, #2.5)The Path To Decay (Vlad Dracula, #2) (The Dracula Chronicles, #2)Legacy Code (Legacy Code #1)


Girl Lost (Neverland Lost, #1)Before the StormFire of Stars and Dragons (Stars and Souls #1)Stone of Destiny (The Danaan Trilogy, #2)Broken Visions (Shattered Promises, #3)The Forgotten (The Naming of Legends, #2)Honor Among Orcs (Orc Saga, #1)Ruby (Tree of Blood)Search (The Empire Chronicles, #2)Not Quite Dead (A Lowcountry Ghost Story, #1)


Beautiful Stranger (The Marked Ones Trilogy, #0.5)The Space Beyond (The Book of Phoenix, #2)Absolute Zero (Touch of Frost #2)


 Carrier (The Line, #1)Hunted (Dragonlands, #2)State of Pursuit (Collapse Series #4)


Dark ParadiseFall (Cold Mark Book 1)Fortune's Risk (Star Thief Chronicles #1.5)The Horde Without End (The World Without End, #2)Magic AmericaExperimentThe Space WithinCryostorm (Touch of Frost, #3)Induction Day (Butterman Travel series #2)Defect: Part One (Defect, #1)Sacrifice Me: Season One (Sacrifice Me #1-6)


Our Broken Sky (Chaos Theory, #1.5)Dark SacrificeAthena's Ashes (Star Thief Chronicles, #2)Dust to Dust (Experiment in Terror #9)The Other Side of Truth (The Marked Ones Trilogy, #3)First & Forever (The Crescent Chronicles, #4)Reunited (The Nogiku Series, #3)Not Quite Cold (A Lowcountry Ghost Story, #2)


A Vault of Sins (Chaos Theory, #2)Dark RedemptionDire (The Dire Wolves Chronicles, #1)Tro (The Elsker Saga, #3)


King Tomb (Forever Evermore, #3)A Place Beyond (The Danaan Trilogy, #3)Heirs of War, Crown of Flames (Heirs of War, #2)Stay (The Empire Chronicles, #3)


Sink (Cold Mark, #2)The Future Without Hope (The World Without End, #3)Hemlock VeilsRetribution (Dragonlands #3)Defect: Part Two (Defect, #2)


Walled (The Line, #2)Inspire (The Muse, #1)Wicked (A Wicked Saga, #1)Spark Rising (The Progenitor Saga, #1)Paragon (Legacy Code, #2)Hexametyr (Elyzian Chronicles #4)Postcards from Asgard

Some popular titles with college-aged protagonists may not be listed due to their nature of being marketed as a category or genre other than New Adult.

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  1. Awesome post!!! I'm definitely going to have to start going down the list and checking out the ones I missed. Looking forward to seeing about twice as many books (or more) on the 2015 list! Go NA spec fic!!!

  2. This is great! I love seeing all we've managed to publish in 2014. Go NA spec fic!

  3. Holy cow I have a lot of reading to do! Great work compiling this list!

    And NA authors are some serious prolific badasses!

  4. Holy crap this is helpful! Thanks for compiling this thorough list; even if it is still incomplete, it's a fantastic service to NA Spec readers.

  5. This post is all kinds of helpful and amazing. Thanks so much, Sarah! :D

  6. This is outstanding!! Thanks Sarah! Such gorgeous covers!!!

  7. So many great books! My tbr list is exploding!

  8. Great list! My TBR list is growing to epic proportions now!


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