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(Archer's Voice by Mia Sheridan)

Hi there, our names are Donna and Willow and we are from The Romance Cover. We are truly honoured to be chosen as the advocates for our perfect silent boy Archer Hale from Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan. Our blog has been running now for 14 months, although we have been friends for a lot longer, we actually met on an Amazon Chat Forum page where we daily conversed about our mutual love of books. We are both avid readers and bloggers and love what we do.
How could you not vote for Archer… just take a look at his bio:
Name:                                    Archer Hale 
Eye Colour:                         Deep Whiskey Brown 
 Hair Colour:                        Wavy brown 
Build:                                     Lean, muscular and toned
Height:                                   6ft 2in 
Distinguishing Features:  Scar across his throat

Archer has some amazing attributes, he really is PERFECT…
Ardent – he is extremely passionate and fiercely protective, loves completely, a wounded healer.
Respectful – he sees the good in everybody, even if there is none to be found, he is humble, he has made the best of a bad hand.
Chivalrous – he is courageous, he is considerate, he is courteous and he is extremely loyal. He overcomes so much and really has to fight against adversity.
Honourable – he is honest, he has morals and principles, he is trust worthy and he has integrity, the world has not managed to sully our silent boy.
Empathetic – he is compassionate, he is extremely sensitive, wears his heart on his sleeve and there is a lot of heart there.
Romantic – this one speaks for its self, having no experience he just did what came naturally, bouquets of chocolates and sitting on a porch in a thunderstorm to protect his love are just two things that he did because he wanted to, because it felt right. He radiates romance, he gives completely, he really is that perfect.
He has many other fine attributes:- • A hard worker • He is pure • Intelligent • Protective • Selfless • He is the epitome of perfect, there is not one bad bone in his body, they broke the mould when they made Archer Hale.

Archer may be silent 
But actions speak louder than words 
His actions could move mountains 
But his voice will never be heard 

Archer may be silent 
But he communicates through sign, through love and through his eyes 
His heart is pure, his soul divine 
Excels in all he tries

 Archer may be silent 
Forgotten, ignored, avoided, shunned, no-one ever tried 
To communicate to befriend to love 
 He was left to his own devices, to be alone, unloved to hide 

Archer may be silent 
But Bree took that leap of faith and uncovered what was hidden
Archer Hale, the man, the friend, the lover, our perfect silent boy 
She nurtured, befriended, communicated even though it was forbidden 
Archer Hale, the man, the friend, the lover…enjoy  

If you need convincing further, here is one of our favourite scenes…
“Archer was leaned back, looking at me as I stared at him. My heart started pounding as I took in his drenched form, his jeans and white t-shirt plastered to his body. Oh God , he must have walked here in the downpour. I only hesitated for a second before I hurried to the door and flung it open to the sound of the rain pounding the ground in front of my porch. A loud clap of thunder shook the cottage and I jumped slightly, causing Archer to take a step toward me. What are you doing here? I asked. You don't like thunderstorms, he answered. I tilted my head, confused. You walked a mile in the rain because I don't like thunderstorms? He hesitated for a second, looking away, frowning slightly. Then he looked back at me and said simply, yes. He paused, his expression pained. I know I'm probably the last person you want to see right now, but I just thought if I sat on your porch, you wouldn't be scared. You wouldn't be alone. Oh God. I couldn't help it, my face crumpled and I started to cry…for those few minutes, it was only me and him, and nothing else.”
Still not sure…
“I walked her to the front door and slid my flip flops on, noting that I needed to throw the rotting roses sitting on the table by my entry, into the garbage. When I opened the door, I immediately saw something sitting on the mat on my porch. Confused, I bent down and picked it up. I sucked in a breath and then started grinning. It was a "bouquet" of Almond Joy candy bars held together in the middle with a little piece of string, tied neatly in a bow. I turned it around in my hands, grinning stupidly, happiness blooming in my chest. I guessed this was an apology? Or… a gesture of friendship? What exactly did it mean? I groaned . This man! I laughed out loud, hugging the candy bars to me and then standing there grinning like a fool some more. Awkward boy. Sweet, silent Archer Hale.”
Surely you don’t need any further convincing…
“Not only did he know how to make me wild with desire with his hands and his tongue and his impressive male parts, but he knew that when he scratched the backs of my knees with his short fingernails, I would purr like a cat, and that it relaxed me entirely when he ran his fingers through my hair. It was as if my body was his instrument and he learned to play it so perfectly that the melody vibrated within my very soul. Not only because of the pleasure he brought, but because he cared so much to know every little thing about me. One day, he put a bowl of potato chips out while I was preparing us lunch and as I snacked on them, I noticed that they were all the folded ones that I loved , but usually had to hunt for. I looked down at the chips and then up at Archer, confused . "All these chips… they're all folded," I said, thinking I sounded crazy. Aren't those the ones you like? I nodded slowly, realizing that he had gone through several bags of chips to collect the ones I liked the best. And realizing that he had noticed that small fact about me at all, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. But that was just Archer. He wanted to please me, and he'd do anything in that effort.”
And finally…
“I'm here for you. I'm here because of you . I'm here because you saw me, not just with your eyes, but with your heart. I'm here because you wanted to know what I had to say and because you were right… everyone does need friends...and he raised his hands and signed, I Bree you, and I laughed and signed, I Archer you. God, I Archer you so much.”
Finally…acceptance…now please speak up for our silent boy…vote with your fingers. Vote for Archer Hale, he is so deserving, so pure, so perfect, the ideal NA Crush, the one man you wouldn’t be ashamed of taking home to meet the parents.


