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That means we are going to have the website and the blog. We are all still going to be working together; we are just shifting some of our focuses in order to give YOU more NA related news and to expand our information hub. You will be able to assess both parts--the website and the blog--from either the website or the blog so just starting at our domain ( will allow you access to both.

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For more info on what exactly NA Alley will be doing and FAQS, please check out Carrie Butler's post.

A few weeks ago on #NAlitchat, we discussed what books readers want. When we started this blog, the answer to that was simple: New Adult. And while that is still the overall wish, we actually have New Adult novel options available.

I think this is a great time for us to discuss our readers wishlists as we at the Alley prepare to expand in order to help NA expand and to give more information for our readers. So, you know how agents have a agent wishlist on twitter? Let's start one for readers.

What's on your New Adult Wishlist (#NAWL)?
I have two:
·         NA books with less emphasis on sex.
·         Speculative NA.

Please, tell me in the comments below what you want to see! And go to Twitter and use #NAWL to help spread the word (and show readers, agents and publishers that the demand for these books exists).

And don't forget, that in order for NA to expand to all these areas that we want, we have to support those books that do so. We may not even like a certain book, but if that book can act as a gateway for others (for example, Spec NA) then we have to support it to support NA overall.  We don't have to rant and rave about it if we don’t like it, but I also ask that we don't burn it at the stake, either.  And if you do love a NA book, spread the word. New Adult needs cheerleaders.

The New Adult community has stepped up and come together, and I truly believe that NA can (and the only way it will) expand is by that community staying together and supporting the books, the writers and the readers of New Adult.

On that note, what is on your #NAWL?

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  1. I agree with you about the emphasis on sex. There seems to be a lot of NA out there that focuses on the seduction and run up to being together. I'd like to see protagonists that are in a relationship that doesn't have to be "strictly good" and not have the plot focus on some hot guy breaking this couple up. It seems to me that NA could run the risk of becoming a seduction genre and all homogenised about the same thing, boy meets girl, can have each other, have each other anyway...

  2. Well said, L.G.! Our wishes are pretty much the same, and they mirror the majority of responses we got from the New Adult Survey. There are tons of people out there who want a shifted focus—we just have to give them titles to use their purchasing power on! :)

  3. I'm all for not burning authors at the stake!

    What's on my #NAWL?

    - more originality in terms of cover designs and plots
    - writers willing to go a little darker, beyond strictly feel good themes

  4. My heart leaped when I saw this hashtag this morning. NA definitely needs to shift focus. Being a twenty-something comes with so much baggage, creating plenty of writing fodder. When I first discovered NA, I loved the concept but was disappointed in what I read. Not many titles are living up to what NA promises. I'm all for steamy romance, but we authors are the ones shaping the genre, and right now, the media thinks NA is just sexed-up YA. We have the power to make change happen.

  5. I'd really like to see NA that focuses more on life outside the college scene, especially overseas. I want heroines in the Peace Corps, or someone who works for an international embassy. Closer to home, I'd love to read about someone trying to make it on Broadway or struggling through their first year of med school or law school. The sexy stuff is fun, but it doesn't have to be the focus!

  6. I'd love to see more books like FIRE by Kirstin Cashore (and I think that FIRE would have been considered New Adult, if it was released today). Fantasy and High Fantasy can often provide a solid, safe way to explore the transition of independence and growth as an adult, and I'd love to see more of it.

  7. I agree: I think the potential for NA is so much more than romance, although of course that's a fun part ;). So much is happening at this time in life: there are a lot of stories to be told! I hope NA becomes a category like YA, meaning it includes a lot of genres (romance, speculative, etc). I'm hoping for more funnier, chick lit-style books to balance out the angst.

    I'm looking forward to seeing all the changes coming for NA Alley!

  8. Definitely more historicals, so long as they're not in the Gossip Girl in period clothes trend I loathe so much. I've read so many YA "historicals" that seem more like contemporary stories that just happen to be set in the past, and I'd hate for that same trend to move into NA as well.

    I'd love some books that focus on family relationships and friendships, even if that means not all the characters would be in the NA age-range. I always loved stories about sisters in particular.

    NA mysteries would be pretty cool, of any mystery subgenre—cozy, police procedural, legal thriller, etc.

  9. I'd so love to see this happen and authors are writing it but the real question is, is will readers buy them. The NA audience is still defined by the steamy contemp NA and until that changes, it'll be an uphill battle.
    But if we are all willing to keep climbing, we may just see it happen!

  10. Thanks for the comments! All good suggestions! And I hope that we as readers support them :)

  11. I think that as soon as NA has a broader focus, it will be more accepted. Right now it feels as though it's a subgenre of romance and I know that needn't be the case. I would love to see an NA book that focuses on the heroine (or hero) and not have the focus be on a romance.


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