Welcome back!  It's Jaycee again.  I know, I know, you're probably wondering if anyone else is going to be posting...and the answer is yes, but I'm finishing out the week and then another NA Sister will take over the reigns.  

So...May I tell you something about someone else? 

And who is this person?  Why, it's my NA Sister, CP, and Friend, Mrs. Victoria Smith!

Victoria is a New Adult Author, a fan of smexy, green-eyed gentlemen with mysterious pasts, and an invaluable critique partner!

We all know the importance of finding a great critique partner.  I've had a few in the past, but they never worked out.  One was great, and then she literally dropped off the web - no one could track her down!  They still can't.  Another one had to stop writing because she was adopting her 5 nieces and nephews, and I never heard from her again.  Another one was only so-so, but threw a fit when she saw my edits.  An honest critique is not what she wanted.  After a while, I gave up.  

And then...I asked for advice on a board about a scene I was writing...and no one would answer the actual question I was asking, but all wanted to point out how my character should take the high road in a scene, how it wasn't very adult of her to do what I was asking...only Victoria, a new poster on the board, understood and laughed at what I was asking for advice about.  I was like, "Wow, this girl gets it!"  Then...THEN I found out she was writing New Adult and it totally made sense.  She understood the age!

I gots me a critique partner, finally!
I wasted no time in contacting her with the heading "NEW ADULTS UNITE?"  I wanted to snatch her up, and the rest is history.  We paired up and became critique partners, have chatted on Skype several times, gushed over hot heroes, silly heroines, co-hosted a blog hop, and set this blog into motion.  Better yet, she's become a friend.  Someone who I could talk about some personal stuff with that I was having a hard time talking about with anyone else, and whose perspective on the situation gave me some clarity. 

We don't always agree on everything, and our writing styles and methods are different, but I couldn't do this without her and credit her toward the forward progress on my book.  

Victoria is funny, has a warm, inviting personality, and can write!  Boy, can she write!

In the short time she'd been writing, she's already written 4 novels, three in her The Crimson Hunt Series (I'm critiquing No. 1 right now) and her new story: Story World, which sounds deliciously fantastic.  

You can read about her Crimson Hunt series on her blog: Confessions of a Twenty Something Fiction Writer.  She does reviews, participates in hops, tantalizes and teases her reader with snippets of her work, and generally brings a smile to her readers' faces with her upbeat attitude.

Also, you must check out her blog right now and follow - she's having a fabulous 500 follower giveaway featuring New Adult books.  Don't miss out!

Anyways, not to get all mushy-gushy (that's so not me - I have an anaphylactic-reaction anytime I try to verbally express my emotions), but I <3 my CP and appreciate having her in my life!

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  1. Great story. I don't know what I would do without my CPs. They have become such good friends too.

  2. "...it wasn't very adult of her to do what I was asking." HAhahahahaha. HAHAHahahahahaha. That's such a perfect moment. I have heard that a lot, both about my writing and my life. Other writers who say things like that make me a little wary -- characters are supposed to imperfect & make the not-right decision even though probably everyone else in the world might know it's wrong. That's called dramatic irony, folks, and it's a great moment in fiction.

  3. That's wonderful!!! Honest critique partners are so hard to fine, and how much better when they become a friend!!!! :) Great story. LOVED it.

  4. Aww...*hugs CP* you're so awesome! I'm glad I found you too. It's funny you mentioned that post because I was thinking the same thing when I read ppls responses to it. Not one positive thing they had to say because they really just didn't understand. Ah well we do and the ppl that read New Adult do so that's all that matters. Thanks do much for the love :D

  5. I'm glad you two work so well together! Great critters are hard to come by. :)

  6. Yat for my great NA sisters! Love a good CP story ;)

  7. A good CP is IRREPLACEABLE! Love learning about Victoria. So awesome. :D

  8. Great new blog! I am, of course, a huge fan of the college-age protag and New Adult (or YA Mature, as some like to call it) category. :)


  9. @Nyrae Dawn Thanks! It really is wonderful to find a great CP and become friends, too.

  10. @Carrie ButlerHeh. You said critters. LOL. Yes, it is great that we found each other. :D

  11. @Cyndi TefftAnd we're glad you're here and posting! Thanks!


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