Bloomsbury contacted NA Alley with very exciting news to share with our readers! 
Check it out: 

Bloomsbury is launching a new digital fiction imprint called Bloomsbury Spark that will be targeted to teens and crossover adult readers, including NEW ADULT. The imprint is due to launch later this year, and they are holding an open call for submissions. 

The criteria for manuscript consideration is:

·         25,000-60,000 words (English language only)
·         Word document or pdf format only
·         Target age: 14+
·         Genres: All FICTION categories including but not limited to romance, mystery, thriller, paranormal, dystopian, historical, contemporary, fantasy

Submissions can be addressed to Digital Editor Meredith Rich and emailed to:

More information can be found:

All Bloomsbury Spark books would be contracted for digital rights, with a first option for print editions.


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  1. This great, more writing opportunities.

  2. 25,000-60,000 is really short.

  3. This is great. Opportunities are happening everywhere.

  4. Glad to see more big publishers interested in NA!! =)

  5. It's always great to see publishers join the NA movement. :)

  6. Agree with Carrie. That's good news. :)

  7. Thrilled to see anything that has both NA and fantasy in what they're asking for. ^_^ However, I have to agree with Yael above - 25-60K words is amazingly short. Here's hoping that range opens up sometime in the future.


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