Hey, gang! Wanted to share a couple of exciting bits of Alley news...


Why yes, that IS our very own Carrie Butler grinning slyly back at you from your morning copy of USA Today. Why is she there? Did she abscond with a famous jewel? Marry a prince? Circumnavigate the globe in soapbox-car/hang glider?

HINT: It's WAY more exciting than all those things!

Yesterday, USA Today ran THIS LITTLE FEATURE on the hotness that is New Adult literature, and they asked the NA Alley for our thoughts. So we drew swords straws to see who would be sacrificed offered to the media, and Carrie lost won!

Actually, she did a rocking job. So rocking, she got her mugshot included, AND managed to get this little "soundbite" snuck into the piece:

"Interest in the category has generated a New Adult website (www.nalley.com) for both readers and writers called "NA Alley: Bridging the Gap Between Young Adult and Adult Fiction." One of the founders, Carrie Butler, 26, is an Ohio writer whose New Adult novel Strength (Sapphire Star) was published last month.

Butler credits technology with propelling the New Adult trend: "The e-book revolution pushed (New Adult) into the readers' hands," she says." ~ 
USA Today

How sweet is that? You may notice that we were incorrectly cited. We've requested a correction to the article, but we also took an additional step: To help clear up any current or future confusion, the NA Alley Blog is now a .COM If you cast your peepers to the top of your browser, you'll see www.naalley.com instead of the typical 'blogspot' addy.

You shouldn't notice any change if you have the old address stuck in your bookmarks, etc. as it will automatically re-direct you to the NAAB you know and love. But we're proud of having officially purchased our own little homestead on the Internet prairie nonetheless. And we were thrilled to be asked to give our take on the NA scene by such a renowned news source.

See, we don't lie: NA IS happening. :)

Second, we cordially (okay, it's more like *shoves drink in your hand and pushes you onto the dance floor*) invite you take part in the first ever NA Super-Chat. Here's the Wx4:

Who: NA Alley Blog; New Adult Authors Google+ group; #NALitChat on the Twitter; You?

When: Thursday, April 18, 9 PM EST

Where: Google+ & Twitter

What: In an effort to bring the various online NA communities together, and perhaps work on world peace, the folks at the New Adult Authors have invited NA Alley and NA Lit Chat to join them in a Super-Chat conducted via G+ Hangout.

If you're unfamiliar with what a 'Hangout' is, basically it's an audio/video chat (like Skype) service that's hosted on Google+. The cool thing about it is that an audience can watch--live--while people chat away. That's where you come in.

The Alley's Lynn Rush and Carrie Butler will be joining David Arney of G+ and Amy Evans of NA Lit Chat for the Hangout. Meanwhile, I'll (EJ) will be hosting our regular #NALitChat on Twitter. You can follow along with one or both, but if you're tweeting with us, I'll be forwarding questions and comments from our chat to the Hangout panel. They'll then answer/respond live on air. (So I'd recommend being at a computer where you can both tweet AND watch the Hangout. :)

Sounds fun, right? And you know you'd love to know what Carrie and Lynn sound like. (No pressure, ladies!)

How: At roughly 9 PM EST tomorrow night, log into Twitter and start following the #NALitChat tag. (I recommend using a Twitter application like TweetChat or TweetDeck to do this efficiently.) THEN click THIS LINK to go to the Google+ page where the Hangout will appear. (You'll probably need to click 'join', 'watch', or something. Don't worry, you won't appear on air--just the panel will be visible and able to talk.)

From there, simply follow the conversations and let us know what's on your brain. Or pick ours. The topic will be general NA, and largely guided by you, the audience.

Hope to chat with you all then!

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  1. Neat! Congrats, Carrie! Go NA Alley!

  2. I saw that article yesterday when an agent Tweeted it. I love that Carrie and NA Alley are mentioned.

    I keep missing the chats. It's 7 pm my time, which doesn't work for me. Hopefully one day I'll get to participate for the entire thing, and not just at the end.

    1. Thanks, Stina! :) We hope to see you at chat someday soon!

  3. That's awesome! Really loved Strength and can't wait to read the sequel =)

    1. That makes me so happy, Heather! Thank you. :D

  4. This is awesome you guys! It's really great to see such a positive article out there on NA, and Carrie looks fabulous! (As always!)

    I am so excited about the NA Chat. Hopefully I can make it - the last time I tried a Google Hangout it was a failure though, so maybe on the Twitter Chat :D

    Keep up the awesome work guys!

    1. D'aww... thanks, Hannah! <3 I hope to "see" you tomorrow at the chat!

  5. Too cool!
    And what a great idea for chat!

  6. Couldn't be more thrilled for you guys and Carrie! Glad to see that national spotlight shining on you and your newly christened .com :-)

    1. Thank you, Faith! We appreciate that. :D

  7. Hahaha! I love the conclusions you automatically jumped to. Absconding famous jewels... *shakes her head*

    Thanks for the shout-out, EJ! :D And I can't wait for Super-Chat. I think it'll be a great time!

  8. Replies
    1. We were quite proud of Carrie and the piece in general, Sarah. Big things are happening in NA! Thanks for stopping by. (Good to see you! :)

  9. Great story! Congrats, Carrie and everyone else!
    Just as a suggestion, I'd like to see a post at some point about what the markets are paying. You have a great list of places to submit NA stuff...but it's a wide range, from offering no advance to offering a mainstream type advance, and some let you have a big percentage of book sales...it'd be nice to have an easy to get idea what places are offering, even if you can only fill in a few right now. Maybe anonymously people can share if they've earned well? I know that we are not motivated by money, but those of us who are submitting might want to know which publishers are doing well and will really get our work out there, and plus, money gives us the gift of time to write MORE books, which is what I want! Just a suggestion.... Carrie, what do you think? Even adding a few payment details to the list would be helpful. Like, Carina Press says it doesn't give advances, but gives a certain percent of e-sales...stuff like that, culled in one place, even a few of them, would be great.

    1. Thanks, Sally! :) That could be very interesting, providing we could figure out the logistics. A lot of presses have their authors sign Non-Disclosure Agreements, so they can't talk about their contract terms/royalty percentages. Hmm...

      In the meantime, you could check out publishers by searching for them on Amazon. For example, you would type "Carina Press" into the search box. The first result is RUSH ME by Allison Par. Right now, it looks like her book has 20 reviews, and it's #518. From that, we can guess that it's doing pretty well!

  10. This is what I get for being so behind in blog reading, but a late congrats!!


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