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Happy Monday and Happy Holidays! How many of you are done with your holiday shopping? Decorating? Baking? I have yet to do any of those things.

In my last post, I touched on some of the reasons agents/publishers are resistant to NA and some of that involved marketing. I'm going to continue off from there, instead of repeating myself, so check out this post if you haven't already or want a refresher.
In my opinion, marketing NA right now is similar to marketing that an Indie author must do. NA is so new that a lot of the success of an NA novel and of the New Adult Category as a whole is going to be a result of marketing. Getting the word out about NA is a big part too, since we know there ARE readers who want it and writers who want to write it, but even that is marketing to a slight extent.
In the past couple of months, some small and medium sized publishers (Entangled, Carina Press) have opened NA digital lines. Even Random House announced a  YA/New Adult digital imprint line called Flirt. Notice that it's all still digital. NA is going to have to sell well there to go beyond that. And, of course, what is involved in selling?


So, how does marketing tie into all of this? How is marketing different for NA than other categories?
It's different because it's new, as I stated above, and still getting its foundation.  It may require more marketing due to that early phase.  The normal things still come into play- social media presence, blogger reviews, regular reviews, blog tours, GETTING IT OUT THERE. Since NA is so new, it's also fairly unique compared to a lot of already published novels. Use that.  It's fresh. People want fresh.
There is a caveat on that: While you can use social media to do some promotion and to help build a fan-base, please don't over promote. If all you're posting is links to buy your book, or you reply to everything with "check out my book here", you're going to do more harm than good. 

So, here are my thoughts on this:
-Still market like you would any other novel. "Na-ers" aren't going to be the only readers. Just like teens read adult and adult read teens, teens and adult swill read NA. So don't blow off those groups. Give them attention. Market yourself, market the novel. Start broad when it comes to trying to get readers. 
-Market to the NA crowd. I know I just said adults and teens will read NA, but you're still going to have to focus on the NA group as well, as it is so new.  Get the NA crowd, and it will spread. Show that age group that there is something for them. A lot of current "NA-ers" were part of the YA craze.  I have a feeling that many of them would (and do) welcome NA with open arms.  Most universities have newspapers or magazines. Give them a call, see if someone would be willing to do an interview or feature on your novel.  Some schools also have writing groups etc, try to give them information. All schools have random corkboards or announcement areas- post stuff. 

What other suggestions do you guys have? What marketing have you found successful? What marketing have you tried that hasn't been beneficial?

Oh, and I just wanted to remind you guys to check out the Entangled Publishing contest. Entangled Publishing partnered with us to give you a chance to name their New Adult line!
And, one more reminder: NA isn't just another word for chick-lit. This is something I keep hearing. There's more than chick-lit, even more than contemporary being published in NA. Rebecca Hamilton's novel The Forever Girl is a Paranormal NA. Our own Victoria's novel The Crimson Hunt is a sci-fi romance and Carrie Butler's Strength is Paranormal Romance.  And, believe me, there's more fantasy coming :) 

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  1. You know I love me some marketing, L.G. :D Great post!

  2. Awesome, L.G.! It's all about the marketing!

  3. Great advice! Enjoyed the post. :)


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