Dear Santa,

Greetings and salutations you plump scruffy devil noble bearded sir! I hope that you are kicking it with the misses and carb-loading doing well and fattening up in preparation for your long journey to come. 

I'm writing to you, as I do every year at approximately this time, with this ultimatum to request a few odds and ends. But this time, I'd like to wish for a few things for the best damned stories on the planet my favorite category of books. 

I've been a very reasonably decent good boy this year, and think you will find this list cake most agreeable. So let's get to it!

* More Diversity … in the content, in the characters, and in the writers: I know you're a fan of snowflakes, Big Guy, so how about some more variety? No two alike and all that. 

* Less pigeonholing: You know that I know that you know NA is so much more than over-sexed YA. There are lots of NA books about aliens, and monster hunting, and action, and love, and frights out there. Threaten lumps of coal, VIP placement on the Naughty List, or hard time in the toy factory if you must, but can we get everyone on the same page about what NA actually is?

* A full-on, pop culture invasion: There's great New Adult-ish content flooding television, music, and movies right now. Shows like Arrow, Supernatural, Agents of Shield, New Girl, Mindy Project, and Girls are filled with NA characters and situations. Artist like Lana Del Rey and FUN are singing about NA themes. Even Hollywood is jumping on the NA train (Monsters University, Warm Bodies, 21 and Over, etc.). 

But none of them are actually labeling it New Adult (yet)! Warning to Mrs. Clause: The first time a movie studio, television network, or musician directly references targeting "the New Adult audience", I'm going streaking through the North Pole.

* Less restraint: One of my favorite aspects of NA right now is its growing reputation as a place for bold, no-holds-barred storytelling. NA stretches beyond the boundaries of youthful inconsequence, but isn't yet limited by adult practicality. It's the perfect stomping ground for adventurous readers and authors. 

Unfortunately, I'm not sure we're taking full advantage. So let's have more writers pushing the envelope, and more readers encouraging them to do so.

* More of what already makes NA so great: Yes, we could use even more swooning, drooling, nail-biting  crushing, hair-raising, OMG-ing, fighting, loving, world saving, and adulthood defining moments.

Your Homie Fan,


What would you put on your New Adult wish list to Santa? Characters you want to see more of? Things you'd like to see less of? Non-NA authors you'd like to read an NA story from? 

Let's hear it in the comments! Happy Holidays~

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  1. Haha! This was great! I've got to share it. (VIP ... naughty list ... lol)

  2. E.J., I'm with you! I wish the culture at large would define this trend across the board as NA - from TV shows to movies to books, etc. It's out there. We just need that label to stick :-)

    1. I think it's coming--mostly--Faith. I mean, Hollywood still doesn't directly refer to films like Hunger Games, Harry Potter, etc. as YA (they usually say something like "teen"). But, if you call Hunger Games YA, the average person doesn't stare at you blankly until you kick them … not that I've ever kicked anyone for not knowing what NA is. I've just thought about it. ;-)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. This is so awesome. Gotta share :)

  4. I could tell this was yours from the first sentence. LOL Very nice!

  5. Ha! Loved this...especially the part about more diversity!

  6. Hah! I have a post like this in the works -- well, nothing so cheeky, just pondering on what I'd like to see more of. I too want to see diversity, in everything. I'd also like a ton more paranormal, dystopian, fantasy NA... anything other than contemporary, really. And NA books WITHOUT romance, or at least without romance being such a huge part. Not all twenty somethings focus on their love lives, and I'd like to see them represented too.

    1. Love your list, Leeanna! Sign me up for more dystopian and fantasy for sure. :)

  7. *chuckles* You're a hot mess that I adore and truly respect. You're awesome EJ. This post was amazing!

  8. It pretty much said all I was going to. Some of the imagery gave a laugh though. Much needed this week.

  9. Oh, I want to see more balanced heroines. Just in general, not to masculine and not to feminine. Bella and Katniss are bad examples for very opposite reasons. Bella its to feminine, for Katniss its almost over accomodating and not exactly realistic.

    In the same way, I'm very tired of mega masculine men in regular adult fiction. At some point we gotta get rid of the axes boys.:p

  10. Beautiful, beautiful post :) And that's a great list of things to ask for this year!

    Sarah Allen
    (From Sarah, With Joy>

  11. Darn was hoping for s list of actual NA books you were looking forward to! I've only read a handful of NA; one I liked, the rest, well. Liking for some recs, books with depth, less soapy plots.

    I hear ya on the trends in pop culture, though on New Girl and Mindy those characters are in their 30s. Maybe late 20s for a few.

  12. Awesome list! I'm hoping for the same things. If I read one more "little rich boi" and "desperate college girl" themed NA book, I'm going to puke. I want edgy lit that focuses on actual issues that twenty-somethings deal with. My early twenties were hard, man, and I could've used some friendly books focusing on things like crappy jobs, not being sure what you want, mental illness, cars kicking the bucket, and having a hard time in the relationship zone.

  13. I love this! As an NA author it's inspiring. Let's hope santa brings me some writing inspiration!


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