Hi, all, I'm back again with another fab author of New Adult fiction:  Tara Brown!

Name of your books 
My books are The Devil's Roses Series. It is a nearly completed series. The first Book is Cursed, Second is Bane, Third is Hyde and the Fourth that is about to be released is Witch. The Fifth book will release end of this summer/early fall.

Older YA Urban Fantasy, Definitely in the NA  area as far as age and content go. You know the old adage, 'Write what you know', well I cuss and have carnal knowledge of members of the opposite sex.



You like?  I'm her book designer.  :D


The Devil's Roses starts us off with Cursed, where we meet Aimee James. She is a regular girl who has recently lost her mother in a tragic accident. She is a sarcastic nerd who has no desire to fit in or secretly be a part of the popular kids. She is eighteen and never had a boyfriend. She sits with the mathletes and chem nerds and daydreams about university. The one secret she has is her crush on her sister's boyfriend. Aimee has a twin sister who is evil and scheming and gorgeous.  She cons Aimee into going to a party where Aimee is drugged and nearly dies. In the brief moment she is separated from her body she sees a man, he saves her. This is the catalyst that pushes Aimee into a world she never even imagined existed. She finds herself dying and confused in the hospital, where she is given the choice to live. She takes the life being offered and soon realizes she can't have both worlds. She wont ever finish high school or go to college. She becomes a threat to everyone around her.

In Bane we meet a lot more characters. Ari is one of the main POV's in the story. She couldn't be more plain and predictable, until one day when something happens that changes everything in her world. With a touch of her hands, she sends her uncle back to the past where a major decision was made concerning her. Suddenly as if the fabric of time has shifted, she is standing alone in an alley in an unknown city. She is covered in tattoos and pierced in places she didn't realize could be pierced. On the verge of a panic attack, she discovers she isn't alone in the alley. A kindly old woman named Lydia is with her. She agrees to go home with Lydia where she discovers a ghostly maid, a death dealer named Aimee, shifters, The Devil, fallen angels and a past that cant possibly fit. Ari must learn to control her talents, which were brought on by age. She must also learn to cope with her new memories. Aimee is the other POV in Bane. She has spent a year and a half with the Roses learning to control her new instincts and cravings. She is no longer the quiet nerd, she has blossomed into a full fledged death dealer. She works for the Roses as a member of the elite team of immortals who protect humans against the things that go bump in the night. After leaving her home town and losing everything she starts to discover somethings are worth fighting for.

Hyde is about a girl named Hanna who wakes alone and terrified inside the trunk of a moving car. She is sore and her clothing is tattered, which leads her to believe she has been attacked and possibly raped. As the car parks her worst nightmares are revealed. She witnesses a mysterious death dealer named Aimee suck the soul from her father as his dying wish. Shock and confusion fill her as she is forced down a path of discovery where she learns why her own father abandoned her and what her life will soon be like. The black outs and blood upon her hands are the least of things she must worry about. She teams up with a charming man she is unable to resist named Marcus, who turns out to be more than she ever imagined. As secrets are revealed at every turn Hanna finds herself lost and afraid of everyone, including herself.  The story also follows Aleksander. After trading everything to save Aimee and confessing his father's involvement in crimes Aimee finds unbearable to cope with, Aleks finds himself a Rose. He has avoided Lucifer and her band of merry men for centuries. Suddenly he is signed on and expected to abandon his search for his father and join the ranks. Doing his duty to the Roses he discovers a sick and misused Giselle in a dirty blood bar where vampires mistreat humans savagely. He risks everything again, in an attempt to save her and find meaning in his existence. The cost this time is higher than he ever imagined it would be.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am actually a chef, which is weird, right? I don't work as a chef because my husband is a federal police officer. We get moved a lot and with our two kids still being fairly little, it's hard for me to work. He doesn't exactly work bank hours. So I am a stay at home mom for now. I have two girls, both amazing and beautiful people. It's a great accomplishment seeing the amazing humans you've made, obviously besides my other children, Aimee and Ari and Shane and Aleks and Hanna. I have an amazingly supportive husband, he reads everything and helps me when I block up and get lost. He lets me get lost in my world where I don't cook or clean or do any of those stay at home mom jobs. The dust bunnies are actually becoming pets, I honestly could feed them. I have been writing for ever, not even kidding. Grade one my tales in the 'what did you do this weekend' writing books were epic. I'm sure my mom got a few phone calls from teachers. I have been published several times in poetry and newspapers. It's always been my thing. I am a pot stirrer and loud mouth with an adventurous imagination. Might be the worst combination ever. Writing is my life. I mean my kids and my husband are my life and I like to write. Oh who am I kidding.

