What do you prefer on your covers:  abs or eyes?

Or Eyes?
As a cover designer, I'm always interested in discovering how people feel about particular trends in cover design, and with a question like this, I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about. Covers with headless men are a dime a dozen, but they also work because they make a very successful and specific promise.  You have a good idea of what you're going to get at a single glance, and the fantasy man in the story can appear however you imagine him, without being your mind automatically seeing your hero as the model of the hottie on the cover.  I know many people, readers and writers alike, who prefer this type of cover.  By the same token, I know many who prefer to see an actual face.  Be the model serious, sly, or just plain sexy, people love to see a face on the cover.  

So what do you prefer:  
A nicely sculpted body or a handsome face? 

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  1. I totally prefer eyes. While it's nice to see a guy who's well-built, chests have never really done much for me. They've always seemed kind of boring.


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