Hi, everyone! Welcome to the 1st NA Crush Tourney hosted here at NA Alley! We are a version of The YA Sisterhood’s Annual YA Crush Tourney, and we would like to thank them for allowing us to host our own version of the tournament to celebration new adult book heroes!

Be aware there maybe spoilers in some of the advocate posts that support the new adult heroes. We’ve allowed the advocates to use excepts from their assigned NA Crushes’ books as well as other teasers, so just be mindful of that when you read the posts.

Matches will run for 24 hours, 12 a.m. to 12 a.m. EST every Tuesday and Thursday. Voting will only take place here on NA Alley, and the polls don’t allow multiple votes.

Please check out our “NA Crush Tourney” page for all up-to-date information regarding the Tourney, and last but not least, have fun!


Hi! We are Brittany and Bianca of Brittany and Bianca Blab Books! Brittany is a wife and a Mommy to the most beautiful and fun three year old. Bianca works in higher education but would much rather spend her time with her nose in a book. We’ve bonded over our love for books! Our crush is the one and only Kellan Kyle, lead singer of the D-Bags and the star of the Thoughtless Series by S.C. Stephens! With the help of some special friends and #TeamKellan, we are determined to see Mr. Kyle straight through to the winner's circle in the NA Crush Tournament!

For those who have never heard of Kellan Kyle, climb out from under that rock and be prepared to swoon… Sit back, relax, and get ready to hear all about our crush!

What makes Kellan such a catch?

Looks: So is Kellan gorgeous? Sexy? Drool-worthy? All of the above! I mean, just check out this picture.

Go ahead... Drool a little... We'll wait...

“No one would be able to overlook him—He was drop-dead gorgeous. He had intense eyes… His light, sandy-brown hair was a thick, wild mess. It was longer on top with shorter, shaggy layers all the way around… it was alarmingly attractive on him…”

Pair that delicious description with an unbelievably sexy smile and a “fabulous” body, and you have a perfect ten!

OK, so he is SEXY. What else is there?

 Personality: Of course, looks aren’t everything. What does Kellan Kyle have going on behind that beautiful face? He has a fun and playful personality. He is fun to be around and a great friend to his band mates. He has had his share of pain to endure in the past, but when he loves, he loves with his whole heart and soul. He is a bad boy that believes in true love. He’s compassionate and laid back. He loves his guitar, his Chevy Chevelle, coffee, lounging in the park, love note scavenger hunts, and Denver omelets.

Talents: Yes, we said talent! Our boy is a triple threat; the whole package! As we said, he is the lead singer of the D-Bags, a popular, local band in Seattle that just might hit it big one day *wink* Yes, he’s the star… But how good is he, really??

“His voice was melted sex. Yes, melted…sex.”

Melted sex?! I mean, come ON. You can’t top that… Unless you add on the fact that Mr. Kyle also plays guitar. Who doesn’t love a rock star?!

And a sentimental one, at that *sigh*

"...my life was empty before you stepped into it. I thought I had everything I needed, but only because I didn’t let myself want anything. And then I saw you, and you burned a hole straight through me. I have never wanted anything more in my life."

Oh, Kellan we love you too. And to show our love for our favorite crush, #TeamKellan came cup with a little something special, entitled...

Crushin' on Kellan
Kellan Kyle is so wild,
He'll make you melt with just a smile.
Kellan Kyle: sex on a stick,
You'll want a taste, you'll want a lick.
His caresses will take you to the moon,
But that's not all that will make you swoon.
He'll always make sure you have a good MORNIN'
He's so addictive, he should come with a warning!
You'll fall for him over a cup of coffee,
And if you're good, he'll serenade you softly.
He's Seattle's resident rock god,
A voice that sexy should be outlawed!
Just look at him and try not to drool,
That body will make you wet in other places, too...
That screw-me hair, those bedroom eyes,
Mmm, he'll have you hypnotized!
We're sure you'll agree, he's so swoon-worthy.
Now help him WIN the NA Crush Tourney!

And on that note

We believe you should vote for Kellan Kyle because he is the ultimate book boyfriend. He is a talented, sexy singer and a complete hopeless romantic.

“You finally get it.”
“Get what?”
“That I'm yours... that you can take me... anywhere, anytime, anyway. That you own every piece of me.”

