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Be aware there maybe spoilers in some of the advocate posts that support the new adult heroes. We’ve allowed the advocates to use excepts from their assigned NA Crushes’ books as well as other teasers, so just be mindful of that when you read the posts.

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(All Lined Up by Cora Carmack)

Carson from All Lined Up By Cora Carmack
Hey everyone!!  My name is Betsy and I'm from Book Drunk Blog.  I'm a working mom with three toddlers, so I have to be very selective on which book boyfriends I give my attention to. Which means, if I'm giving Carson from All Lined Up this much attention, you know he's totally worth it. 
Why should you vote for Carson? Dallas says it best....
          "...because dear sweet Jesus riding a unicorn, he's perfect."
Just in case that isn't enough for you, here are all of the reasons I think Carson is the ULTIMATE Crush!
Carson is the most delectable football player I've ever come across.  As a back up quarterback and walk on at Rusk University, catching him in his football pants will make you want to do one of these:

Well, he will probably make you do that when he's wearing regular pants too.  


He is so NOT hard on the eyes.  Not even a little bit.  Dark hair you want to run your fingers through, delicious scruff you can't wait to feel against your skin, and obviously a well toned body from all off that weightlifting and football-y work.  Here's the guy Cora used for inspiration (Connor Hill if you feel like doing some internet stalking):

Would you say no to that if he wanted to hang out with you under the bleachers?  I think not!  It doesn't take long for our leading lady to fall victim to all of that yumminess.  Here's what Dallas thinks:
"I want to dive into him head first, submerge myself in the way he makes me feel, and not come up for air until I have no other choice."
Me too, Dallas.  Me too.

Besides being smokin' hot, Carson's got that whole personality thing going on for him too.  For one, he is incredibly funny.  Who doesn't love a guy that makes them laugh?  The very first thing out his mouth when he meets Dallas is a well-timed one liner that had me giggling out loud. Let's not forget that he is not afraid to show his love for Dr. Who and Disney movies. He is also incredibly supportive. He loves watching Dallas excel in her dream to be a dancer, even if it means she is going against her father and spending time away from him.  He even practices dancing with her (tries to, anyway) in his living room because he knows it helps her relax.  Um, hello?  Can we say perfect??


One of my favorite things about Carson is his passion.  Whether it's spending countless hours getting in top shape for football (no complaints here) or getting his hands on Dallas, Carson goes at it with everything he's got.  Once his determination is turned towards Dallas, she's got no shot at holding him off.
"I can't walk away from you because I don't want to.  There are a thousand things I want and need to do, but you trump all of them.  You drive me to distraction, and all I want to do is get lost in you.  All I want to do is make you lose it too."


And last, but certainly not least, he is S-E-X-Y.  And not just from the countless hours of weightlifting and running that has him more cut than construction paper in kindergarten.  That in itself is plenty enough of a reason to be #TeamCarson.  But wait, there's more!  Carson is not the kind of guy that spreads all that sexy around either, so when he lets it fly it is HOT!  His first meeting with Dallas had her in such a tizzy she couldn't even string together a sentence.  
"Do you want me to kiss you?"  Her knees squeeze against my hips as she says, "Yes."  With her head dropped back, I move my mouth closer to her neck, hovering above the place where I know her pulse is beating wildly.  "Where?" I ask. "Where should I kiss you?"
At this point, please feel free to scream ANYWHERE!  

So, we've covered the fact that he is deliciously hot, funny, passionate, supportive, sexy, AND loves Dr. Who.  Throw in the fact that he is ridiculously loyal and really you would have to try hard not to pick him as the top Crush.  Just in case you need a little more of a push, check out the playlist below for all of Cora's All Lined Up inspirational music and think of all the dancing you and Carson could be doing together.  #TeamCarson - Cheers!

(The Perfect Game by J. Sterling)

Hey ladies! (and gents?) I’m Amber from grownupfangirl.com and I’m here to introduce you to Jack F’n Carter from ‘The Perfect Game’ Series by J. Sterling. I really love Jack, and he makes me want my own baseball player… I think he’ll make you want one too!

Do you like hot boys? What about… hot boys with a large….baseball bat?
Baseball boys with a large…. Smile?

Well, look no further. Jack Carter is here to make you drool. 

