Hey! We've finally updated (and upgraded!) the NA Catalog of Reads. Instead of one exhaustive list with dead links, we now have three different search pages:
Now readers will be able to instantly connect with books they'll actually be interested in, instead of having to scroll through a massive alphabetical listing. How cool is that? Plus, we won't have to spend hours every month adding new entries... *weeps tears of joy* 

If you're an author, please check this spreadsheet to make sure your book is there. (We were only able to use submissions from this year, because of the keyword feature. Try using CTRL + F to find your name.) If your submission is not there, please take a minute to fill out this form.

Thanks, guys!

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  1. You're always working hard for NA Alley readers. :)

  2. It's awesome! :) Although a list where you can see every title at the same time would be good as well. :)

    1. Thanks! The list was cool, but it ended up getting too big and people would switch their links without telling us—leaving us with dead links and a penalized SEO. Womp, womp... lol


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