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(Promise by Kristie Cook)

Hello my lovelies! I'm Inga, owner of Me and Reading book blog which I have been writing for 3,5 years. I am an Estonian, an avid reader, lover of books, reading, authors, publishing and blogging.
I am honored, excited and happy to participate in the NA Crush Tourney as an advocate for Tristan!

Tristan Knight just won the UtopYA Awards 2014 for The Best Supernatural Hero!

A special piece of my heart belongs to Tristan Knight from Promise by Kristie Cook. Why, you might ask. Of course, for me, it's obvious, but let me tell you! But first, I would like to introduce you to our hero, to a man who makes ladies swoon, dream, makes their hearts beat faster and wish they had a boyfriend like him.

Ladies and gentlemen, please say hello to Tristan Knight!

Hold your breath, I am just getting started! Those of you who already know Tristan, find the VOTE button below and choose Tristan! But I can assure you, you don't want to miss the rest of the presentation.

Tristan is the man who has it all - personality, looks AND brains! Who wouldn't want to have man like that? I sure would! So, let's see why you should vote for Tristan and what makes him so special! Embrace, ladies!


Let's take his looks first. Tristan is 6'3 tall, has a body of a warrior and the handsomeness of an angel. His body... OMG, his body... Imagine this: strong arms, fascinating eyes, every inch of his body shows power, masculinity and last, but not least God's ability to put all good male features and hotness which are beyond belief into one guy! Tristan!

"It wasn't right for a guy to be so incredibly attractive. Besides how tall he stood—towering at least a foot over my five-two—I noticed his hazel eyes first. They pulled me into their staggering beauty, with a wide ring of emerald green on the outside of the irises and brown around the pupils with gold specks that seemed to . . . sparkle. They were fringed with such long, dark lashes that it was unfair they were on a guy. His facial features were flawless—a square jaw, full lips and a golden suntan—better than any movie star or model. Sandy brown hair, longer on top and streaked by the sun, topped off his perfection. And then he smiled magnificently and the gold flecks in his eyes sparkled brighter, like when the sun hits gold flakes in a mining pan." - (Promise)

Not only does he own the sexiest body in the whole modern literature, he has this naughtiness and sparkle which makes women swoon and gush and  want him to be theirs.

“I showed you mine. Will you show me yours?” - (Promise)

“I couldn't wait for people to see you in that dress. Because you are with me. Forever.” He leaned closer, his lips tickling my ear. “At least let me enjoy it now, because I will have you out of that dress soon enough.” - (Promise)

"His hand cupped around my face and he gently pulled it up to his. He hesitated, still gazing intently into my eyes, his face less than an inch from mine, our noses nearly touching. The rest of the world disappeared as his eyes held mine. The sounds of the waves and the seagulls faded out so all I heard was my heart pounding and his thumb lightly brushing against my cheek. He must have heard my heart whirring like a hummingbird’s wings. He smiled and held his other hand to my chest as if to quiet it. The usual calming effect he had on me didn’t work. It sped even faster. He leaned in slightly and his lips barely touched mine. A spark jumped between us and we both flinched." - (Promise)

He also has a dark side, the special X-factor making him dangerous, letting the bitter-sweet and beautiful pain showing his romantic side. Tristan makes sure you know what love does to him and it is so incredibly, yet simply beautiful!

"Without your love, without you in my life, I am nothing but darkness.” – (Promise)


Tristan is a warrior by mind and body. He never gives up. He fights for his beliefs, he fights for everything which is good in the world and most importantly, he fights for love.

“I’ll fight for you until the end of my days.” - (Promise)


Tristan is loyal. He doesn't betray the ones he cares for. He gives all of him and then some to his cause and to his love. I think no sane (or not sane) woman wouldn't be affected by his words and actions.

"I will take care of you, honor and protect you, for as long as I live, into eternity. I lay down my life for you, Alexis, my friend and my love. Today I give to you, me.” – (Promise)


I think most of the women I know, and that includes you, my dear ladies, consider intelligence being sexy. Tristan can speak 7 languages... fluently! He's as smart as they come and he has ability to use his intelligence. He is a great strategist, making detailed plans for destroying the evil which threatens his world and his love.

