Good morning, afternoon or evening! It's time for NA Alley's second Agent in the Alley Pitch Contest, which means you, the readers, get to have a chance at reaching publication by submitting your pitches to an agent, Vickie Motter. She will be judging all of the pitches, and winners may get a partial or full Manuscript request. Wondering what the rules are? Look no farther than below! 

  • Submissions must be finished and polished. 
  • Submit your pitches via the comments section below and include your Name, Email, Title, Genre, Word Count, 140 Character Pitch, and First 200 words.
  • The contest will end after the first 25 entries are submitted.
  • Only ONE entry per person! 
What, you may ask, is a 140 character pitch? It is a Twitter style pitch, which means that you use 140 characters, not words. 
The contest will open at 8 a.m. EST, which is 5 a.m. PST.
You don't have to follow NA Alley to submit, but we'd appreciate it if you did! 

Vickie Motter will choose the winners. We will post the results within the next two weeks.  Have fun with this, and good luck! 

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  1. Name: Kristina Perez
    Title: Wraith
    Genre: NA Fantasy
    Word Count: 120,000

    20-year-old Lyra Vega is falsely convicted of murdering her parents and exiled to a parallel world where she must fight for survival, track the real killer, and not fall in love.

    Lyra fell from the sky.

    The terrain was alien and achingly beautiful. Unsettling. She planted face-first on top of a grassy hill. Stunned, she pushed herself up onto all fours and brushed loose the tiny pebbles embedded in her palms. Wildflowers she didn’t recognize surrounded her––but then, Lyra had hardly ever left the City.

    She’d spent her twenty years safe within the White Wall of Londinium under the protection of the Quinque Electi. She hadn’t wanted to leave. She still didn’t.

    This was all a terrible mistake.

    There was nothing for leagues in every direction. To the east, she glimpsed a desert. To the south, snow-dusted mountain peaks. North lay a vast body of water. An ocean, perhaps, except Lyra had never seen an ocean. Wilderness, barren and untamed, stretched out before her, encircling her.

    The sun began slinking towards the horizon, matching the color of her hair. Lyra’s normally ghost-like skin had acquired a bronzed tinge and her brow was beaded with lilly-dew. She’d sweat through her pearl-grey now dirt-stained jumpsuit. She licked a coppery trickle of dried blood from her split lip.

  2. • Name: Karen Y. Bynum
    • Email:
    • Title: Running From Shadows
    • Genre: young adult paranormal romance
    • Word Count: 77k words
    • Twitter style pitch (140 characters): A unicorn shifter knows the only way to save her coven from a shadow demon is to make a sacrifice--but can she kill her own boyfriend?
    • First 200 Words:

    I couldn’t live with this pain any longer…this ache. No punishment would be true justice, but with the coven meeting here tonight, hopefully they’d pass judgment. Do something. It wouldn’t balance things out but it might alleviate the guilt…let me breathe again.

    “Knock, knock, hun?” Mom didn’t even bother actually knocking as she barged in. “Why aren’t you ready?”

    “I am ready.” I glanced down. Yup, still dressed. “You said wear whatever.”

    “No, I said wear whatever you think looks nice.” Mom marched to my closet. She was nervy and full of a bright, hard energy I didn’t recognize.

    “What does it matter?”

    She grabbed the green dress I was going to wear to graduation in two months and tossed it on my bed. The bay leaves scattered and my heart sank just a little more. “It matters.”


    “Greta, you’ll thank me later.”

    If I had a Blessed Be for every time she said that I’d be holy.

    She smoothed down a loose strand of hair from her bun. “And it wouldn’t hurt to put on a little makeup.” She left her last demand hanging in the air as she shut the door behind her.

  3. Posting on behalf of Meagan due to time zone differnces.

    Name: Meagan


    Title: BELIEVE ME

    Genre: NA, contemporary

    Word Count: 69,000

    Twitter style pitch (140 characters): Viola Reid is dead. Now her ghost’s hell-bent on taunting exBFF Victor. If he doesn't figure out why, she might become his new roommate.

    First 200 Words: Viola didn’t like to read, which is why I couldn’t believe she was sitting at the foot of my bed with a textbook in her lap. Light trickled in from the lamp posts outside, illuminating her yellow pea coat and chin-length hair. The last time I’d seen her, in the hallway between classes a week before, her hair reached her shoulders. The length didn’t surprise me. She’d chopped off a foot of it before on shorter notice.

