To the supportive & brilliant readers of NA Alley --

Knowing for weeks now that I've had to write this post has not made it any easier to come up with the words for this post, or a clever idea of how to express my thoughts & feelings in this post. As such, I'm just going to do it quick - like pulling out a splinter.

I am resigning from my contributor position here at the NA Alley blog.

I have absolutely cherished everything about being a founding member & contributing blogger for NA Alley, and I still 100% believe in the mission of this blog. While I won't be a member of NA Alley, I will still do my part as a community follower to share the awesomeness of NA with reading and publishing communities. Thanks to these lovely six ladies - Jaycee, Victoria, Carrie, Summer, Juliana, and L.G. - I now have some of my favorite memories and experiences in the last year; we have had some amazing times openly on this blog, but we've also had great discussions behind the scenes that have really bonded us together.

My leaving NA Alley as a full-time contributing member is only sparked by my own personal calendar going forward in 2013. This blog and these ladies deserve a member who can contribute the time and energy consistently to producing content, organizing events, and sharing the greatness of NA; and while I wish I could continue to do this in 2013, my personal life does require my full attention this year.

I know in 2013 these ladies will continue to do inspired things for the NA community, and I will still be roaming around the internet supporting NA and NA Alley in the ways that I can as a supportive NA reader.

Thank you, readers, for making the last year here a memorable and rewarding experience. Nothing that any of us do here would mean anything or have any impact if it weren't for you. Because of how great you all have been, I can honestly say I'm excited to be on your side of things now.

I know 2013 will be another great year for New Adult, and that we will all have a lot of fun here in the Alley as blog readers.


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  1. Thanks for all the time you put in to help make this blog! You will be missed!

  2. Thanks for everything you do! I'm sorry to see you go but know you have to do what's best for you and the blog. Best of luck on everything this year and the future.

  3. We heart you, Bailey! :( Please come back and visit often!

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  5. Very well-said, B. (No surprise there. :) I know you'll be missed here, but I think I can speak for everyone when I say we're looking forward to your next step in the writing world. The New Adult community is better having you in it, and I know you don't plan to change that if you can help it, so I'll expect (no, demand) to not see you around any less. Just in different places, perhaps. :-)

    Onward and upward, always,


  6. We love you, Bailey!! Totally going to miss you!!

  7. Aw, B! We love you! And you know we're sad to see you leave us ... but I know you won't actually leave us ...
    We'll talk lots on twitter and gchat, I'm sure!

  8. Good luck on you new adventure Bailey. You will be missed, but bigger and more exciting challenges are waiting for you. We all grow and we need to move with the changes in our lives. If we don't we will get stagnant and be of little use to anyone. With you free in the blogosphere just think of all the exciting venues that await and how you can spread the N/A word more efficiently.

    ALL THE BEST IN 2013!

  9. We'll miss you, B! We heart you and expect you to come back and make surprise appearances ;D Best of luck!

  10. Sorry to see you go. Best wishes for your endeavors.

  11. Sorry to see you go Bailey! Best wishes on all your endeavors!

  12. You have all left me such warming & kind thoughts here, and it means so much to me. Thank you for your support.

  13. Thanks for everything you've done with NA Alley and past Bailey! It's been a great pleasure being able to read this blog and discover more, something that can be contributed down to your contribution on here! I'm sad to see you go but I'm sure you have amazing things lined up and for that I'm very excited for you. All the best for the future!


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