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(One Week Girlfriend by Monica Murphy)

Hello all of you lovely New Adult readers! I’m Christine from the blog i *Heart* Big Books (and i cannot lie...) and I’m so thrilled to have the opportunity to represent one of my FIRST and FAVORITE New Adult book boyfriends! He’s the one, the only, DREW from Monica Murphy’s phenomenal NA debut, ONE WEEK GIRLFRIEND, and he deserves to be crowned as your favorite guy of this year’s NA Crush Tourney!

Drew [verb]: bring toward oneself, by inherent force or influence; attract.
Synonyms: Star quarterback, unbelievably sexy, kind hearted, broken, intelligent, creative, your choice for this year’s NA Crush Tourney. (of course this last one is all up to YOU, voters!)

Maybe you've already heard about the golden boy star quarterback Drew Callahan
And maybe you haven't, but
Regardless, you're going to want to know him now.
Shattered by a very painful past that still haunts his future
He pushes himself to succeed. To break away. But then he's sucked back in and his only solution is to
Make a deal with the girl with the bad reputation, Fable Maguire.
A temporary deal that starts out with mutual dislike soon evolves into
Lust and passion and diversion. And then...eventually, into
Love and healing and safety.
Only, how can two broken pieces mend each other's jagged edges?
Who fixes whom?
Lost and prisoner to the pull
Of one another, Drew + Fable
Vow to always be there when the other calls. And when the time comes, what are they willing to sacrifice for each other?
Everything. Always and Forever.

Drew quickly captivated readers with the whole package of who he is. On the outside, he has his movie star good looks and muscled physique that make him the star quarterback and NFL prospect, but it is the depth of who he is on the inside that makes the lasting impression.

Drew is sweet and kind, with an inherent sexy streak a mile wide.

He's the guy who is afraid to love, especially when it might hurt you. But once he's in, he's all in. And nothing and no one can stop his love.

He expresses himself in letters, poems and words. He doesn’t feel that this makes him any less manly. He is a reader's dream guy.

He's also wildly protective, yet knows when you can take care of yourself…though he'll still worry and want to protect you anyway.

He's been broken beyond belief. Yet, he has pushed himself to live and succeed anyway.

His intelligence, his athleticism, his gorgeous good looks could get him anything and anyone, but he holds himself back until the girl that breaks through all his happy facades comes along.

But most of all, when his girl says the word. When she needs saving or just needs HIM, he comes running for her, no questions asked. That’s a real man.

For those of you who prefer a more VISUAL presentation, please watch the following video to have the full Drew Callahan experience!

CAUTION: Contents involve extremely hot substances. Please sit down while consuming. Possible symptoms include swooning, shortness of breath, increased heart rate, and fullness of heart. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please vote for Drew IMMEDIATELY in the poll below. You have been warned.

Have you swooned yet? Drew Callahan is perfectly imperfect. He is the full package and he is MY choice for this year’s 2014 New Adult Crush. Won’t you make him yours?

** P.S. for those Drew+Fable lovers out there, Monica Murphy has promised a new bonus scene if Drew continues to advance through the rounds! Want more #MarshmallowLove? Vote for our boy below!

*** P.P.S. If you voted #TeamDrew, we have prize giveaways over at www.iheartbigbooks.com!

(Cursed Love by T.H. Snyder)

Hello!  My name is Lori Garside and I am the sole owner and operator of LD Garsides Freelance Editing, and both The Chronic Romantic and Garsides Book Bets blogs.  I am very proud to be the advocate for the angst ridden, but exceptionally lovable Lincoln Minzotto from Cursed Love by t.h. snyder!


Linc - as we affectionately call him - had a moment in his childhood that forever changed his life.  He witnessed the murder of his best friend’s mother (he and Daulton were hiding in the closet).  He left home after his high school graduation to escape the hell his life had become.  He’d been gone for 9 years when his parents were killed in an accident:

“The day after graduation, Daulton and I packed up our cars and made our way to Birmingham, Alabama to start our new lives. We didnt know anyone where we were going and that made it that much better. We were setting out on a journey with no idea what would happen when we got there. All we had was each other, the only thing we ever really had…we were okay with that.