    I’d thought the rustling papers came from my cat, but when I sat up to throw a balled sock at her, my eyes snapped to the coat. I blinked. It didn’t make sense. How did she get in? Viola returned her spare key months ago, and I locked my door every night.

    “Victor, you’re awake! How did you carry this thing around last semester? It weighs as much as you.”

    I slept through the world’s quietest break-in.

    “I never finished reading about the Cold War. There’s never enough time to get these things done.” Viola flipped past another page, sticking her tongue out as she skimmed. When she moved, the brass locket I’d given her as a birthday present swung from her neck.

  4. Name: Diana Gallagher
    Email: diana.m.gallagher at gmail dot com
    Title: MEXICO
    Genre: NA Contemporary
    Word Count: 63,000


    Pete makes the messes. Nick cleans them up. But family tragedy makes Nick speak up, jeopardizing the only life he's known.

    First 200:

    You forget the thickness of this place until the highway turns into one lane with dotted lines, and the trees come in close. It holds you like a mother, refusing to let go until you move first.

    Welcome home.

    When I pull into the driveway and see the smoke winding up from the backyard into the night sky, I leave the engine running. “Mom?” I call. “Rob?”

    The only response is a crash.

    I round the corner of the house and slam into Pete. “There’s a fire,” I say into his chest.

    My brother pushes against my shoulders. Purple flames illuminate his face, the one that looks nothing like my own. “Yes, Boy Scout Nick, I know.”

    “We need to—”

    “It’s just the fire pit. Chill out.”

    “Then why is there so much smoke?” My head feels wobbly and light, the sensation you get from pulling two all-nighters in a row and then driving seven hours.

    Pete kicks a spray of dirt onto the fire. “Why didn’t you drive back in the morning? You look like crap.”

    Behind him, purple flames lick a copper plate. Blue paint arches back from the wood and curls into black.

    The guitar.

  5. Name: Patricia Buff
    Title: CATHARI
    Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
    Word Count: 84,000


    Geoff, a centuries old assassin caught in an unending cycle of holy war, must choose between the only life he knows and the girl he loves.

    First 200 Words:

    May, 1453. Ottoman camp, just outside the city walls of Constantinople

    Small fires burned in front of every tent. Smoldering lamb, sage, and thyme perfumed the air reeking with the sweat and refuse of a hundred thousand soldiers. Men with dark turbans and flowing robes sat on their haunches and wrestled meat from the bone before tossing them to the dogs.

    The boom of the cannon thundered through the night air, followed by a deadened silence. The men paused, glanced in the direction of the city they have been attacking for weeks, the one they called Istanbul, then dipped their fingers back into the pot, searching for one last bone to gnaw.

    Geoff strode among the groups of men on his way to Henri and Renaud. He hoped Guillaume and the rest of the priests were right, that the end of the world would come with the fall of this city. He put his hand on the hilt of his sword and straightened his narrow shoulders. If Armageddon was something he could fight for, then he’d willingly give his life for it.

  6. Tara Brown


    Paranormal Romance

    93,000 Word Count

    The Pitch

    There is a place between worlds where our souls take a moment when we die. The place where everything pauses.
    The place she first saw him.

    The first 200


    I looked up from my doodling confused. Sometimes that happened. It was new.

    I needed a moment for the fog to lift.

    My daydreams had taken me again.

    I looked at the front of the class recognizing the glare my English teacher was giving me. It was the look she gave all the bad kids. I realize the PC term is ‘challenged youth’ but my sister has always been of one of them. She has created every challenge in her idiotic world. I looked at the board behind her, trying to remember what we had been doing.

    'Twelfth Night'

    “Aimee what is the theme Shakespeare is trying to hide beneath the themes we easily see?” She asked as if trying to trick me.

    I cleared my throat. “Beyond the obvious themes of the folly in ambition and the uncertainty of gender. He, as he always did, liked to use the theme of love as a means to suffering, as if it were a weapon. Twelfth Night is only one of many of his plays, if not in all of them, where this theme is present.”

    And there it was, the difference between the ‘challenged youth’ and I.

