It's FRIDAY! Are you all set for a weekend of reading? I know I am ready to jump into another book. I've been in the editing cave for a few weeks now, so I say bring it on.

We talk a lot about HEROES and what we like in our heroes. Heck, we have the NA Crush Tourney coming up. Did you see the heads up post about that?  If not, CLICK HERE to see it. Are you getting your crush ideas going? 

But for today's question….let's focus on the women in novels for a minute. Because we all know behind an awesome hero there's an equally awesome heroine. 

What's your favorite trait/characteristic in a HEROINE? 

Think not only about the NA books you're reading but movies, TV shows, etc…
For me…It's all about the kick-assery. I'm all about tough chicks with wicked-awesome powers.

Chime in, let's see what you all like to see in the heroines you read about...

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  1. Kicking ass is definitely important, but I'd say humor ranks above that. I love a heroine who makes me (and the hero) laugh. :)

  2. I love a character who has enough self-esteem to stick up for herself, which could fall under ass-kickery, but not necessarily. A sense of humor is important to me, too.


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