He loves with his whole heart and more. He is passionate, eager, and intense about music, life, and most importantly, love. And he definitely knows how to make you feel special, like you’re the only girl in the world.

“And he was the reason I felt it. His gaze, his touch, his smile, his laugh, no one had ever made me feel... worshiped... quite like he did.”

Any lady would be lucky to have him, this is why he is our #1 CRUSH!

We think we’ve made our case. But if you still need convincing, check out this video with some of our favorite Kellan quotes, featuring Devin Paisley as Kellan Kyle. We’re sure you’ll find him just as swoon-worthy as we do! And be sure to support our favorite rock star and get everyone you know to VOTE #TeamKellan on July 2nd when he's up against that pesky Will Cooper from Slammed! ;) Come on, Kellan lovers! We need your help to WIN!

Would you like to join #TeamKellan and help our favorite D-Bag WIN the #NACrushTourney? Join our street team on Facebook HERE!

Use hashtag #TeamKellan on Twitter to show your support!
And don't forget to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!


Hello, everyone! I'm Aseel Naji from My Crazy Book Obsession and today I'm here as the advocate for Rush Finlay from the Too Far series by Abbi Glines. I'm very excited to represent Rush, he's one of my favorite characters and my book boyfriend ;).

“Because I’ve had a taste and I’m not sharing. This isn’t just for fun. I may be slightly addicted.”

Oh, yeah, I'm totally addicted, and by the end of this post you will be addicted too! And since Rush has a way with words, I'll let him do most of the talking. ;)

Most of you probably know who Rush is, but for those who don't, let me start the introduction with how Rush looks.

Rush is a sexy twenty-four year old guy, tall, muscular and the perfect picture of a bad-boy. He's the son of a rock star, tattooed, has a tongue piercing and he wears earrings. Sounds yummy, right? But that's not all, being as special as he is, Rush has unusual eyes which Blaire describes as:

 "They were an odd color. Stunningly unusual. They weren’t brown. They weren’t hazel. They were a warm color with some silver laced through them"

Yep, they are eyes that are absolutely swoon-worthy and mesmerizing. And even though he's so beautiful he can send a girl to her knees with just one look, his looks are not all he's got going for him.

"When I’d first laid eyes on him I’d been awed at his beauty. Never had I thought that the moody playboy could have a heart the size of his underneath all that swagger."

He's protective and devoted to the ones he loves. If anyone of his friends or family needed help or were hurt, he'd be the first one to help. He's suffered from his past with an unloving mother which resulted in him not letting anyone in and being cold most of the time. That changed when Blaire entered his life.

 "I’m dealing with the fact that you may walk away from me once you know them and never look back. It scares the hell out of me. I don’t know what this is that is going on between us but from the moment I laid eyes on you I knew you were going to change my world. I was terrified. The more I watched you the more you drew me in. I couldn’t get close enough.”

And another one, because yeah I am addicted and I can't help it when it comes to Rush;

“What changed you? You’re so completely different than that guy I met back in June,” 
Rush reached out and slipped his hand into my hair and tangled his fingers around the strands. “This sweet, determined, sexy-as-hell blonde walked into my life and gave me a reason to live.”

As if he wasn't sexy enough, Rush has an amazing voice. He used to sing before college but he stopped because he got too much attention for it, though he does sing for Blaire in one of the books in the series.

"I don't just love her, she owns me. Completely. I'd do anything for her.”

And even though he is tough and bad-ass, Rush can say the most heart-melting, breathtaking and panty-dropping things.

“No man has ever loved a woman as much as I love you. Nothing will ever come before you. I don’t know what else I have to do to prove to you that I won’t let you down again. I won’t hurt you. You don’t have to be alone anymore. I need you.”

*sigh* do you need any more reasons as to why you should vote for him? I'll gladly give you another one, because Rush has many! ;)

“He pressed a kiss to my ear. “Do you feel stretched? Can you tell I’ve been inside you?”I nodded, feeling my knees go a little weak from the tone in his voice.“Good. I like knowing you can feel where I’ve been.”

*gulp* um.. Yeah. Rush is just yummy like that and absolutely delicious. As well as being sweet, Rush can be- is- the sexiest man alive.

So vote for him, guys! He deserves it, being as swoon-worthy, beautiful and loving as he is!

“I love you girl...to the moon and back.”

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