    She wasn’t used to catching me lost in space. It was new.

    I looked back down at my doodling and tried to ignore the hole in my chest that never bled, but allowed my soul to seep out a little at a time.

  7. Bethany Lopez,
    Contemporary New Adult

    Colin broke Briana's heart 4 years ago. When he comes back he turns her world upside down, & she has to decide if she can forgive & forget.

    Briana looked up at him, tears beginning to form in her eyes, unable to believe what Colin was saying to her.
    “Look, Bree, I just can’t be tied down right now.” He explained, not quite meeting her eyes. “I’m going off to college and you’re still in high school. Going out together was cool while we were in school together, but we are going on different paths now.”
    “Is this because I wouldn’t have sex with you?” Her eyes burned and the tears were flowing freely.
    “Of course not… I just don’t think a long distance relationship will work. A clean break now would be best, you know?” He replied, looking at something just over her head.
    “Colin… the least you could do is look at me when you’re being a total douche.” Briana said tightly.
    Colin looked down at her, his face softening momentarily, before closing back up.
    “Don’t make this harder than it needs to be, Bree.”
    “Are you being serious right now?” Briana asked incredulously. “We’ve been dating for over a year. You said that you loved me. Now, all of a sudden, you want to break up? This is coming out of nowhere, Colin.”

  8. Name: Priya Kanaparti
    Title: Dracian Legacy
    Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
    Word Count: 92,500

    Twitter style Pitch: An epic tale of Ren and Axel caught between two powerful magical races, Dracians & Telalians. One destined to end the war, the other seeking vengeance until they found each other

    First 200 Words:

    Sunlight shimmered between the branches. Quiet sobs and hushed words of comfort reached me, as black suits and dresses gathered around us—filling my vision with one color. Black. In the midst of all the sorrow, the joyful chirping of a hummingbird touched my ears, shedding light to my heavy, darkened heart. Even though my hair was neatly styled in a tight bun held by twenty hairpins, one stubborn strand kept coming loose without mercy as the wind blew around us.
    The weather was the exact opposite of my mood. I felt nothing, as if a black hole sucked the life out of me. My eyes were swollen, my body refused to respond, and I was cold.
    Deathly cold.
    “As we commit Jim and Irene Pernell to the ground; earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust; in sure and certain hope of the Resurrection. We enter this world with nothing and we leave wi—”
    Three days had passed. Three days since this emptiness entered my soul and refused to leave. An arm wrapped around my shoulder, pulling me closer. I inhaled the smell of home, my beloved brother, and the only family I had left in this entire world.

  9. Name: Christine D. Jarmola
    Title: Do-Overs
    Genre: New Adult – Magical Realism
    Word Count: 75,000

    New college, new friends, new beginnings, but the same old klutzy Lottie, until she gets a pink eraser that allows her to rewind time and fix all her mistakes. Or does it?

    Granny Panties and Other Unmentionables

    “Granny panties,” my twin sisters screeched as I looked back to see that one of the cardboard boxes of my clothes had spilled out of my brother Jason’s arms and down the front steps of my new dorm at my new college on the first day at my new school. Out tumbled all my unmentionables, soon to be blown far and wide across the campus by the never relenting Oklahoma wind.

    It was a simple disaster that could have been easily remedied, but not by my family. Oh no, the twins were shouting at rock star decibels, whipping out their matching iPhones and taking photos. My jock brother was sitting on the steps of my new abode laughing like a demented jackal while my longsuffering mother ran frantically after some humongous drawers I had never seen before in my life. The entire student body was out and about on campus that move-in day and in less than ten minutes at my new school, my family had made a spectacle out my new life.

    When things couldn’t get any worse, they did. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him.

  10. Name: Rachel Solomon
    Genre: NA contemporary
    Word Count: 102,000
    Twitter style pitch (140 characters):

    College dropout Jordan waits tables to pay off her student debt, but she can’t resist fixing the restaurant or romancing a sweet customer.

    First 200 Words:

    I knew that face. Unblinking eyes. Stiff jaw. Brows parallel to the line of his lips.

    The customer was recalculating my tip. He’d whittle it from eighteen percent to ten, or maybe down to an insulting fistful of coins that had attracted lint in his pocket all day. Quarters if I was lucky, nickels and pennies if I wasn’t.

