Happy Memorial Day, folks!

A couple of reminders before I launch into the Alley Reads post:
1) The #NACrushTourney is coming! Nominations will open June 4th.
2) Entangled Publishing Pitch Contest will open June 5th.

Let's talk about the poll that closed last night. 
The book chosen (by vote) for our next discussion (July 22nd) is OFF SIDES by Sawyer Bennett 
So you guys have practically two months to read it ;)


Today in the Alley, all day, we will be discussing Derailed by Alyssa Rose Ivy as part of the Alley Reads Online NA Book Club.

A disclaimer: this discussion does contain spoilers. If you have not finished Derailed, unless you enjoy spoilers (hey - some do!), please do not scroll past the jump or read the comments. If you are too tempted, well, that's not our fault.

Today's discussion will focus on various aspects of Alyssa's novel throughout the day; everything from writing, to characters, to plot, and to the major topic of suicide that Alyssa incorporates into her story. And anything else you want to talk about that comes up in the comments throughout the day.

But let's begin with first impressions, lasting impressions, and what this book meant to you.

Leave your thoughts, opinions, questions, and anything else in the comments. Remember to be courteous and kind, constructive and honest. This is a discussion, so please visit often and respond to others' comments, too.

Come back as often as you can to keep contributing to the discussion! 



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  1. This sounds exciting!


  2. To get you guys going, we cal talk about alcoholism (though that's not a big issue in the book), and suicide.
    Any takers?

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