“She (his sister Mimi) didnt understand that one of the reasons I left was because I didnt want other people making choices for me. I wasnt like them; I didnt want to be a politician or a lawyer. Even though both Shelton and Mimi chose the path of our parents, it didnt mean that I had to as well.

Linc is a strong man who left home at 18, met a man who became his mentor and father.  A man who showed him how to turn his artistic talent into a lucrative career.  He is tall, dark, tatted, and handsome as sin! Here is how his tenant and co-worker describes him in their first meeting:

“His dark brown hair is covered with a baseball hat and his dark eyes hold a secret mystery behind them. From his head to his toes, hes wearing a blue t-shirt with Ominous written across the chest and faded jeans. His arms are covered in black designs filled in with colors of incredible ink. A chain hangs from his belt linking to his back pocket and hes wearing a black pair of Chucks. I bring my eyes back to his to see that hes studying me with the same intent look.

Extending my hand in front of me, I watch as he looks down at my arm. Hes covered in tattoos so I know hes not judging me on my appearance. I mean, come on, I might have my own sleeves of ink and blue hair, but theres no need to stare. He clears his throat and looks at me and then back down to my hand. What the hell? Im just trying to be polite. Whats a girl got to do to get a handshake and a hello? Whatever. I might as well initiate our introductions. “Hi, Im Gretchen, but just call me Etty.” His eyes glance from my hand to my eyes. I feel like hes sucking me in with his soul. Those eyes are so dark, his demeanor so closed off…who the hell is this guy?

Linc is emotionally closed off, but involved with Jo.  To him, she’s just a ‘fuck buddy’, but she is in love with him. 

“The sweat is falling from my forehead onto her back. I pull out and rip the condom off just as she turns around to wrap her arms around my neck. She pulls me into her and kisses me harder than ever before. She pulls away right before saying, ‘Linc, I love you.’”

And Linc, being the emotionally stunted man that he is, shuts down completely!

Why the fuck does she love me? Shes ruined everything weve had by saying those three little words. Ive always wanted to hear them, but I never did from the people who mattered the most.

Those words are poison to my ears…no, no, no!


“As I lie in bed next to the girl whose heart Ive crushed, I think about what we could have had if I was the kind of guy that was able to give her what she needs. But Im not that guy and its not something I can fix.

Shes better off without me. Jo is beautiful, smart, and funny as hell. Shell find the man thats right for her; she just needs to wait for him to notice her and fall in love with her. Its what she deserves and I want nothing more than for her to be happy.

My body starts to relax and I can feel myself falling into a deep sleep. With Jo next to me, I know that the terrors of my dreams will fall to the side for at least one more night.

Well, Jo leaves after that life and relationship altering night.  And Linc is hurt and confused by her abandonment.  He doesn’t understand why anyone would love HIM.  But Etty teaches him to acknowledge and understand that he truly loves Jo.  Etty shows him that he is NOT responsible for Daulton’s mother’s murder.  That he had no control, as a child, over his family’s response to that horrible night, nor their treatment of him.  That he is a good man, a loving man; and that he’s a man who deserves happiness, and to love and BE loved.

He matures into the man he was always destined to become:

“No, Jo, itll never be too late for us. Ive missed you since youve been gone. Youre all that Ive thought about for days. Maybe it was good to have some time apart, but one thing is for sure—I know now more than ever how important you really are to me. Etty has helped me see a whole new side of me that Ive hidden from for far too long.


I dont want to run from you anymore, Linc. I want nothing else but to fall into your arms and have you tell me that were going to be okay.” “Come here, baby,” I say, extending both arms out to her. “Fall into me and Ill be sure to always catch you.


Lincoln Minzotto is the NA Book Crush Tourney’s man that I can not only love, but that I can respect.  He is a strong man.  A Proud Man.  He is a lover, a teacher, a talented artist, and a loyal friend.  He is a man afraid that he is incapable of love, but learns he is wrong.  When you read his story in ‘Cursed Love’ you will see, too, why Linc should be your crush. 

        So, get cursed - Join #TeamLinc!


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