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May I tell you something about someone else?

Well, obviously, I’m going to tell you something about someone. Hopefully, you want to learn about our NA sister, my critique partner and one of my best friends, Bailey Kelsey

Bailey is a writer, editor and grad student. I know that some of you who check our blogs or follow us on twitter know that Bailey and I are close, but for those who don’t, let me give you some context.

Bailey and I were friends before we were writing partners. In fact, we’ve been friends for…around 13 years. And she’s been one of my best friends for the past….more math….hold on…6 years.  I don’t think we even knew that the other liked to write until we each walked into a creative writing elective in high school. And, well, after that our writing and critique partnership developed and has been going strong ever since. And our friendship strengthened and we became inseparable until school forced us to be in different locations. But even though we live many many miles apart, we're still as close as ever. And boy do we have some adventures.
Bailey and I eventually figured out that we had actually met  before in a Cotillion class. Funny enough we were each talking about Cotillion one day and realized we had been in the class together. For proof, Bailey dug out a picture from the class and guess what? We were sitting next to each other. I like to think that we were destined to be friends. And, even in our dresses and white gloves, we were both still tomboys—something that would never and will never change. 

I’m sure you’ve all heard at one time or another that you shouldn’t have best friends and/or family edit/critique your work. Well, I have to say that can be so inaccurate. I think our friendship is what makes our writing partnership as awesome as it is. She knows me and how I work. She knows my writing process. Both of us have thick skin and both of us want, above all else, to improve our writing and produce quality work.  So both of us our honest and we are both supportive. She's also helped break (for the most part)  my habit of ambiguous pronoun usage (want to annoy her? USE AMBIGUOUS PRONOUNS !)

Bailey is a fantastic critique partner. As I said, she’s honest. Her critiques are incredibly helpful. And let’s not forget that we laugh a lot. Because even in the most awful, horrendous, painful, hair pulling scene—we can laugh. Now I would like to tell you about Bailey’s writing, but she’s going to get the chance to do it herself over the next week or so on this very blog. 

So how about we move on to some random Bailey things? Things that I won’t get in trouble for telling you…hehe.
She makes faces when she writes.I won't post any because she has some  pictures of me making faces, and it would be most unpleasant for those to surface on the internet.
She writes poems with me in the middle of dinner. Or the middle of the night. (*note: Just in case you care, I really hate poetry. Unless it’s with Bailey).
She used to have this horrible thing for Aaron Carter’s (or some such singer) music. I shudder with endearment.
She’s always there for me when I need her. I’ll avoid getting into the mushy stuff, but really, I know I can always count on her no matter what.
And, she’s a great writer. 

Check out her blog at She talks about writing, editing, grad school, digital humanities and random stuff. You can also follow her on twitter @baileykelsey

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check back with us tomorrow for another post!

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  1. It was Jesse McCartney! I had a thing for Jesse McCartney's music, and hey, did you know he can act? I have a BIG THING for the one movie he has ever been in. Some thing called "Keith." But seriously, it's a fantastic film and I watch it probably once a month. I can't believe you remember that I did, in fact, have some awful thing for some blond pop star. How hilarious!

    And I do loathe ambiguous pronouns, and I must continue my quest of making you like poetry by writing in over dinner. I mean, really, how can you not like Billy Collins? Billy Collins was a cornerstone of creative writing class, and the man is a poetic god. I have much of his poetry stapled to my wall.

    I feel, also, like I should say "Hey thanks for writing about me!" but that feels incredibly vain so I'll just leave it in this awkward, meta sentence.

  2. Billy Collins is the exception. I adore Billy Collins. Remember CW class? But I hate writing poetry.
    And oh! I picked the wrong horrible singer...hehe. I knew it was some blond young kid.

  3. Yay, a great read and fun to learn a bit more about my NA Sista, but...Jesse McCartney? Really? ;D

  4. @Jaycee DeLorenzo Yes, REALLY. Go watch his movie. It's a good film and a good script.

  5. @Jaycee DeLorenzo
    What? I think Jesse McCartney IS great! A little short, but awesome. I like his songs and, like Bailey pointed out, he can act ;)

  6. @Jaycee DeLorenzoLOL, okay, I'll be sure to check out his acting skills.

  7. @Jaycee DeLorenzo Girl, YouTube Jesse Mc "Buy You A Drank" by T Pain. He covered it. I instantly got a little girl crush. He's my guilty pleasure. The boys got soul!

  8. Years back, I had a friend who would whip into the parking spot beside mine, belting out "Beautiful Soul". This so reminded me of that. LOL

    Anyway, it was fun getting to know Bailey a little better. Thanks for sharing, L.G.! :)

  9. @bailey m kelseyIs Keith the movie where the girl falls in love with the boy with cancer? Or am a thinking of another movie with the same name?

  10. Lovely post, L.G.! :) I love reading about friendship. *le sigh* :D


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