Hey, All!  Another day with Victoria here, and today I ask you all something so let's get down to business, shall we?  To start off I first got the idea for this question from fellow NA Sister Jaycee Delorenzo, so shout out to her!

Since we have both readers of NA and writers of NA out there I have two questions so everyone can play along, woohoo!

For Writers:

May I ask you about your current New Adult WIP (Writing In Progress)?

Tell us about it.  After all, hopefully we should all be reading your NA books in the future.  So why don't you give us a snapshot of what you're writing.  What's it called?  What's it about and how far into it are you?

For Readers:

What are some of your favorite Authors?

What authors' books do you just devour by the minute because their works are so intriguing?  It can be NA or not, doesn't matter.  Just share with us who you love!

Thanks all for now.

Laterz, Peeps!

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  1. I'm writing NA about a steampunk serial killer with an Egyptian twist. 20 yr old Cara has a damaged past and is shunned by Victorian society, but now they need her help to find the killer in their midst... it also has a handsome & dangerous Viscount who gets Cara hot under the collar :)

  2. Here's mine: When Chloe starts college, she keeps her true self hidden. Nobody knows that she is gay, or that her brother killed himself a month before school started. But when she discovers the shocking truth behind her brother’s suicide, she begins to realize that hiding your secrets only leads to more pain.

    I probably could get into YA because she's only 18, but we'll see what happens.

  3. I've been planning on pitching my MS as women's fiction because I honestly wasn't even aware that this category existed!

    Maggie is about a 22-year-old recent college grad who quits her once-in-a-lifetime job in order to backpack around Australia on her own. Through her travels she encounters romance, confronts issues from her past,(namely, the attempted assault that she narrowly escaped from), and discovers the good and the bad about herself.

  4. Mine is the third book in a contemporary historical family saga, and somewhat of a modern retelling of Margaret Sidney's Phronsie Pepper (the final book in the hugely popular Five Little Peppers series of the late 19th and early 20th centuries). It's set between 1979-84, and the protagonist ages from 20 to 25. My brief summary:

    Justine’s jealous feelings at the birth of Julie’s first child are quickly turned around when she reconnects with David, now twenty-five and a Ph.D. student at SUNY Albany, with the five-year difference between them suddenly no longer so inappropriate. Unfortunately, her older siblings and their friends have a hard time seeing her, after years of being the precious family baby, as a grownup woman who’s old enough for marriage, motherhood, and moving out with her new family. But then, when her young nieces become Duranies, an unexpected opportunity opens up for Justine to finally prove once and for all to her family that she’s a responsible, capable, mature adult.

    By the way, I'm still looking for people to interview for the climax of the book. Is there any chance anyone here is old enough to have gone to the March '84 Hartford show (which coincided with a major snowstorm) of the Sing Blue Silver tour?

  5. Tough question, Victoria! It's the untitled sequel to Strength, and I'm only 13k in. *Grins*

  6. Oh, my! My WIP has been floating around since I was 15. I keep going back to it and rewriting the entire thing. (I always decide that I don't like it after I've finished it!) Mine is set in Los Angeles, (my favorite city!), and it's something like a mystery and thriller....

  7. My next WIP is about gypsies!

    But I don't know anymore. Each time I'm about to start something out of the blue, I see an interesting call of submissions and my fingers itch to write something for them LOL

  8. Mine is Escapement, Book I of The Neumarian Chronicles. I'm excited because the cover for a prequel novella to this series, Weighted, will air on Friday. :)

  9. So nice of you to ask. :) It's happily not a WIP anymore, but a book deal. My WIP is adult without the new. My NA book, The Charge, will be coming out this year. It's about a college freshman who finds out he's a member of the Texas royal family. As you may have guessed, it's an alternate history where Texas never joined the U.S.

  10. Yay, these are great to read! And thanks for the shout out!

  11. @ Everyone. OH, goodness I probably shouldn't have asked this question because there are so many good books out there and they haven't been released yet!!!! *cries* We got to get all these awesome sounding titles out there :D

  12. I'm working on the sixth book of my Allie's War series, which is an alternate history / urban fantasy about a twenty-eight year old woman who lives in a world similar to ours, only a second race of human-like beings called seers are discovered at the turn of the century. She finds out she's one of them after being kidnapped by another of her race, Revik, who tries to save her from a group of dark seers bent on taking over the human race. It's been a ton of fun to write...hard to believe I'm already working on book six!! Book five should be coming out in a few months (it's with the editors right now). If you're interested, here's the amazon link to book 1: http://www.amazon.com/Rook-Allies-War-Book-ebook/dp/B004TXR6FG/


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