May I Share something funny? 

When I was a little girl, my brother and I would spend a lot of time in the mountains during summer vacation. Our family jointly owns a cabin in Sequoia National Park and every year since I was old enough to suck on a pacifier by myself we've headed up for the summer months. My brother and I got into all sorts of trouble - literally. There was the time we walked through a green hornet's nest, the episode where a bear took to believing that he had to make a security beat around our cabin every night and, of course, our habit of catching scorpions with our bare hands (Don't ask me why we did that). While none of those were particularly funny at the time - it was all dead serious to me - I look back and say, "Well, I was completely crazy." We had a habit of dressing up as Indians and running around the woods. I had long hair that my mom tied into pigtails. I would tie a scarf around my forehead and stick a feather in it. Then we would take our homemade bow and arrows - made from willow branches - and proceed to stalk the territory. One day we came across a skinny city kid with wiry blonde hair and oversized glasses. He lived in the neighborhood, too. Many of the kids knew each other up there. He was riding a bike through the trails - a great way to puncture your tire on that terrain - and my brother said, "Hey, let's get this guy." 
We hid in the bushes and waited until he came by and then...we attacked. Okay, so it wasn't quite that epic. We just started yelling war chants and shooting our arrows into the air. The poor kid got on his bike and booked it. We did a victory dance (You know. The kind where you bounce in a circle yelling gibberish?) To this day I can't figure out why that kid was afraid of a 7-year-old girl with a feather in her hair and a Hawaiian tee-shirt on. Beats me. It makes me think that maybe we were just being humored. Or maybe...just maybe, we were simply that fierce. 
Yeah. Probably not. 
Some of my friends from the mountains. I'm the one in the middle (with that terrifying face).

Okay. I know. You're all tired of reading about manic 7-year-olds running around through the woods with homemade weapons. I'm done now! 

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Until Monday, lovelies! 

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  1. Catching scorpions with your bare hands? I tended to stay away from creatures that could easily cause pain. Is there a trick to how you grab them?

  2. You are adorable! And this sounds like something my "crazy" little girls would do. They play dress up often, and to scare some unsuspecting boy while doing it, well, they'd just consider that a bonus!

  3. I miss those carefree days of being a kid. Loved the story. :)

  4. @Suzi

    Yes, you grab them by the tail, lol. They can't sting you that way. I graduated to wearing gardening gloves later on. :)

  5. @jaybird

    Hooray for your girls!!! :) haha, it's fun being crazy!

  6. Welcome, Summer! Great day one and super cute story!

  7. Today you may think you were crazy, but you can also look back and remember such great moments!

  8. You look like you could have done well in the Hunger Games. :) Thanks for sharing my contest!

  9. @Sharon Bayliss

    LOL, I never thought of that!! :) And thanks for having it!


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