Happy Friday! Are you all set for the weekend? I hope it includes TONS of reading for you. But here's a question for you:

How do you handle not liking a book? DNF? 

As an author, it stings a little when someone doesn't finish one of my books, but when I step back and think about it, as a reader I've DNFd a few books in my time as well.

It's never anything personal against the author when I've not finished a book, it's just the story didn't jive with me. I can't like every book my favorite author writes, and now that I'm an author, I can't expect everyone to love my books, either.

Another question is, though, do you publicly DNF the books? As in on Facebook, Goodreads, Blogs….And how to handle future books released by said author?

While I (Jaycee) have plenty of books I DNF, especially with a lot of books being the same, I typically just mark it as read on goodreads, without giving it a rating.  I don't see the point of rating something I couldn't finish.

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  1. Long time ago, I would never, ever DNF a book. Even if it took a month, I would finish the damn thing. I HATED not finishing ... but now?I realized my time is precious and my TBR list is HUGE. I can't afford wasting time, pushing through a book that I don't like, so I just stop reading it. I don't feel bad anymore.
    On goodreads, I have a short DNF list, but I admit it's incomplete ... usually, I wait until I'm past 20% in a book to list it as currently-reading on goodreads, so the chances that I'll DNF it will be smaller. But it still is a possibility. Nowadays, if I DNF a book, I just unmark it - not even as want-to-read or read - and forget about it.

  2. Yes, I DNF, but I would never say so in social media. If I can't give an author at least 3 stars I simply do not rate the book, because I know how painful those ratings are, and how valuable my good review could have been!

  3. If I don't have something good to say, I'd rather not say anything at all – so I would not rate it.
    Deb@ http://debioneille.blogspot.com

  4. Since I track all my reading on Goodreads, I also track DNFs as well. I have a special shelf where I indicate that was a did not finish, and in the review I might write why. I used to rate them as didn't like but I think lately I stopped giving them a star rating. I don't bother posting them on my blog though or anywhere else.


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