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Hey, everyone! Victoria here, and I hope your holidays went smashing and were filled with lots of gifts and delicious goodies. We’ve got a lot of fresh things planned for the year on NA Alley, and we hope to continue being your hotspot for all the wonderful ongoings and new developments of NA!

Since this is a new year, I thought I’d play off my boy EJ’s post a little bit here. He talked about what he wished for the new year in NA. So for today, I thought I'd talk about how much NA has changed in this past year or two.

NA really started taking off in early 2012, and at the time, it was so un-established. No one really knew what it was and most people had no idea what to call it. Now, it’s one of the hottest new categories of fiction on everyone’s lips and not just readers’, but industry peeps as well. There was a time when you couldn’t catch a publisher or an agent say anything positive about NA, now many can’t wait to snatch it up.

Then there are the bookstores. I don’t know about you, but I go to my local Target and BN and it’s a happy sight. The bookstores not only have some of the hottest best sellers in NA, but they are actually grouping them together. They are being separated and given their own space. This to me is a dream that has been made and shows how far NA has come. Now, let me ask you.

How have you seen NA change since it first launched, and how has it changed the publishing world around us? Loved to know your thoughts! Happy New Year!

*Photo used with permission from @writinglaine via Twitter

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  1. It seems as if everyone is talking about NA now. I've even seen a lot more agents and editors looking for it. So, I feel like there's a lot of new things on the horizon for this genre!

  2. One of my friends just picked an NA book for our book club! I have a few friends who are really getting into NA. It's really fun watching it grow.

  3. When NA first launched, it was just contemporary romance. I'm now seeing it branch out into other sections like paranormal for example. I'm enjoying that quite a bit. I want to see it grow and take on as many subgenre of fiction as YA has.

  4. I'm seeing more agents request NA, but many are still confused as to what it's about. Some still think it's just about the sex or sexual awareness of the characters. *sigh* I checked out a B&N stores while on vacation and much to my disappointment, there was no NA section. And the NA selection in the local target was pathetic and out of date. The authors had newer releases, but they weren't there.

    I'm from Canada, and hope that the NA movement gains recognition there when it comes to the major book chain. I'm tired of having to look in YA, adult romance, and erotic to find the NA books. And just wait until later this year when the trad publishers have non YA contemporary romances coming out. Then I'll have to chase around other sections to find them. Much like what would happen if YA didn't have its own section.

  5. Victoria, your pic from Books-A-Million makes my heart sing!

    I'm not sure if the masses are familiar with the term NA, but I think it's been ingrained in the mind of the book buying community online. Over the course of 2013, it's hard to find a blog that didn't mention it.

  6. Hey, Victoria! Here in Manila, I was part of two writer/reader conferences where "new adult" still had to be explained to most of the audience. But book bloggers from here are very aware of the term by now, and readers are going to come around. I'm also starting to see (and yay because I want to be part of it) a stirring for "cleaner NA."

  7. Great post and so happy to see that picture, since I still haven't seen a display like that one yet. But I'll keep looking...:)


  8. As usual, I'm jealous of everyone near bookstores! LOL

  9. I sometimes wonder if NA isn't taking off in an entirely different direction than it was in the beginning. Not necessarily in a good way, either. Some of the very first NA books I read were Slammed, Beautiful Disaster, Easy, etc. They were beautifully written books and they had some sex in them, but they weren't just written with sex scenes for the sake of writing about sex.

    I think that initially, NA felt to me like YA grown up a little bit and there was more freedom to write about sex. Somewhere along the line, this got confused to mean that NA HAD TO HAVE sex in order to be labeled as NA. Like YA -- NA books are books written about heroes and heroines who are age specific. NA being from the age 18-26 (? not entirely sure on the exact age bracket.)

    I run a blog at and I've gotten so I'm wary of what the cover looks like -- I don't have the "warning" disclaimer on my blog, nor do I want to. I also don't like posting some of the excerpts that contain graphic and/or explicit language. That's just me...

    I'm certainly no prude...but I think NA needs to be clearly defined as a genre (like YA) that is written with age specific characters and not about how many times in 300+ pages the hero and heroine can do the nasty.

    1. I completely agree! I love a steamy sex scene as much as the next person, but I really see the potential of NA being broader than just young people having a lot of sex. I like thinking of it as an upper upper YA. Here's to seeing more of that in the new year :)

  10. I remember a well-known publishing-type person pre-2012 saying that NA would never catch on because there was no where to shelf these books in libraries or bookstores. I thought that was the silliest reason ever. Shortly after, my local library in Podunk City had a special section just for NA. I thought about snapping a picture and sending it to this person, but that's not how I roll.

    There's supposedly an anti-NA group on Facebook who think NA is soft core porn. That's silly to me too because not all NA equals sex.

    I think some people are just plain confused about NA since it's fairly new.

  11. Unfortunately, I've never seen that sign in the two Barnes & Nobles that I go to on a regular basis.

  12. Been so long since I've been to a bookstore. I'll have to stop by the local B&N this weekend.

    Best wishes for a great 2014!


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