What about the NA Genre appeals to you?

Getting lost in a story and feeling every brush of his lips against hers or his fingers trailing up her bare back. Seeing the magical places I've never been to and living the life I will never live. Feeling the hesitation and build up of young love that creates angst and pleasure simultaneously. The ability to put every emotion and expectation into a new relationship. As adults we are jaded, we are educated in the pain we have experienced. I will never put my entire heart and soul into a new relationship, time and experience has taught me this is a bad idea. But I still want to relive that feeling of completely and foolishly trusting someone. YA is the greatest experience for an older reader who doesn't want to relive it for real, but wants to get lost again, for an afternoon. The problem with YA is the lack of action. Hand holding and peck kisses but building up sexual tension and then offering nothing beyond that, is frustrating for anyone who is older than sixteen. I want my love to be more real than the 'I loved him at recess and then by lunch I loved someone else', unless of course there is something supernatural involved and the feelings are manipulated. But even then I want more, I want sex and swearing but combined with the newness of YA. NA is the perfect genre if you ask me. It's the YA we all love and need but satisfying and real like the adult genre.

What are some of your favorite NA Reads?
P.C. Cast is for sure more NA than YA. I have loved her books. Kelly Armstrong. Nicky Charles.

My Facebook page for The Devils Roses is http://www.facebook.com/DevilsRosesSeriesMy
Twitter is @TaraBrown22

You can check Tara out at Self-Publish or Die on August 4th, where she'll be talking NA. 
Digital copies of Cursed and Bane

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  1. "'Write what you know', well I cuss and have carnal knowledge of members of the opposite sex."

    xD I laughed so loud when I read this that the kids looked at me like I'd lost my mind.

    The covers are neat, and the stories sound interesting. Hope I win! :)

  2. There's definitely something about "writing freedom" in NA. When I was first writing it, I of course thought it was closer to YA than adult, but I thought...what about swearing? How far can I take that? Are some implications too lewd, etc.? I've seen YA take to both extremes as well, but for marketing purposes, I think NA has more room to breathe there. Not to say we should go crazy, but there's flexibility.

    The series sounds excellent, exciting stuff! I'm a lover of multiple POVs ;)

  3. Jaycee you did a wonderful job on those covers. I'm a little jealous. ;)

  4. HAHA, like Melissa, I laughed when I read that!

    I like the cover of Hyde because I didn't recognize the shadow right away, but then it popped into focus!

  5. "I want more, I want sex and swearing but combined with the newness of YA. NA is the perfect genre if you ask me." << AMEN!
    Great covers, by the way!

  6. Psst... Jaycee and Victoria are traveling, so I'm playing hostess today.

    @Melissa - I did, too! Gotta love it. :D

    @Addictive - Well said! NA is so flexible. :)

    P.S. Me too! <3 Multi-POV...

    @Brooke - Jaycee is a rock star! :)

    @Carrie - *High five!*

    @Sarah - I'm glad we all share the same sense of humor around here! ;) I do, too.

    @Michelle - Why thank you. :)

    @Juliana - Heck yeah!

    @Amber - Isn't Tara great? :D

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