Hey, friends, Victoria here, and happy Monday!

So today I'm going to talk about the new adult category and its relation to the genre!

This post today was inspired by a certain NY Times article that highlighted NA. Feel free to take a look or not, but to sum it up, the category of NA was placed in a pretty small box as far as content. NA is more than just contemporary and NA does NOT have to have sex. NA is a category of fiction, which means it's like any other category such as YA or Adult.

The recipe for a new adult book!

You take a "new adult" theme such as: identity, sexuality, race, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, bullying, empowerment, familial struggles, loss of innocence, fear of failure, etc.

Add an issue tackled in NA such as: living away from home for the first time, military deployment, starting college, engagements and marriages, etc.

Then you add a genre: such as science fiction, dystopia, horror, paranormal, or romance.

When you put these three things together you get an NA book, my friends! (We explain more about this in our "What is New Adult?" tab.)

Today's Post! 

What I wanted to focus on mostly in this post was NA and the genre by giving you a few ways the category can be combined with both genres and sub genres so here we go!

New Adult Dystopian Horror with Romantic Elements!
(That's a mouthful, isn't it?)

Have you heard about this one? It's going to be a movie soon and I just read it last weekend. Love it, but what I noted is that I consider this book NA. It's about a zombie boy in his 20s who falls for a human girl. It's set in the future and the romantic elements are very light. So here you have it: New Adult Dystopian Horror with Romantic Elements!

New Adult Science Fiction Dystopian with Romantic Elements!

This one is also soon to be a movie and I just read it as well. It's about a 21-year-old girl whose body is taken over by an alien parasite in the future. There's lots of romantic tension, but that's about as hot as it goes. The product? Another cocktail of genres mixed with NA!

New Adult Romance with Science Fiction Elements

Hey, that's my little book up there! (shameless plug), but seriously it's an example. My book is modern day with sci-fi elements. My romance is heavy, but my sexy scenes are on the lighter scale!

New Adult Paranormal Romance

Ah, paranormal l'amour! *grins* Lynn Rush's Violet Midnight is about a modern day vampire hunter who hunts her vamps between term papers. Our own Carrie Butler's Strength is about a normal girl who falls for a boy with supernatural powers (again, between term papers, ;D). Lynn Rush also has a NA paranormal romance about demons and angels, so there's even more to explore there!

New Adult Historical Fiction

We're hosting a giveaway featuring this book here ;D

Another great example of an interesting way to take NA! Allison Rushby's book, put out by St. Martin's Press, is set in the roaring twenties about three long lost sisters who come together and fight for their inheritance. The first episode has no romance and the story is filled with London history!

New Adult Contemporary Interracial Romance

This book also touches on GBLT as well. It's about a biracial girl who falls in love with her best friend, but he can never love her back because of his sexual orientation. This book is heavy on romantic elements, but light on sexual elements. 

So there you have it folks! NA can be anything you want it to be, so get out there and explore!!!

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  1. My NA soon to come out is a Historical Romance set in Ancient Egypt and sex is minimal and just kid of mentioned, not explicit. So yes, NA is wider than horny college students :-D
    Thanks for the awesome post! Again, you guys are awesome!

    1. Yeah! Your NA sounds amazing. I love seeing all the variety out there :D And thanks!!!!

  2. Great examples, V! :D Thanks for the shout-out!

  3. I instantly thought of NA when I read Warm Bodies. I'm glad the category is getting more attention. I actually had no idea The Host was NA (which may be why Meyer didn't pub it before Twilight). Let's hope things are starting to turn around ...

    1. Yep, yep! I read Warm Bodies last week and I was nodding my head the whole time "this is sooo NA!" And The Host is as well. It wouldn't be surprise if you're right about Meyer's marketing tactic. And here's hoping for a bright NA future!

  4. I read a bit about the New York Times article, and I wasn't pleased with the narrowing of New Adult as "Contemporary YA with sex." There's a ton more that can be done with NA, and I can only hope publishers and readers realize this. Oi.

    As for genres, the book I'm working on is a *deep breath* New Adult urban fantasy mid-apocalyptic road trip. And there's lots of bonding among the main characters, but no romance. Far as I know there's only going to be one kiss, and the guy's mouth literally ends up blistered. ^_^

    1. Yes, it did box us in. Hopefully we start seeing many types of NA joining the greats out there soon!

  5. Great piece about NA and genre, V. Loved it. :)

  6. Thank you.

    Also, I need to read Warm Bodies.

    1. No prob, Yael! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy Warm Bodies. It was a fabulous book and I highly recommend it :)

  7. Great post ladies! I've read a bunch of NA lately. Lovin' it :)

  8. Thank you, Kelley, and this makes me happy! Go NA!

  9. New Adult historicals intrigue me very much! They are a bit tricky to do since age groups are a modern concept, but I figure that placing my New adult characters on the cusp of major historical events skirts around this issue. ;)

    1. What's interesting about them is you can go a little younger too because the time period and growth and struggles of the character are different from today! The Heiresses is an example of that. The three heroines are 17 going on 18 and read much older and mature:) St. Martins Press did great with it and I'm glad their marketing it as NA.

  10. Great post. You took something complex and made it simple. Nice examples, too. ;)


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