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A huge warm welcome to all of you. We have so many great things in store, so prepare to be razzled and dazzled. NA Alley is humbled and ecstatic to be your cyber hub for all things NA. Your speculative fiction representatives are some of the most dynamic and talented people around.

I debuted last November with the first book in my NA time travel series and it’s been a serious roller coaster ride ever since ... of lessons learned, celebrations had, butt-in-chair hard work, periodic head scratching, and flat out facepalms. Through it all, I’ve come to one conclusion: 

NA speculative fiction is HERE TO STAY!

Alright, I know what you’re thinking … “PK, NA sci-fi and fantasy is a hard sell. Sure, paranormal is making a splash, but so far the rest of spec fic isn’t getting the credit it deserves!” 

Here’s how we at NA Alley see it: New Adult is an age, a frame of mind, an introduction to a new way of life. In children’s literature, there’s a gap between childhood stories and teenage stories. It’s called Middle Grade, and those books are read by people of all ages who are looking for stories about characters in that awkward transition between being a child, and being a teenager. Those books encompass all genres.

New Adult is no different. It embraces the awkward (and exciting) transition between high school teenage years and full fledged adulthood. And if your story revolves around characters who are floundering their way through them, then don’t be afraid to call it New Adult. Readers of speculative fiction are already out there, and most of them don't realize that New Adult can satisfy their fantastical cravings as well.

Make no mistake, we NA spec fic authors love our contemporary romance counterparts, and we’d never argue that those stories are rockin’ the New Adult world. We applaud them! There's a specific audience out there that wants that kind of New Adult, and that's great! It’s not about pushing spec fic on readers who love contemporary, it’s about targeting our own readers and saying, 

“Hey, I’ve got a book you may enjoy about a fairy warrior who has to save her kingdom but falls in love with the evil elf lord instead, and it’s New Adult.”

Reader: “New adult? Isn’t that like mommy porn?”

Clever NA author: “Nope. It means stories that are more mature in content than typical teen ones are, and the main characters are discovering what it’s like to be adults in the real world … er, um fantasy world in this case.”

Reader: “Wow, I had no idea New Adult could be fantasy too.”

Clever NA author: “It totally is. Keep a look out for it because there are a ton of talented authors writing more NA speculative fiction all the time. Oh, and tell your friends to search for those keywords if they want to find more NA spec fic titles, things like, new adult fantasy, or new adult sci-fi.” 

Reader: “Great idea! Thanks!”

Start using these keywords, as well as searching for them. And don’t be afraid to own the NA category when describing your book to others. It’s how a grassroots movement begins. Eventually, everything shifts, and won’t it be fan-friggin-tastic to say that we were a part of it?? It will open doors for writers and readers alike.

So tell me what your experience with NA spec fic has been so far. What are some more ways we can spread the word about this other category of spec fic called New Adult?

Feel free to contact me, or any of your spec fic representatives, at anytime with questions, concerns, ideas. All are welcome. We are excited and honored to be a part of this community. We have so many amazing posts for you, so please come back every first Monday and Thursday of the month for your spec fic fix. :) 

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  1. Yay! Love to see this. Our first Spec Fic NA post :)

  2. Woohooo! So excited to see this post!! I truly believe NA is here to stay, and that means growing beyond the craze of contemporary and exploring all the possibilities of this exciting and challenging time in a person's life. Thanks for the great post!

  3. Three Cheers for NA spec-fic!
    So far, I've released an NA romantic high fantasy, and on Thanksgiving, I'll be dabbling in NA paranormal! I'm looking forward to seeing how things grow in the market as NA spec-fic finds recognition!

    1. Awesome, Amalia! I love that romance can be any genre, and I think there are readers out there that don't realize that.

  4. I'm sure going to keep writing it and love getting to find new stuff. The fan base will keep growing, it's just a slower build.

    1. Yep, I agree, Jen. No reason why we can't write what we love while putting out other work as well. :D

  5. Fantastic post! First they said NA would fade. It didn't. Then they said it couldn't be anything more than contemporary romance. It is. I'm kind of excited for what people will say we can't do next. :)

  6. Google...that turd...just wrote my whole comment and it booted me after not signing in...where was I...oh yes...I too thought NA was just Mommy porn. Thank you for giving such a clear understanding of NA. I've been working on an outline for a fantasy and have been having so much fun with my 18 yr old protagonist and all the conflict and grief that her age allows me...never realizing I was writing NA...boy I feel like a goober...does anyone say that anymore? Clearly I myself am not NA...yeah so...I'm excited...also because there is less competition now on Amazon ( every little bit helps right?) as of today there were 557 fantasy NA books on Amazon. That's a delightfully small Amazon pond...says the girl who hasn't published yet...let me have my naivete...


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