    “Doesn’t this come with chapatis?” he asked before the thali plate touched down at his table, like I had already ruined his dinner.

    Someone had told me what a chapati was. In fact, I was certain several someones had, probably followed by a list of ingredients. But the word banged around in my brain’s dictionary, the entry blank. Maybe it was the oily bread bloated with potato crumbs, or the minty yogurt customers used to dilute the curries they insisted on ordering five-stars, too spicy for most American palates. I hoped the customer couldn’t sense my panic.

    “I'm sorry?” I asked, sliding the plate and accompanying tin of rice onto the table. The bowl of red goo I was balancing for table two was starting to burn my other hand.

    “Doesn’t. This. Come. With. Chapatis?” He metered out the sentence, a frustrated breath punctuating the final word.

  11. Name: Trevor Travis
    Title: The Fatebringers
    Genre: New Adult Sci-Fi
    Word Count: 60,000

    The final string of humanity is cut. Spira will shape the future for a new mankind. As long as her heart doesn't start that feeling crap.

    Their numbers were larger than any of us had seen or even thought possible. Yet we all watched as another ball of fire came from the sky and, without exploding into the ground, stopped with a flash. In its place was another winged creature.

    Some were men, others were women. We used to call them angels, because of those lustrous white wings, but then called them demons, because of their unadulterated lust for death. They insisted our deities were nothing more than flights of fancy and called us fools for needing to name and categorize things we would never understand. We now call them Fatebringers and have had no verbal contact since that first time.

    The edge of my badly crafted copper pipe sword trembled. My shield weighed down my arm to the point that it hindered more than helped, but this was all we knew. We considered ourselves advanced with our atomic bombs and automatic weapons, but stood on the brink of existence holding mere sticks and stones. Useless against the Fatebringers power we somehow still found refuge in their presence.

    I’ve seen, we all have seen, strong, hardened men and women charge at them, only to drop arms and beg for mercy.

  12. Name: Darren Hansen
    Title: Christian's Cross
    Genre: Urban Fantasy
    Word Count: 90,000

    Twitter Pitch:
    Maria meets a bad boy cursed to keep the ten commandments. He'll do anything to be free. She can help him, but what rules will he break?

    First 200 Words:
    Maria parted the curtains and traced her finger down the windowpane where the water ran down the glass. The clouds couldn't be seen in the night sky, but she could feel them. The rain washed the world and made it new.

    She left three things behind when she moved to Roskilde for school: Her family, her boyfriend, and her willingness to let others make decisions for her.

    For instance, Maria's parents wouldn't like the package she just received.

    It arrived yesterday, giving her a little surprise. She moved into her apartment a week ago and it seemed strange that anybody besides her parents would know her new address. How did her uncle get it when he lived half a world away in New York?

    The card and gift were still sitting on the desk in the darkness. She let the curtains fall and crept over to them, careful not to wake her sleeping roommate. At 5:30 in the morning this place was dead.

    Maria found that to be especially true in a college town. Her roommates had gone to sleep just a few hours earlier. It was parties, not studying.

  13. Kate Brauning
    NA fantasy, 102,000 words

    Shadow&Bone meets American Gods: her friends are depending on her, the god of war is stalking her, & she’ll have to kill him to stay alive.

    After the war, the neighbors would whisper, “We saw how it started, you know- we were there when she was born.” The mother- a charming woman, really- had loved entertaining. But then came the child, and after that, the wasting illness. When the illness left, it took the woman with it, leaving the child- a girl named Ava- the motherless daughter of a red-faced, small-eyed man.

    That man never should have had a child. The neighbors all knew it. When they stopped by to say how sorry they were about the mother’s death, he wouldn’t answer the door, nor would he return their phone calls. Most unforgivably, he left the casseroles on the steps until the wild cats ate them. No one was surprised when Ava was sent to live with her mother’s parents.

    For a while, the neighbors forgot about her. But one summer evening, six years after the toddler left, a Toyota sputtered to a halt near the house.

    Ava had been sent back to her father. Her grandparents had died now, too. The girl wasn’t crying, wasn’t screaming. She simply held on to her seatbelt and refused to get out of the car. She clutched a picture frame.

