Welcome back to the Alley this Wednesday! Today, we are kicking off the Editor in the Alley pitch contest with editor Krystal Wade from Curiosity Quills! 


You must be unagented, your manuscript must be complete and polished, and it must fall into the New Adult (NA) category to be considered. She is interested in submissions of Sci-Fi, Paranormal and Fantasy.  

The submissions window will close at 25 entries. One pitch per person. To enter, you will be required to submit via comment the following:

  • Name:
  • Email:
  • Title:
  • Genre:
  • Word Count:
  • Twitter-style pitch (no more than 140 characters)

You do not need to follow our blog to participate -- but if you want to stay up-to-date on further details about this pitch contest, and be informed about future contests, you really should.


Krystal will choose 1 winner and 2 runner-ups for this contest. The winner will receive a full-manuscript request. Runner-ups will receive partial requests. Winners will be posted within two weeks.

Without further delay, please submit your pitches! Go!

Good luck!

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  2. Name: Rhen Wilson
    Email: rhenwilson@gmail.com
    Genre: NA urban fantasy
    Word Count: 83,000
    Twitter-style pitch (no more than 140 characters): When Lyndon learns he has the power to save 7 sinners from the 7 Deadly Sins, he must choose to accept his mission or forge his own path.

  3. Name: Megan Hand
    Email: meganhandwrites@gmail.com
    Title: Bitter Angel
    Genre: NA with a paranormal twist
    Word Count: 63000
    Twitter-style pitch (no more than 140 characters): Lila lived the same night twice. One where her friends were murdered, and one where she saved them. But which was real? She won’t know until she wakes up.

  4. Name: Jacob Melville
    Email: JacobMelvilleNY@gmail.com
    Title: The Dark Is Alight
    Genre: NA Suburban Paranormal
    Word Count: 98,000
    Twitter-Pitch: 4 people destroyed by the Recession must rise above their depression and save their town.

  5. Name: Tara Brown
    Email: tarbrow@hotmail.com
    Title: The Light of the World
    Genre: NA Urban Fantasy
    Word Count:83,318
    Twitter-style pitch (no more than 140 characters)

    In her dreams whispers chant, "You're dead, I just forgot to tell you"

    The problem isn't the sentence

    It's the person chanting

    It's her mom

  6. Name: Barb Taub
    Email: barbtaub@gmail.com
    Title: NULL CITY
    Genre: NA Contemporary Fantasy
    Word Count: 83000
    Twitter-style pitch: How are (technically) dead accountant Gaby & teen demon Leila supposed to save the world when the angels are all on the other side?

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