Happy Monday, readers! It's Bailey here on the blog this week, and goodness do I have a lot for you! Today, I'm really excited to do a feature on something that's begun drumming up support around Twitter and the blogosphere, and it's something that's launching this week in the world of New Adult.

It is # nalitchat! 

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If you're active on Twitter and with books in any way -- as a reader, as a writer, as a person who just puts them on shelves -- you're probably aware of all the various Lit Chats that go on during the week. And if you're not, that's completely OK, too. Now you are officially in the know.

Each week, EJ Wesley (Twitter user, blogger, and writer) is going to be hosting #nalitchat on Thursdays at 9 PM EST. These chats will last one hour, and will discuss a wide range of pre-determined topics. Each Thursday, one of us ladies here from New Adult Alley will be joining EJ Wesley to help moderate these discussions.

You can stay up-to-date with topic selection, previous chat transcripts, or more discussion throughout the week by following the NALitChat blog (or click the image above) or by following & tweeting with @NALitChat on Twitter (or click the image below).

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This Thursday, July 26 at 9 PM EST is the debut #nalitchat on Twitter. Along with EJ, I will be moderating the chat, and we are both so excited about this upcoming night. The topic for this week is the 5 Ws of NA -- What is it? Who writes it? Where does it get published? When does NA happen? and Why is it important? 

So really, what is #nalitchat all about? 

Simple: it's about discussion.  It's about any person remotely interested in New Adult literature and writing coming together for an hour each week to discuss the things that are really important to us as a community. It's about agreement and disagreement and creativity, and using these things to further define where New Adult literature is and where it's going. It's about inviting absolutely anyone to be apart of an open forum and to focus the spotlight on this category so many of us here, around the Alley, really love and support and want to nurture.

And who is this EJ Wesley?

Click image to visit EJ Wesley on Twitter

EJ Wesley is the host and creator of #nalitchat. He tweets, he blogs, he writes, and really, he's a guy on the Internet who wants to do something active for the world of New Adult.

A few months ago now, EJ tweeted at our blog saying that he was going to start discussing New Adult, and he was going to start using the hashtag #nalitchat to do it. We thought it was brilliant, and several tweets strung together led to EJ and I (on behalf of the Alley) discussing how to put together a scheduled, weekly Twitter chat. Finally, EJ and the Alley can show you what we're doing and everyone involved in this undertaking is incredibly stoked to begin chatting with readers & writers about all things New Adult.

So this Thursday, I can't wait to see you on Twitter and to discuss the 5 Ws of NA with you. All you need to do is sign into Twitter a little before 9 PM EST and start tweeting with the hashtag #nalitchat. In preparation for this event, EJ has posted a helpful guide to successful Twitter chatting on the NALitChat blog, so if you've never participated in an event of this style, be sure to read that. If you want to do a little preparation for the topic this week, I point you to our own Resources page here in the Alley, where you can read up or refresh your memory on the discussions that have already been taking place around the Internet. And don't forget that the most important thing you can do for each chat is just share your own experiences, your own hopes, and your own needs for the world of New Adult.

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  1. Super-excited about the chat! Really hope lots of readers and writers will join in. Think we'll have a great time exploring NA together. :)

  2. Sounds awesome Bailey! Good luck this week. I'm going be there next week and can't wait to help mod :)

  3. @Victoria Smith -- thanks for the luck, and I'm going to try and be there every week, even when I'm not modding. :)

  4. Great post, Bailey! I should be around this week. (Especially if some kind soul gives me a little nudge on Thursday! LOL)

  5. Woot, can't wait for this! I think I can be around after 9:15 ... we'll see ;)

  6. What a cool idea!
    Off to spread the word...

  7. This is brilliant! What a great idea :) Hopefully I can make it. I'm still new to the NA community, but it really helps not feeling so alone. Love that this category is growing.

  8. @Carrie -- there will definitely be a Thursday reminder!

    @Juliana -- being late is totally awesome because being there is the only end goal!

    @Melissa -- thank you for spreading the word! I can't wait to chat w/ you on Thursday night.

    @addictivestory -- I hope you can make it, too, but don't worry because this happens every Thursday, and you can always read transcripts on the NALitChat blog. (You can also comment and chat there, too!) Welcome to the NA community, where you are most certainly not alone and where we love to make new-comers feel welcome!


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