  14. Name: Airicka Phoenix
    Title: Blood Oath
    Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance
    Word Count: 1K
    It's 17yrold Clara's job to stop a child killer. She never saw Darius coming. She never expected to fall for the enemy and break the rules.
    Chapter One

    The bones were like something from a Stephen King novel. Seeing them in her home, on the table, polished clean to an ivory gleam, well, it wasn’t the saddest thing, but it was heartbreaking all the same.

    They were tiny. Each curved rib barely long enough to cross the length of her palm. Someone had gone through a lot of trouble setting each piece into place; as if by putting the bones together, they could somehow put the child back together. But everyone knew that wasn’t possible. Once a child was broken, nothing short of something evil could bring them back, because children were innocent… pure. Their souls were clean. Unlike adults. Clarissa had seen tons of adults wake up when they were supposed to be dead, and had slain a whole lot more to keep them that way. But no, this little baby was not waking up. Not for anyone.

    “We’re not dealing with a human!” her father’s tightly laced combat boots shook the laminate as he rounded the room, a powerful man in khakis and a Black Sabbath t-shirt. “It has to be them.”

    Them. Summoners. The most unholy beings to ever poison the earth. The very thought of them sent a chill through the room. Grown men shifted, folding their arms as though warding away the dark presence that had settled amongst them.

    Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

  15. Rachel Schieffelbein
    YA horror
    35,000 words

    Twitter pitch:
    Erwin knows the school is no longer safe, but not everyone agrees. He must decide whether or not to go and who he's willing to leave behind.

    First 200:

    Erwin had been on his way to lunch when he first saw them. Justin had Natalie pushed up against her faded orange locker, his tongue down her beautiful throat. Erwin’s own throat had tightened and his stomach churned. So much for lunch.

    It had only been a week since Natalie had broken his heart, after dating for ten months. Now she had her fingers wrapped around the fat neck of that dick, Justin.

    Erwin tried to focus on the weights he was lifting. He hoped the pain in his arms would block out thoughts of Natalie. Problem was he could hear the cheerleaders finishing up their practice in the empty lunchroom across the hall from the gym doors.
    It was 4:15; there were only a few other guys in the weight room. Basketball practice didn’t start for another forty five minutes. Then he’d have to face Justin. With any luck he’d get a chance to elbow him in the face when Coach Spears wasn’t looking.
    He was enjoying the thought of Justin’s nose bleeding when he heard someone shout to call 911. Erwin jumped up and ran across the gym, slamming open the doors.

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  18. Name: C.L. Howland
    Genre: NA/Adult Fiction
    Word Count: 77,000

    Targeted by bullies, a shy girl finds friendship,then love with an outspoken exotic boy, forcing a choice between the person she needs and the family who needs her.

    Chapter 1

    May 1990

    “Hey, Mouse…I drew a picture of you.”

    Please, please don’t embarrass me, Mina prayed. A spiral notebook was shoved across the desk. Too late. She didn’t have to look at the picture to know it would be unflattering; it always was. Her cheeks burned as she laid the handouts on each desk in the group, keeping her eyes trained on the pile of papers in her hand.

    “Like it?”

    The giggles made Mina’s face flush even more. Setting the packet on the last desk, she heard a quiet, “Thanks.” Surprised, she looked up. Dark eyes met her gaze. Sam Miller had been here two weeks and had already been to the office three times for fighting. This was the first time she’d heard him speak. “You’re welcome,” she said, dropping her gaze and turning to leave.

    “Hey, Mina, don’t forget your picture,” a whisper came, followed by louder giggles. Mina went back to her group of desks and slid into her seat. Don’t you cry. Don’t give them any more fuel.

    “Blair and Missy, I don’t know what’s so funny, but you need to settle down,” Mrs. McIntosh warned. “Thanks, Mina.”

  19. Name: Brinda Berry
    Title: Lucky
    Genre: NA Paranormal Romance
    Word Count: 60,000
    Pitch: Abby and her bodyguard Ace race the clock to solve a code that demands she sacrifice her own life to prevent a series of tragic deaths.

    New York City -2001

    Abby lifted heavy eyelids to see only darkness. It was darker than her bedroom without her Barbie nightlight. Blacker than the Sharpie marker her mother let her use to draw on cardboard boxes. Black as licorice candy she ate on Halloween. It wasn't just the darkness that made it difficult to breathe. Her arms and legs were trapped in a tangle of concrete. She could only think about how good it would feel to rub her eyes, half-glued together and caught at the edges in a crusty seal.

