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The year coming to a close and this is my last post of 2012 here at the Alley (lies: my last post will be this Wed, but let's consider this one, okay? =P). My next post will be well into 2013.
Speaking of 2013, what are your plans for the next year?
Everyone make plans and some set goals and expectations on new year's eve---I'm sure you have a few too.

I'm a firm believer that we can always do better and be better, and I want you to encourage you guys to read more, to blog more, to write more in 2013.
Let me show you a few things you could incorporate to your schedule, to challenge yourself next year, to make your blog more active, or to just meet more writers and readers.   

Book Clubs (or reading related): our own hosted by BaileyYA book club hosted by Tracey N., Preternatura Book ClubNew Adult Reading ChallengeDebut Author ChallengeGoodreads challenge50/50 challenge. 100 books a year (this hostess has other reading challenges too)

Other: December Photo a Day

I bet that are hundreds of writing and reading challenges I don't know about, but these are a few good ones to get you started ;) 
If you know about a challenge I didn't mention, please share with us.

And, if I don't see you until then ... Happy 2013!!


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  1. Those are some great links. Thanks. :)

    I like Inky Girl's daily challenge. And I'm an IWSG participant--love that hop! :D

  2. Hey sista! Challenges are always a great way to keep up motivated. I'll have to check out some of those links! thanks!!!!

    1. Yup, super helpful and a great way of making friends!

  3. I'm a big fan of the challenges Rach Harrie has during her Platform-Building Campaign every year. :)

    Thanks for sharing, Juliana!

    1. Oh, yeah, forgot that one. Thanks for adding ;)


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