Hello friends!

<---- Do you see the Google Friends Connect here on the side? It's almost at 1000 followers and we want to celebrate!

However, we do a lot of giveaways here at NA Alley and, since we think this is a special time, we wanted to do something a little different.

So, we'll do a vlog--yes, a vlog--with all the NA Alley members answering YOUR questions.

Asks us anything* ... about writing, publishing, our own writing, our lives, curiosities, etc. For example, you can ask E.J. how is it to be the only male in the group; you can ask L.G. if her hair is really red; you can ask me if Brazilian live in trees (I heard this one before - I wish I was kidding).

You can submit your question via comments, or tagging @NAAlleyBlog on twitter.

I can't tell you how excited (and afraid of your questions!) we are for this!

Go forth and spread the word!


*We reserve the right of not answering questions that might be inappropriate or ultimately cause drama.

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  1. Ask us anything... except that! *blushes* ;)

  2. 1,000 followers? That's fantastic!

  3. Congratulations! 1,000 is terrific, and that's only people who use FriendConnect.

    I want to ask if you think 'new adult' will be a category forever, or if it's a trend for just now...I get the feeling it's about to be bigger and stay a while, for a few reasons. I keep seeing signs of just how big it is getting. There was the USA Today story, and then I just saw that my second favorite NA book, which isn't techically called NA because it seems to be before NA existed, is being made into a movie (CARRie Pilby the Movie) even though the book Carrie Pilby has been out for YEARS. So why now? Why make a movie about a 19 year old college grad all of a sudden?

    They could have made it when it came out but obviously people are looking more at our age group now.

    Y'all do a great job and you are on the cutting edge of a revolution!

  4. So close to 1K! Here's my question: How do you balance your writing life with your real life? How do you carve out the time to write?

  5. Let's talk x-men origins. How did y'all find each other and form this awesome League of NA Superheroes? And happy 1,000 followers! Thanks for being such a fabulous resource for all of us!

    1. Maybe we will share our superhero nicknames. What do you think, gang?


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