Hey, gang! If you're dialed into the Alley, you know this last month has seen some exciting new voices and perspectives brought into our site. NA fiction is blossoming, and we want to capture every second of it--from every possible angle.

Part of that effort has led us to the creation of a multimedia 'arm' of NA Alley called NA Up Close. The goal is to bring you closer to your favorite NA authors, books, and topics than ever before. Via video blogs (vlogs), chats, podcasts, and special, community-wide audio/video events we'll explore the who, why, and how of NA straight from the source--the authors, publishing professionals, and readers who are making this the most exciting category in literature.

(I'm definitely biased.)

Under the Up Close umbrella, you'll find familiar favorites, like our weekly Twitter event (every Thursday, 9 PM EDT/EST) about all things in NA (and sometimes beyond), #NALitChat. For those new to the program (we've been going strong since 2012), it's an audio-enhanced Twitter chat engaging participants and our guests in fast and fun conversations about the hottest topics in NA. Check out the NA Lit Chat page here at the Alley for a calendar of upcoming chats and guests.

Here's a sampling of our audio shows.

Click HERE to check out the corresponding Twitter transcripts. Read while you listen to get the full effect of what a #NALitChat Thursday night is all about. (Hint: There are GIFs, running gags, and some fantastically helpful people. :)

A brand new edition to the Up Close media collection is Alleycast, a bi-weekly
podcast orchestrated by me and the multitalented Carrie Butler. It's a New Adult conversation--with a twist. (How else can you have a twisted conversation?) Us and our guests offer up our often hilarious and always honest take on NA's hottest news.

Did I mention it's twisted? :) Our first episode is live, so you can judge for yourself. (Just not too harshly.) We turned our critical eye toward examining inappropriately sexy Halloween costumes with author Casey L. Bond. (Who wants a sexy hamburger and french fries? Yes, they exist.)

Click over to the Alleycast page to catch back episodes and see what's coming next!

Lastly, NA Up Close is going to be a place for you to get to know authors beyond just the books they write. We'll have a variety of vlog features that will be open to the entire NA community to take part in, creating a library of content aimed at giving a literal voice to the names on the front of the books.

Here's a sample feature called Who Am I--I'm, unfortunately, your guinea pig. :) Stay tuned to NA Alley for details on how you'll be able to take part in the coming weeks! (And we definitely want to hear from all of the NA authors out there.)

We're also cooking up some ideas for featuring books, favorite characters, and more. So if you're a book blogger, or simply an enthusiastic reader, who would like to try your hand at vlogging, keep an eye on this space for how you might be able to participate.

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  1. You guys put out so much awesome! :) #awesomeoverload

    1. I wake each morning thinking about awesome and how to cram it down people's throats. Thank you for noticing! :P

      And I thought you hashtagged 'awesome overlord' the first time I read this, which I liked better. :)

    2. I dub thee Awesome Overlord of New Adult Nation. ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Me, too! I feel like we need the Scorpions "Winds of Change" auto-playing when people view this! :)

  3. I'm amazed at all you do for writers. Standing "O"!

    1. We definitely like to have our fun doing it, Deborah! :)

  4. Woot! Awesome! Nice work EJ and Carrie!

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