Besides that, can you imagine someone whispering sweet and hot words to your ear in these foreign languages? Saying "I love you" to you in so many different ways? Told you, swoon-worthy!


Need more?! I bet you do! Let's give you some visuals from Promise, the first book in the Soul Savers Series by Kristie Cook. By the way, Promise is free and available on all the platforms - just in case you haven't read it yet. Which I believe, many of you have already, but if not, go and search for it!


There IS more! Tristan Knight has already thousands of fans all over the globe. I'm a living example of that myself. Tristan has fans from the Americas to the Australian outbacks and from the Northern cold to the Southern heat. These fans have a lot to say about Tristan and this is something I would love to share with you! Enjoy! (I surely did when I saw it!)

Alright, to wrap it up: VOTE for TRISTAN, because he is lovable and loyal, because he is hot and sexy, because he is intelligent and smart, romantic and above all, he is ALL THAT!



Thank you and keep those votes coming!

(Rule by Jay Crownover)

Hello everyone! My name is Christina Marie of LuLo Fangirl and I am here to advocate for my favorite bad boy and Marked Man, Rule Archer. Rule is definitely one of my all-time favorite book boyfriends and I am here to help you see why you want to come over to the Marked side

This is the guy your parents warned you about, but you always dreamed of. Rule Archer is the bad boy we all want

Rule is not the pretty boy next door that you take home to your parents and if you are looking for that, you have picked the wrong guy. Rule is definitely a unique guy. Hes not your typical book boyfriend. What makes Rule wonderful and desired by every woman he comes across is that he looks all bad ass on the outside but his inside is full of beautiful things. He is a straight forward, extremely loyal, fights for what he wants and loves, and does not care what people think of him kind of guy. He is moody and arrogant and so stubborn that it is ridiculous. But thats what we love about him.

Rule is so busy protecting his heart and everyone around him (which includes a bunch of rowdy, tattooed hotties with hearts of gold) that it creates brooding moodiness and lots of anguish until he realizes that Shaw, the girl thats always been there, is his heart.

Rule is tattooed to the hilt and pierced in all the right places, if you know what I mean *wink, wink*. He has beautiful icy blue eyes that can melt the coldest of hearts. And with always changing hair and the sexy confidence, he is sure to make your head turn.

I think its genetically impossible not to be kind of in love with him at first sight, when you come equipped with a vagina. Its just something about all the angst, moody swagger he has, that makes you want to cuddle up with him and make him feel better.

Rule takes beauty to a whole new level. He is so beautiful to the eyes that all the expressions on his skin only add to his beautifulness. He marked skin tells a whole other story that lets you into the beautiful soul of Rule Archer.

We all want beautiful men but RULE is so much more than a pretty face. Rule makes life exciting and when you are loved by him, there is no doubt in your heart that you belong to him and he belongs to you. He loves with a fiery passion. Rule sees no other one than the love of his life in Shaw. She came into his world and  changed his black and white world to a rainbow of color.

Heres my heart, Shaw. You have it in your hands and I promise youre the first and last person to ever touch it. You need to be careful with it because its more fragile than ever thought and if you try and give it back Im not taking it. I dont know enough about love to know for sure thats what this between us is, but I know that for me its you and only you from here on out and I can only promise to be careful and not push you away again. Life without you in it is doable, but if I have a choice I want to do it with you by my side and Im telling you Im not running away from the work it takes to make that happen. Shaw, Im not scared of us anymore.

You have to promise not to bail on me when I get lost, Shaw. You have to promise to just wait it out until I can find my way back. I need to know youre at the end of the tunnel when everything goes black.

Rule Archer is simply a sexy, attractive, and absolutely fabulous Marked Man and the ULTIMATE book boyfriend in my opinion. I hope you enjoy him as much as I do. If so, PLEASE VOTE RULE ARCHER! #TeamRule for the WIN!

I guarantee you, youll never be the same once youve been touched by Rule. Welcome to the Marked side… enjoy your stay.

Credit: Much love to Crownovers Crowd and Krisztina Vörös for their assistance in putting this together!


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