(Unbroken by Melody Grace)

Hi! I’m Krista from Krista’s Dust Jacket, and if you’re not familiar with the incredible Melody Grace’s Beachwood Bay series, I promise you will be adding it to your TBR list by the end of this post. Because, this series starts off with the story of Juliet and… EMERSON (FYI – the prequel novella that starts their story – UNTOUCHED – is… wait for it… FREE.), and this couple will bring on a serious case of the swoons.  If you’ll allow me some liberties, I’d like to tell you about the beautiful and complex Emerson in my own way.

So, my family and I just vacationed at Beachwood Bay, and while I was enjoying a little time away from the kids (and a monster ice cream float) at Mrs. Olsen’s diner on Main Street, I was sucked into an article in the Beachwood Bay Breeze, the local weekly rag. It was a puff piece on fleeting summer romances – not everyone’s cup of tea, but this girl’s bread and butter. In it, the reporter interviewed a local couple, and I was so captivated by their story, I was late to meet my family for a bonfire on the beach.
Lana Lane, Reporter for the Beachwood Bay Breeze: So, Juliet… Emerson… was it love at first sight?
Juliet: *snort* Not exactly. Emerson was mad at me for nearly running him off the road when the car my mom and I were driving in blew a tire right in front of him. It was raining, and I was stressed and maybe a little cranky.
Emerson: A little?
Juliet: Whatever. But, the point is, I was not at my best the first time we met. But, I remember the first time I really looked at him in the rain that day – his dark hair and blue eyes and sexy tattoo peeking out from under his black t-shirt as he stepped out of his truck – I just knew that my life was going to never be the same.
Lana Lane: – Awwww! You two are just so cute all wrapped up in each other. Emerson, is that true? Has your life totally changed since meeting Juliet?
Emerson: It has – in more ways than one. For awhile I was lost. My mom… well, she wasn’t doing too good, and I had to take care of her, my little sister Brit and my younger brother Ray Jay. I take care of the people I love and I honor my commitments, even if that means I don’t get to do everything I want to do. But, meeting Juliet – it made me want more. All of a sudden, I wanted to go to the city and have a real career. Those are dangerous dreams when you’re living in a small town with people depending on you.
Juliet: Emerson has always sacrificed himself for others. He did it for me four years ago, and it nearly killed both of us. But now, both of us are doing what we want, and I don’t think we would be where we are now if we hadn’t taken a chance on each other again.

Lana Lane: Again? I know there’s a good story there. You mean, your summer romance really didn’t last?
Emerson: That tire blew four summers ago, and Juliet and I were together every moment possible the next three months. It was fu--- I mean, freaking amazing. But yeah – we broke up at the end of the summer and I spent the next four years in hell. I missed her so much, but I was sure she was better off without my toxic life polluting all her potential. Then, last year, I walked into my bar and there she was. My Juliet.  It was like a sign that we were meant to be together. There were a few… complications… but as usual, we overcame them, and here we are.
Juliet: Yeah – Emerson and I have both made some mistakes in the past, but the important thing is, he realizes now that I’m in charge, and he can’t live without me.
Emerson: *rolls eyes* In charge? Um, no. But,  Jules was right about the other part. I definitely can’t live without her.
Lana Lane: So, Juliet – tell me a few things about Emerson that Beachwood Bay doesn’t already know.
Juliet: Let’s see… Emerson is a horrible cook. Like, he can’t even make toast. But, I still let him try because he likes to cook naked, so –
Emerson: Jules!
Juliet: What?! It’s totally worth having to throw away all that food. Okay – what else? Oh! The only thing he loves more than me is Eastwood.
Lana Lane: Eastwood?
Juliet: His Labrador Retriever. He rescued him from the side of the highway after his owners abandoned him.
Emerson: For the record – there is nothing and no one on this Earth that I love more than you, Jules.
{Insert Juliet Emerson Kiss Teaser}
Juliet: Emerson would give the shirt off his back if you asked for it. He loves his family fiercely. He has an amazing work ethic, and he always encourages and supports me in my photography. We may have had some problems communicating in the past, but Emerson and I learn from our mistakes. We talk all the time now about everything. I love him with everything that I am. He’s my hurricane.
Lana Lane: Your hurricane?
Emerson: It’s kind of our thing. Hurricanes are reckless, unpredictable and have a tendency to mow everything down in its path. Kind of like us. Do summer romances last? Sometimes yeah and sometimes no. It doesn’t matter when you meet or how you meet or even where you meet. It’s about not letting any of those things get in the way when you find someone you can’t live without. You mow everything down and destroy all the roadblocks to get to her.
Juliet: I’m so glad we learned from our mistakes.

Please vote for Emerson today – he needs your love!


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