Before I introduce our FBotM, E.J. has a special announcement to make! *Hands over mic*

Are You Camp NA Material?

Interested in writing a New Adult novel? Have a project you'd like to turn into New Adult literature? Started an NA project but have NO-FREAKING-CLUE how to finish it? You're in--but you'd better bring some chocolate and a headphone splitter to share with your bunkmates, or swirlies and Kool-Aid showers might be in order.

Thursday, August 1st, the folks behind NA Lit Chat are kicking off a 5 week focused event to teach the basics to building a New Adult story.

For all the inside info on Camp NA (HINT: Cabin 7 is for the bed wetters & snorers... STAY. AWAY.) and details on how to sign up, head over HERE and join us for #NALitChat on Twitter tonight, 9 PM Eastern.

Thanks for the info E.J.! Guess I'll start stocking up on bug spray and marshmallows. Now, back to the FBotM!

This month we're putting the spotlight on Eleven Sundays by Alonna Shaw!

Eleven Sundays
In a Northern California seaside town sheltered from time's advances, two women without families, both having suffered deep loss, forge an unlikely bond and become forever connected. This contemporary time capsule takes a Pop-Tart and espresso-fueled twenty-something on an uncharted fork in her road.

Annie's future falls apart until she finds the courage to look inside. Losses plunge her into depression. The office's repetitive and tedious work-a-day life doesn't provide the distraction she needs. So Annie shifts into denial and drives across San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge away from her big city problems. In fog-capped Drake’s Valley where explorers trekked before her, a mysterious soup-lady, a green-eyed cat, and three curious boys looking for bones influence her to face up to a changed future.
About the Author:
Alonna Shaw
Alonna Shaw is a writer and editor living in Northern California. She utilizes her background in theatre, film, television, and appreciation of nature in her work. Storytelling interests include transformative adventures, travel, biography, and social science fiction.

Her hobbies are painting, photography, hiking in nature, reading, and always learning something new. She loves horses, cats, and birds of prey (but not songbirds).

Alonna is married. Her past careers were as a model, then an actress. Life is a journey, each career adding to the next.
Where to find Alonna:
Blog     Facebook     Twitter: @AlonnaShaw
Alonna is giving away 1 e-copy and 1 paperback of Eleven Sundays. Enter to win below!
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  1. Sounds like a great read! And I can't wait for camp to start. :) Thanks for sharing, Diana!

    1. Thanks, E.J.! And the camp sounds like a wonderful and supportive environment for a writer.

  2. Love the original cover. The story sounds great, too. :)

    1. Thanks, Melissa! I always appreciate feedback on the cover.

  3. Camp NA sounds like a really cool endeavor :-)

  4. Thanks to everyone for participating! Winners have been sent emails.


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