Morning, everyone!  Jaycee here with another Feature Friday book. First off, the winner of the last FF for a copy of Cocktails and Dreams by Autumn Markus is Molly!  Congrats!  You will be contacted shortly.  

This weeks Feature Friday is for The Succubus Gift by B.R. Kingsolver!  Checkout the interview below and be sure to enter the giveaway for a copy!

Tell me about your book:
The transition between teenager to university to graduation is difficult and confusing for everyone. As an orphan and a prodigy who entered college at sixteen, harboring secrets she dares not reveal, Brenna Morgan’s journey is more complicated than most. Then one evening she stumbles across a young man who promises to answer all her questions if she’ll trust him.

The history of the Clans, called the Sidhe by the Irish, stretches back to antiquity. The Goddess blesses Her people with 25 Telepathic Gifts. In addition to Telepathy, the Gifts include command over Air and Fire, Telekinesis and Teleportation. In over 2,500 years, She has never bestowed more than 15 Gifts on a single person.

Brenna’s life isn’t the same after she discovers her unusual and mysterious heritage. In addition to being a telepath, Brenna learns she has the Succubus Gift.

That’s just the beginning of her problems. Someone is stalking her. Then there’s the tall, dangerous woman who shadows her and hints a Goddess has linked them. And what is she going to do with a handsome, charismatic, womanizing man she knows she should avoid?

Some days a girl just wants to pull the covers over her head and stay in bed -- with a willing young man of course.

Urban Fantasy with a dash of romance. The Succubus Gift is a completely different take on the succubus myth. Beautiful women and hot men in a world with a hidden telepathic subculture.

Describe your main characters:

Brenna is a young prodigy, recently graduated with her Phd at age 22. She was orphaned at an early age and grew up in foster families. The one thing she knows is that she's different, a telepath, and her real parents were telepaths who had started to train her before their deaths. She has a poor self-image because her relationships with men never work out, so she's convinced herself it's because she's fat and ugly. In reality, she's so beautiful that men are afraid to approach her, and she pushes people away because of her secret.

Rebecca is also a telepath and recent college graduate. Discovered by a Clan member on the streets of San Francisco, she is one of the most powerful telepaths in history. Tall, athletic, and cynical, she's afraid of the world and absolutely determined to protect herself and the Clan that has adopted her from that world.

Collin is tall, handsome, charismatic, and attracts women like honey draws ants. But in Brenna he's met his match.

What was your favorite scene in your book?

Spoiler alert! The frying pan scene. It first shows how capable and strong Brenna is, then shows her other side as a very young and vulnerable young woman.

What was the hardest part of the book for you to write?

The writing was easy. The problem was that I wrote too much, in excruciating detail. Revising, cutting, streamlining took as long as writing the book. I cut it from 120,000 words to 85,000.

What compelled you to write your book?

I had the idea, and in fact had an entire 4-book series completely visualized, but I've never tried to write fiction. During a discussion of the changes in the publishing world, a close friend encouraged me to write it and self-publish it. I didn't really think it would go anywhere, but when I started writing it just flowed. I knew it was a good story, but I had doubts as to whether I could tell it well.

Now, about you in a few words (bio):

I made silver and turquoise jewelry for almost a decade, ended up in nursing school, then took a master’s in business. Along the way I worked in construction, as a newspaper editor, a teacher, and somehow found a career working with computers.

I love the outdoors, especially the Rocky Mountains. I’ve skied since high school, with one broken leg and one torn ACL to show for it. I’ve hiked and camped all my life. I love to travel, though I haven’t done enough of it. I’ve seen a lot of Russia and Mexico, not enough of England. Amsterdam is amazing, and the Romanian Alps are breathtaking. Lake Tahoe is a favorite, and someday I’d like to see more of Canada.

What’s your favorite New Adult title?

It's funny, but I don't think of books that way. I didn't realize when I was writing my book that the categories Young Adult, New Adult, Literary Fiction, etc., existed. I've always loved science fiction and fantasy, but I read all sorts of things. It never occurred to me that my characters were the wrong age for the book to be published. But you can't write about succubi for a middle to high school audience, and to make Brenna older would completely change the story.

The first book I read that labeled itself New Adult was "The Forever Girl" by Rebecca Hamilton. Discussions with her led me to understand that my book fell in the same category. I've seen other books I enjoyed classified this way now, but I didn't think of them that way when I read them.

Why do you write New Adult?

It's not on purpose. I suppose if I create an older character that I like, who has an interesting story, I'll write it. And Brenna and Rebecca will grow older someday. I have a series planned where the main character is mid-thirties, and a book where the main character is 19 and a sophomore at university. I can't ever see myself writing in YA. I just don't thing that age group is interesting, and high school was boring when I was in it. Why would I want to revisit it?

What books is sitting on your TBR pile that you can’t wait to read?

My Nook broke and I'm waiting for B&N to ship the replacement. The first thing I'll read is "The Fall of the Kings" by Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman because that's what I was reading when it stopped working. My friend Mia Darien has a new book out, which I've read, but I haven't read the middle book in her Adelheid series, "When Forever Died". At some point I want to read Kim Harrison's latest Rachel Morgan book, which might fit into New Adult.

If you could have dinner with any author, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

That's a hard question. Who do you choose? Steinbeck? Cherryh? Nabokov? Heinlein? Rand? I'd take a chance to just listen to any of them.

Your favorite quote from any book.

Two come to mind. "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times ..." Dickens first sentence in "A Tale of Two Cities", and from Gibran's "The Prophet", " Your joy is your sorrow unmasked. And the selfsame well from which your laughter rises was oftentimes filled with your tears."

Both quotes sum up life so succinctly.

What’s up next?

I published the second book in The Telepathic Clans Saga this past summer, "Succubus Unleashed", and I'm working on revisions for the third book, "Succubus Rising" is the working title, for release this fall. After that is a mystery/thriller set in the same world, and after that the paranormal romance I mentioned set in Oxford University. It will be completely different to the other books I've written.

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