    Abby opened her mouth, her dry tongue glued to the bottom of her teeth. The cough that sputtered from her lips didn't make a sound. She tried for a scream or a yell, but the noise was lost. Mama had been there beside her earlier. Where was she now? Surely Mama would find her soon.

    The thirst when she was awake was like the buzzing noise of that giant horsefly caught inside their car last summer. Coming forward, buzzing back. Endlessly circling.
    In the hours after the building crashed around her, Abby lost time. She remembered losing her mother’s hand. She remembered the man in the khakis and

  20. Name: Evonne
    Genre: NA
    Word Count: 93000

    Pitch: Ari,20,has Downs and lives at home; her sister Steffi is off at college. When each women suffers a crisis,their relationship flip-flops.


    You might think I’m too wonderful for a secret.

    Maybe you are like Mrs. Sawyer, who is our neighbor. Yesterday, she said, “She’s just so wonderfully guyless.”

    Mom put her hand on my shoulder and said, “Thank you.”

    We carried the groceries in the house. I said to Mom, “Why did she say I’m guyless? Because I don’t have a boyfriend?”

    Mom said, “No, honey. ‘Guileless.’ It means…innocent.” She thought for a minute. She said, “Like, not playing tricks. Not hiding secrets.”

    I said, “She thinks I can’t keep secrets?”

    Mom said, “She meant it in a good way.”

    I didn’t answer. I think “guileless” is a fake word. Steffi showed me about those a long time ago, when an old lady in the mall smiled at me and said to Mom, “Dear, she is a precious. I know. We have a Mongoloid at our church. They are just absolute angels.”
    The lady walked away, and Steffi stuck her finger in her mouth and did a throw up sound. I laughed and did the throw up sound too, even though I didn’t know why she did it.

    Mom said, “Girls, please. She was trying to be nice.”

  21. Name: Michael Di Gesu


    Title: The Blinded Gardener

    Genre: Y/A Edgy Contemporary

    Word Count: 67,000 words

    Twitter style pitch: ( 115 words )

    With only nine months to his eighteenth birthday, Aidan plans his escape between each blow from his father’s fist.

    First 200 Words:

    One moment I’m my Dad’s personal punching bag, and the next, well, I’m a pawn in his maniacal master plan. That is, until Danny entered the picture and discovered my secret.

    Dad forced me to move across the country, and once again, I found myself at a new school, the third in two years. It sucked having a dad in the military.

    The warning bell rang for first period. The halls cleared with the slamming of doors. As I wandered about searching for my classroom, I heard someone approach me from behind. Long bangs fell over his eyes as he loped past me with a kind of natural ease.

    Didn’t he see me standing here, screwing around with this frickin’ map?

    “Hey, dude. Could you tell me how to get to room 305?”

    A slight curl formed on his lips as he faced me. He tossed his head. Platinum fringe shifted to the side and revealed freakish blue eyes that glanced toward me, unfocused.

    Holy shit! Is he blind? More like stoned.

    “I’m heading that way.” His deep voice held a trace of a southern accent. He turned and continued his long strides.

    I envied his height: well over six feet.

  22. Name: Laurie Litwin
    Title: GRIPPED
    Genre: Contemporary YA (Edgy)
    Word Count: 58,000

    Taylor has it all, including an addiction. She crashes her car, realizing she can’t live w/o alcohol. And she’d rather die than give it up.

    Senior year just started and it's already perfect.

    Varsity Cheer. Check.

    Hottie boyfriend. Check.

    Kicking ass in school. Check.

    I spin in a circle, inspecting myself in the mirror.

    It took me a half hour to pick out an outfit, but I nailed it. Dark wash Joe's jeans that make my non-existent butt look perky. White sweater than shows my tan. Leopard ballet flats for a touch of flair. I need a little more lip gloss.

    I'm searching for my make-up bag when the screen on my phone lights up with an incoming text. Olivia. I dial her number, putting her on speaker.

    "Why are you calling me? Only old people actually call anymore, Taylor." I can hear music blaring in the background.

