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(Rush Too Far by Abbi Glines)

Hi everybody!! My name is Sara and my blog is The world of Sam. Now, I'm the advocate of Rush from Too Far series and more recently, from Rush Too Far by Abbi Glinnes. OMG!! I'm completely in love whit Rush, he is one of my beloved book boyfriends.
This has been an incredible journey and we are now in the final. 

What can I say about Rush? 
I'll let some of their fans say it for me: 

"... His personality is dark, hard, aggressive and intense. Gets upset easily and if you do not know from one moment to another fan will bite how angry he is about something you said ... and you do not know what 's. Ensures that has "a lot of baggage" and therefore can not be with him, but that does not stop you wish with all your forces innocent Blaire. should stay away, but it and its evolution in relation to, a throughout the book, I found very good, letting us see how it changes and how about Blaire tries to love, but knows that could hurt the. at the end of the book ... well, I must say that almost dragged me by Finlay " -Scarlet 

"Then we have Rush Finlay, handsome, charming and partying son of a rocker who lives as he likes, without rules, always doing what you want. A kind of bad guy that will put you all hormones revolutionized" -Patricia

"Rush, sinfully hot HOT HOT HOT and just ah-mazing. Love you boy!" -Akanksha❤ Søren

"Rush was just absolutely delicious. With silver eyes, tattoos and a tongue piercing, I pretty much just oozed sex appeal. Add That to his cocky yet charming, hot / cold, mysterious, man-whoring bad-boy attitude, and how protective I've got more of the Blaire I fell for her and you've really got quite the recipe for yum. I just love that kind of character. Makes my heart flutter every time. " -Aestas Book Blog

and those are just a few reviews from the thousands of fans who love him, because well, all padesemos a serious and profound case of #RushCrush

Although definitely my favorite thing about her lovely eyes remain and fails to describe Blair's: 

  "They Were an odd color. Stunningly unusual. They were not brown. Hazel They were not. They Were With Some Color to warm silver laced through them.'d Never seen anything like them." 

"Those eyes of his were incredible. The thick black lashes framed them That Looked almost like eyeliner.'ve Had an all-Natural highlighter around his eyes" 

If you still have doubts to vote for Rush, just think it's not just a guy who is fucking sexy (or like we said in Colombia PAPASITO LOL!), intelligent, tender, loving, protective but is also supremely talented. That's right, he will Blair wrote a song for your wedding! 

It's so romantic! 

But if you still have doubts Abbi explain them with this video because they vote for Rush:

(Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire)


Hey, crushers! It's Kelli from Seeking Book Boyfriends again! I'm back to persuade you ONE FINAL TIME to get your votes for the best BBF, Travis Maddox!!
I've stated my case before, and this time I think I need more than words to help. You can check out my previous post that includes his quotes, and how others feel about him.
I am going to throw some facts out there, just in case you are hesitating.
  • Beautiful Disaster was published in May 2011. This book basically launched what is now considered the "New Adult" category in the literary world.
  • Walking Disaster debuted at #1 on the New York Times Best Sellers list. That is EPIC, and proves just how many women loved Travis and wanted MORE.
  • Without Travis, most of these other crushes wouldn't exist. He's the ORIGINAL new adult bad boy, and trailblazed the way for all who have followed.
  • He put underground fighters on the map! He was the FIRST and in my opinion, still the best!

You still don't think the original deserves to be champion this year??? Let me show you some people who do:

 That's a lot of love and support!! We believe he earned the title back in 2011, before this tourney was created. Now, we need your help showing the book reading world it's true. Three years. Millions of copies of books sold. Thousands of women in love with Travis Maddox.
So, VOTE. Click that circle that says, "Travis".
Submit your vote because there is no other male character deserving the title this year.


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