It’s an exciting time in the Reese Monroe world with my upcoming release with Entangled Publishing’s new line, Embrace.

Have you heard of it? It’s all about the New Adult category and the releases start next month! I am so excited!!

Right now Super Editors, Karen Grove and Theresa Cole, are hacking through polishing my first book, Forged by Fate, which is set to release this December!

I’m having a blast during this editing process. Sure, it’s intense and some of the suggestions are pretty in depth, but I say bring it on! Most people look at me as if I’ve grown a second head or something when I say I love editing.

But it’s true.

Yes, it’s also true I might be a little sick in head, but aren’t all authors—I mean at least a little? Where else can these crazy ideas come from?

All joking aside, I do like the editing process for a couple reasons. 
* My editors are making my story sparkle. Their goal is to produce a great product that’ll sell well.
* They're a fresh set of eyes. They can find those quirks, crutch words and just plain crazy writing. They'll point you in the right direction to get that story back on track and plug up plot holes.


(There’s always a but, right?)

“What if you don’t like what they’re telling you to do?”

That’s a great question that I’ve gotten asked quite a bit during my writing career. So far I’ve not come up against something suggested to me that I had major problems with. I’ve had some suggestions before that I’ve had to clarify….

But… if I did have a major problem I would ask Super Editor about it. What’s been great about this process with Forged by Fate is that the editors are so approachable, encouraging and sooo insightful.

While reading the editorial letter, before I even looked at the marked up manuscript, I got an overwhelming impression that their suggestions were not demands. And then throughout the marked manuscript, they often said, Let’s talk if you have questions. Or, What do you think of that?

Another thing I would do if I had trouble is talk to my agent. When my edits came in, I forwarded them to her right away and she was like, “Great! Call and let’s chat if you need to.” She was totally there for me—even read my “brainstorming document” on some of the bigger changes suggested. It really helped me filter through things, and it was nice to have a second set of eyes to make sure I wasn’t completely off target.

Bottom line, we’re all human so talk, talk, talk if there’s a question or concern. Most everything can be worked through. The main thing to remember is that we ultimately have the same goal: To make the story shine.


“What if you don’t like your cover?”

I’ve been asked that quite a bit in addition to, “Do you get any say over your cover?”

Really, it varies from publishing house to publishing house. Some you get absolutely no say, some you get to see a few drafts and get to mention which you like best, and some you get lots of input in the process.

I trust the marketing department, though. I mean, they’ve seen and designed tons of covers and they’re in touch with what’s hot out there…so yeah, I’ll leave it in their capable hands for sure.

I saw a sneak peak at my Forged by Fate cover the other day…**squee**… I can’t wait to show it to you all. What was nice during the designing process, they asked me a few clarifying questions about some aspects of the story—no doubt to help them visualize things better.

And let me tell you…I am pretty darn happy with the results.


How ‘bout you guys? Any thoughts on the editing process? Covers? What are some of your favorite covers out there? Link me up, I love checking out awesome covers. 

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    1. Thanks, Trakena!! :) I'm glad you stopped by today! :)

  2. "Yes, it’s also true I might be a little sick in head, but aren’t all authors—I mean at least a little? Where else can these crazy ideas come from?"

    Reese, I just want to say that I absolutely love this line. I couldn't agree with you more. Thanks for being so open and honest ... and approachable!

    Best of luck with your upcoming release :-)

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    1. Awesome. That's right. I remember that post. SWEET!! :)

  4. Great information, Reese! Building a relationship with an editor is so important. If it's a good one, it makes it much easier to navigate the differences in opinion that might crop up. :)


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