    "Hello to you, too. I'm trying to finish getting ready and I'm running late. Blake'll be here any minute. No time to text. What's up?" I'm yelling toward the phone while zipping back and forth across my room, looking for my Opi nail polish. I just noticed the polish on my right pinky finger is chipped.

    "Oh shit. I forgot you had a date. I was going to invite you out. I'm meeting up with Lauren and Ashley in an hour."

  23. Name: Peggy Stankiewicz
    Title: FIREFLIES
    Genre: Adult Fiction / Light Paranormal Fantasy
    Word Count: 90,000

    It's 1881 and Dr. Owen Whelan and his wife are raising seven bright and expressive children. However, one of them has been haunted since birth by lost souls.

    Ennis found a bird. He stood like a fence post, straight and still and about half as tall, while cupping the small brown sparrow between his chubby palms and looking down in amazement. Its feathers were softer than he had imagined they’d be and it didn’t try to peck him or escape as he thought that it would. It felt tickly against his skin as its tiny talons scratched him lightly when it moved.

    As his hands folded open, the bewildered bird sat quietly between them. Suddenly, a soft breeze blew back the amber curls on his forehead. He took a deep breath and smiled down in surprise. A second later, the bird took flight startling him and his hands fell to his sides.

    “Bye bird.” He whispered as he looked up at the sky and then shoved his hands into the front pockets of his dusty coveralls.

    “Ennis is that you?” Rang his sister Teagan’s voice from inside the barn.

    “Yes Teagan.” Ennis replied as she stomped out of the barn carrying a shovel. She began walking in circles around him and suddenly stopped and pushed the end of the shovel into the dirt hard and said, “Ennis, did

  24. Name: Robin Alexander
    Title: SHADOWS
    Genre: Paranormal/SciFi Womens Fiction
    Word Count: 85,000

    PITCH: Rachel’s new start isn't what she planned. Now learning family secrets and how to trust a were lion will mean life and death.

    FIRST 200:
    The only relief in Rachel Brackett’s life was avoidance.
    She was running now, driving down Highway 93, watching road signs and mile markers as they blurred through a haze of tears. She could run for years and yet never escape the torture of her memories. Never escape the pain and sadness, never explain the relief or excitement – or the confusion born from the messy concoction. One day she’d be able to get her emotions under control… but not today.
    Today, all she could do was run.
    She pushed the button to open the driver’s side window. Fresh mountain air wafted through the car; just what she needed. Fresh air. Time.
    And as much distance from the past as possible.
    With thumbs thumping against the steering wheel, she glanced out the window. There was no denying how captivating the drive had been since leaving the city. Winding curves shimmered in the high afternoon sun while they twisted through rich jade broadleaf and evergreen trees. Alongside, rushing rivers snaked through deep gorges and under occasional white stone bridges. Their shores were decorated by wild flowers, and more than one fisherman stood knee deep in their waters while lines danced in passing wakes.

  25. Name: Eliza Lund


    Title: Dominion

    Genre: NA Paranormal Romantic Suspense
    Word Count: 82,000

    Twitter Pitch: As she searches for her mother’s killer, a paranormally-gifted college student and new vampire hunter is ensnared in the lives of identical twin vampire brothers.

    First 200 Words:

    My other never lied to me about the existence of monsters. When I'd awaken with nightmares and dreams of shadows that moved in the darkness, she'd stay with me until my terror passed.

    "I'm here," she'd say, stroking my hair. "I'm faster than them and I'll protect you. One day, I'll kill the monsters forever."

    My great tragedy was that she couldn't protect herself. A decade after her death when I was only eleven, finding her killer and discovering a way to eradicate all vampires is the only thing that keeps me going. Today I take up the work that ended her life.

    The late spring evening is rainy and cold so I bring my umbrella and stand at the bus stop outside my building.

    The evening bus isn't crowded because classes and finals are over. I take out my mother’s notebook and read it over once more for her notes from the week before her death describe the ancient illuminated manuscript tucked in a large manila envelope in my backpack.

    By the hand of Julien de Cernay, former Knight, identical twin brother to Michel, former Bishop of Carcassonne, bastard sons of Guillaume, Vicomte de Clarmont. Written 1224 – 1229 A.D. Interviewed on 22 December at Boston University.

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