We actually refer to him as “Jack F’n Carter” because honestly, he’s just that good. He deserves that “F’n” in his name.

I’ll be honest here. A lot of these guys (okay. All of these guys in this tourney) are completely swoon worthy. They all make my knees a little weak. But there’s just something special about Jack Carter. Maybe it’s the way that he’s honestly a total screw up in a totally normal way. It’s easy to relate to him because he’s very human. He makes some of the dumbest mistakes, says some of the stupidest things, but then when you think you’ve completely given up on him, he learns from his mistakes and makes you want to keep watching him grow… to grow WITH him.

His story isn’t out of this world. He’s a college baseball player with an attitude… that makes you wanna call him every name in the book, and then let him make up for it. He’s all jokes and smiles and laughs, until he steps on the field. Then he’s all business, and he’s amazing. Do we all date hot college baseball players who end up drafted in the majors? No, we don’t. But it’s very possible, and that makes Jack even more lovable.
If you’ve ever wanted to date a baseball player, or get in the head of one for a while (or...in his bed) then Jack is your key, and honestly? Being in his head is quite hilarious.
I sat down with him for a few minutes to talk NA Crush Tourney and more, enjoy this tiny peak into Jack’s crazy brain, and vote for him to keep seeing more!

Q: Hey Jack! I know you’re super slammed being amzing so we appreciate you stopping by. My first question is: Are you worried about all of these other guys you have to go up against in order to win?
Jack: worried?  Nah. I'm friends with most these guys, so all I can say is that you ladies have amazing taste

Q: If you had it to do all over again, would you of have ever left Cassie to go play ball?

Jack:  You mean, when I first got drafted out of college?

Q: Yeah. The first time. Would you have still left to go play?

Jack: Uh, *hesitates* I'm just thinking about how to word this without sounding like a total dick. *shrugs* Yes, I would have still left. There are other things I wish I would have done differently after signing my contract, but leaving to play professional baseball was something I'd strived for since I was a little kid. Am I making sense? Basically, I would have left. I would have left and it all would have been fine if I didn't screw it all up.

Q: What makes you unique?

Jack: I'll do whatever it takes to win back the girl. Whatever. it. takes.  And when she starts to not trust me, I'll prove it. I don't let the things I want in life get away from me.

Q. What are your 3 greatest strengths?

Jack: My attitude, this body *runs hands down the length of his ripped shoulders and abs*, and playing ball. 

Q. What are your 3 greatest weaknesses?

Jack: Kitten, baseballs that hit me at really high rates of speed, and my dick when it's drunk 

Q. What would your ideal day be like?

Jack: My ideal day would literally be being surrounded by my family and the people we love and trust, (maybe watching a baseball game, or playing), eating good food (most likely Gran's homemade cooking), drinking lots of beer, swimming in the pool, doing dirty things later in the hot tub (not all of us together pervs just me and kitten), and hanging out.  

Q: What advice would you give your kids about chasing their dreams??

Jack: I'd tell them to always follow their hearts and to never listen to those people who tell them they can't do it- because trust me, there will be enough of those people around all their lives. Only you can know what pulls you, what calls to you, what drives you. So go do it. Do it until they won't let you anymore. But don't ever stop trying.

Q. What do you find really grates on your nerves?

Jack: Liars.

Q: what were you doing when you found out you'd been nominated? 

Jack: I was just watching SportsCenter highlights in bed when Cass came barreling in saying she had the hottest boy toy on the planet. I had no fucking idea what she was talking about, but then she explained it. I'm honored to be in this competition (and tired of always losing these damn things), but I think it's cool. And Kitten thinks it's super hot, which means I get lucky later. So thanks ladies.

ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? Haha! I think you’ll see that Jack is quite the character, so if you know him, and you love him: Vote For Him.

If you don’t know him, and you’d like to know him: Please get to know him. He really likes it, I promise.

We’d love to go crazy all tourney long with his baseball butt driving us nuts the whole time!

Vote Jack Carter. You know you wanna.

You can join the conversation about Jack, and the campagin to get him through the tourney by checking out the hashtags #VoteJackNACrush14 or #VoteJackFnCarter

You can check out Jack on twitter and on facebook, too! He's pretty sweet to all of his kittens, and he's currently accepting all kinds of new kittens into his heart. 

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