Welcome back to day three of NA Alley's blogiversary celebration!  Today we're hearing from some popular New Adult authors and their thoughts on NA!


Lauren Blakely
Author of Caught Up In Us
Where do you see NA going?
New Adult is absolutely the hottest area of publishing, without question. Readers can't get enough of these books, and what I think is particularly amazing is that this is a reader-led movement. I expect NA to expand to encompass more stories about early twentysomethings, some with more sturm und drang, and some with less. I also think we'll continue to see the most popular books invade book store shelves, but I also think New Adult will fuel the ebook market and do its part to shift even more book buying from physical to digital.

Why did you choose to write NA?
I first fell in love with romance novels when I was a young teen and devoured the romance classics by Danielle Steel and Sidney Sheldon. More recently, some of my favorite books are about that transition time that NA is capturing -- novels like Where She Went by Gayle Forman and Something Like Normal by Trish Doller, in addition to M. Leighton's indie-pubbed new adult work, as well as big, romance-y novels like Bared to You and On Dublin Street. When I set about to write Caught Up In Us, my goal was to capture that big epic love stuff that I adore in films and books, and marry it to that time of change that being a young twentysomething brings.


Tammara Webber
Author of Easy

Why do you write NA?

High school years are often called the formative years. If that's true, the years immediately following adolescence - actual young adulthood - is the first time those developmental foundations are put to the test. The true measure of a person happens when no one's watching, and for many, that period begins when we move out of our parents' houses and out from under their control. When we began to take the reins to our own lives. NA is all about first-time independence and full responsibility - in friendships, in love, and in the difficult choices that turn us into full-fledged adults.


Jennifer L. Armentrout a.k.a. J. Lynn
Author of Wait for You
Where do you see NA going?
Right now, most NA novels are contemporary.  But, I see NA growing into other subgenres.  I think it will go beyond contemporary, and into paranormal, fantasy, suspense, thrillers, etc.  


Jennifer Echols
Author of Love Story and the upcoming Levitating Las Vegas

What do you see for the future of NA?
I think we’ll see more branching out from the contemporary genres where New Adult really got off the ground. I specifically hope NA paranormal takes off, like my novel LEVITATING LAS VEGAS out on May 6!

Why did you choose to write NA?
I really didn’t choose it—it chose me. I had the idea for LEVITATING LAS VEGAS, and the characters needed to be 21 or the story wouldn’t work as well. At the time, New Adult was a hard sell and I knew it, but I wrote the book the way I thought it needed to be written. I’m so glad I was able to publish it when NA finally came around!

 Thanks for stopping by, ladies, to help us celebrate our blogiversary!

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  1. The age of your characters is a huge decision. So many actions and reactions depend on it.

  2. Wow, three of my favorite authors (and one I'm delighted to be introduced to - Jennifer and her paranormal wonderfulness!)

    Lauren, you're right. No category is hotter righter now than NA, especially in ebooks.

    Tammara, loved your quote - "The true measure of a person happens when no one's watching..." Brilliant!

    J. Lynn, I'm reading WAIT FOR YOU now and enjoying every minute of it :-)

  3. I also loved Tammara's quote that Faith mentioned above. Loved Easy when I read it too.

    I was told numerous time to change my novel to be set in high school rather than first year uni, and I'm so glad I didn't listen. Like Jennifer, the story just wouldn't have been as good with younger characters.

    NA all the way! :-)


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