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(Taut by J.A. Huss)

Hi! My name is Nicole and I run Book Addicts Not So Anonymous!  I’m representing Ford Aston from JA Huss Taut. I’m not really good at putting my thoughts into words BUT for FORD I have to try.  You may know him from the Rook and Ronin series but Taut is where we really get into his head, and oh what an interesting head it is.  Let’s finish this tourney on top, because Ford likes to be on top and he's good at getting what he wants."
Ford has been referred to as a “Kinky sex god” and  feels as comfortable in a suit as he does in blue jeans.
So what do Kinky Sex Gods look like?

Brown hair, light brown eyes just the right amount a scruff to give you a little tickle when his head is giving you insurmountable amounts of pleasure. And hey if the pleasure isn’t enough to keep you sticking around his body? Oh my his body is toned in all the right places and his arms make you feel so secure you never want to leave their shelter. The intensity of those light brown eyes can set your body on fire within seconds leaving your panties wet and ready.
“I’m hurting you right now. And it feels good. Because you’ve been hurting me since the day we met. You’re selfish. You take. That’s all you do—take. You’re a Taker, Rook. And I’ve got nothing left to give you. You took it all.”

When it comes to getting to the heart of WHO Ford really is, you have to really dig deep.
“Sphere of privacy, people.”
Ford isn’t your warm and cozy boy next door. He can come off as cold and calculating but he as loyal as they come and a soft heart for those who manage to get past his defenses.  While he maybe kinky and has left behind a trail of “pets” he wants what we all want LOVE. He's confident, has swagger, usually only half grins because he can't be bothered to exert the energy for a full smile when people usually aren't that funny.
“I’m not defective. I want to be touched. I’ve denied myself this most basic of human comforts my whole life and I’m ready to move on.”

As he is described he is known for many things “Being an emotionless, messed up bastard, a freakishly smart social outcast, and a cold, domineering master who keeps "pets" instead of girlfriends.”
“Do I want her to know me like this? Do I want her to know that I’m a freak, in the strictest definition of the word? Is this what intimacy entails? Baring your weaknesses to someone who might take advantage, but trusting them not to?”
A fellow Ford lover says
“I picture Ford tall & strong. & I know smart isn't physical but you can tell that he's brilliant just by the way he carries himself & the way he observes a room. He's cynical because being smarter than everyone is exhausting. He cares deeply for those in his circle, but he struggles to emote that.”
So why should you vote for Ford?  Because he isn’t your stereotypical book boyfriend, he colors outside of the lines (not really because that would drive him nuts), because if he can drive you crazy with a look just imagine what he could do with a touch.  But also because once you are his he will move heaven and earth to keep you happy and safe and he will cherish every single moment with his family because they come first.

(Maybe Someday by Colleen Hover)

Howdy y'all!  Alana here from Dark Obsession Chronicles, A Diva a Day, GoodReads, and all-around book pimp.  Not only that, but I live in Austin, TX where my crush from the NA Crush Tourney 2014 -Ridge from  Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover - lives.  Seems fitting that Ridge lives in the live music capital of the world; I'm not just whistling Dixie about his swoon-worthiness, so let me show you why...

One Word: Guitar

Y'all know if a guy can play a guitar, his swoon factor always goes up.  It's a universal 'boy-truth'.  But pair that with the fact that just the sheer fact of Ridge to be able to do that?  *knees grow weak*  I would venture a guess that every modern women has had at least one 'musical' crush at some point.  It's practically encoded into our DNA to melt when a guy plays a guitar.  And boy, oh, boy - the way he plays it!
"I realize he's playing with both hands, one from underneath my head and one over me,  his head is against my chest, and I can heel his hair brush my neck.  He's pretty much sprawled across me in order to reach his guitar with both arms."

I wish I could make a video half has wonderful as this one, and instead of making a mediocre attempt, let's just see Ridge in action in this video created by MollieK featuring music from the book's soundtrack.

That brings me to hot fact #2, not only does Ridge play the guitar, but he writes his own music and lyrics (when not plagued by writer's block.)  OK, now picture, if you will Ridge writing these words, for you...

"But I must confess my interest
The way that you move when you’re in that dress
It’s making me feel like I want to be
The only man that you ever see "
-  I'm in Trouble
"I want to be your end
But you gotta let it begin

So won’t you
Won’t you let it begin
So won’t you
Won’t you just say when"
- Let It Begin

Writing lyrics is a very intimate thing...
"Oh, Lord. What is he about to do?  Put his hands on me?  Does he want to feel me sing this song?  Feeling requires touching, and touching required hands.  His hands.  Feeling me."
Now that you've got another peek at the oh-so-talented Ridge, let's catch another video of my favorite song written by Sydney and Ridge (during Maybe, Someday), performed by the actual writer Griffin Peterson.  This beautiful man is the voice behind the soundtrack, and I think he makes a great Ridge himself (with the obvious main difference).  This song, of all the music from Maybe, Someday, makes me think of Ridge and swoon.

“… holy crap.  He’s beautiful.”
I know, you're saying, "OK, we get it, but what does he look like?  Is he funny?"
He was hot enough to make Sydney gasp, full-on gasp, when she first saw him up close and personal.  
"I don't think I've ever seen eyes that can actually speak."  Unruly light brown hair, even the 'whore' thinks Ridge is "hot", his arms "look as if they were built for the sole purpose of carrying a guitar" and he looks "incredible" on stage.  *Sigh*  So, he's not an unattainably famous rock star, but rather a really hot boy-next-door with some serious talent.  He's considerate enough to let you lounge on the bed while he sits on the uncomfortable floor.  Funny?  Considering the long-standing prank war in the apartment, he is ready to create humor at a moment's notice.  Got an ex-boyfriend that needs punishing?  Ridge will show you the merits of duct tape and fish; just don't leave any Sharpie markers lying around in his arm's reach.
“I failed miserably at trying not to fall in love with you."  Me too, Ridge, me too.

To quote Sydney, “Oh, my dear sweet baby Jesus in a wicker basket."

He is the total package here ladies!  Smart, dedicated, loyal, talented, funny, he's one fast texter, and he's a little bit evil.  The evil bit is one of my favorite parts.  There is simply not enough time and space to contain the enormous swoon of Ridge.  He even finally 'gets' us girls...
See how great he is?  There is no doubt you can see!
Won't you say 'When' and Vote for Ridge?

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