First, let me ask you guys, How Much New Adult You Read? My NA Sister Jaycee wants to know. Check her post out!  

Now, on to the topic of this post: 

I have a New Adult novella coming out next month with Decadent Publishing. Since it deals with Valentine's Day, I'm guessing it'll come out around that day ...

For now, I can show you guys the cover of my novella:

JH_His allure, her passion
Genre: NA contemporary romance
Word Count: 30,000
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Release date: February 2013

In his father’s eyes, Dylan Deveraux is just a playboy spending the family fortune on prostitutes, alcohol, and fast cars. And it isn’t even with the cars his father produces. Because of that, his father forbids his presence at the ball that will mark the launch of the US plant of his company, strategically scheduled on Valentine’s Day.
Hayley Allen is a failing model with the worse luck in the world. She always ends up in the hands of cruel designers and photographers. At least, that’s what she tells herself. Better than admit having a weak nervous system that always reacted during her gigs. Desperate, she would do anything to help her career.
Dylan shows up at her door, wasted as usual. Friends for a long time, Hayley is the only one able to put up with Dylan’s bullshit, and he appreciates that, but not the way her heart wants.
Even though he doesn’t believe in Valentine’s Day, Dylan has an idea for his father’s ball. When he suggests a deal to Hayley, a deal that could finally put her in the spotlight of success and help him impress his father, she doesn’t hesitate. Even if it means hurting her heart a little more.

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I hope you guys like it!


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  1. Juliana, sounds like the perfect NA read for Valentine's Day.

  2. Sounds awesome! I'll look forward to it!!

  3. Oh YAY!!!! I so love the playboy types!! =) Great cover!!

  4. AH! PSYCHED!!! *goes to add it on GoodReads* I love this kind of romance.

  5. Love that cover! :D
    (The blurb looks good, too. ;)

  6. I love the cover, love the blurb. Juliana! I look foward to your novella. :) Congrats.


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