As the weather gets cool…cold…freezing, all I want to do as much as I can is curl up in my bed or on the couch, snuggled with some hot cocoa and steamy book. As Thanksgiving passes, I start to turn to holiday-themed books. What I really wanted this year was some NA holiday love, but I couldn’t find a list of holiday NA reads. So I’ve made one, with a variety of contemporary NA romances set around the winter holidays.

Who doesn’t love a Navy SEAL?  S.M. Butler’s SEALed until Christmas features the hot titular hero, Jesse, returning home for some (forced) R&R during the holidays, where he’s also forced to confront a troubling memory. A con man’s daughter, Charlie long avoided setting down roots, but has now settled into a comfortable routine of work and school. Together, Jesse and Charlie must brave the ghosts of Christmases past, and fight for their Christmas future.

New Adult superstar J. Lynn’s Be With Me features a moving Christmas family scene that will give your feels the feels. You can’t go wrong with J. Lynn, and the hard-won warm fuzzes in Be With Me feel especially Christmas-y.

Australian author Leesa Bow has infused her previous romances with sports-a-plenty, and Jardine is no exception. This emotional, Romeo & Juliet-tinged story is set around Christmas, and will have you longing for Santa to bring you your very own hot Australian athlete for the holidays.

Another NA superstar with an absolutely amazing holiday read is Cora Carmack. In Faking It, rocker-girl Max needs a clean-cut fake boyfriend to impress her conservative parents. Enter Cade, good-guy graduate student who decides he wants to stick around long after the parents depart, and will do anything to prove his love to Max. Faking It is a perfect holiday read of redemption, sacrifice, and acceptance. And did I mention Cade? Just writing about him makes my toes curl.

Alyssa Rose Ivy continues her Hazards series with The Hazards of Mistletoe, and reveals how a single kiss, prompted by the presence of one pesky little plant, can change a long-time friendship and make it so much more. Isn’t that cover adorable? Makes me want to slip into a hot tub and read this hot book!
You know what’s even better than a good holiday story? A good holiday story with a football player! Add in a secret Santa letter-writing campaign and a quest to make one boy’s Christmas dreams come true, and you have Julie Brannagh’s sweet, lovely Holding Holly.

I’ve added all of these to my Kindle (well, the ones I didn’t already have) and plan to spend the last couple weeks of the year warming up with these hot couples. What are some of your favorite NA holiday reads? There’s always room on the Kindle for more!

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    1. Thanks Carrie! I had so much fun compiling it. :)

  2. Oh, why did I click on this post? This entire list is great. I'm off to one-click instead of wrapping presents. I'll blame you when I'm wrapping on Christmas Eve.

    1. Hee hee Brinda, I'll take the blame for this. I haven't even finished shopping yet because my Kindle is so full of these fantastic holiday stories. :)


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