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For those who don't know, the "New Adult" fiction category was created by the publisher St. Martin's Press in 2008 when they held a contest-call looking for writers to submit stories featuring 18 - 25 year-old protagonists.  The category has been growing ever since and we're using this blog to help with that growth!

Who are we, you may ask?  Well we are seven ladies who found each other through the blogosphere because we all do the same thing:  we write New Adult stories with 18 - 25 year-old protagonists in college and post-college situations, across all genres of fiction from Sci-Fi to Romance and everything in between!

We all got to chatting one day and said, "Hey, why don't we make a resource for all people to be able to go to for information about everything New Adult!"  We all struggled so badly to find these resources ourselves and wanted to create a central "hub" if you will of information about New Adult, New Adult books and the authors who write it, New Adult in the media, and much, much, more!

Our Posts!

Our first month we will be posting every weekday as a part of the Blog Me MAYbe Blogfest, hosted by Sara McClung (For more information click here) to help you all get to know more about NA!  After that, our posts will be once a week on Mondays and will be featuring anything from Book Recommendations, Industry News, and Author Interviews!

Our Giveaway!

We are holding a giveaway to kick off the launch of this new blog (check it out under our contest and giveaways tab) and all prizes have a connection to New Adult!  

Now without further ado, meet the ladies behind the blog, 
The NA Sisters!

Name:  Bailey Kelsey
Genres: Urban Supernatural/Fantasy; sub-genres of Mystery and Romance.
Why I write NA: I write new adult fiction because I am a new adult. I've always had a tendency to write narrators around my age, and I'm finding writing new adult both relevant and challenging. I think that there are some interesting & deep struggles found only at that borderland between growing up and being a grown-up.

Name: Carrie Butler
Genres: Paranormal romance
Why I write NA: I think NA is representative of a stage too significant to be overlooked.  Our characters are undergoing life’s initiation into adulthood, wandering down paths they never knew existed. Some are lost, some are searching, but they’re all making their way somewhere. They all want their stories to be told.

Name:  Jaycee DeLorenzo
Genres:  Contemporary, Sci-fi, Paranormal
Why I write NA:  Because it's a fascinating age where my characters are trying to find that balance between being a teenager and being an adult, experiencing new freedoms, trying new things, struggling to figure out who they are and who they want to be, all while trying to balance the responsibilities that come with being an adult.

Name: Juliana Haygert
Genres: PNR, UF, sci-fi and contemp
Why I write NA: I'm almost on my thirties but I feel like I'm twenty yet. That's the age group I identify with the most. I didn't skip this important part of my life--living away from home, caring for myself,  learning to face life alone, and yet, discovering so many things, making new friends, and *gasp* having to pay bills! My characters shouldn't skip it either.


Name: L.G. Kelso
Genres: Supernatural/Paranormal, Dark & Urban fantasy, some Contemporary.
Why I write NA: I write NA because, to me, NA deals with one of the most important times in our lives and is often overlooked in the novel world. NA often deals with the struggles stemming from transitioning between dependence and independence, and self-realization. I also write YA and "regular" adult, but those projects typically still crossover to NA. 

Name:  Summer Lane
NA, YA, non-fiction and Children’s Fiction.
Why I write NA: I write NA because not only am I myself older than the average YA character, but I think that there is a lot to explore throughout the college years: Marriage, first houses, maturity and romance that’s a little deeper than it was during the High School years. I personally feel a connection with NA because I’m in that stage of my life myself. So why not write about it? 

Name:  Victoria Smith
Genres:  Sci-Fi Romance, Urban Fantasy Romance, Really any type of Romance :)
Why I write NA:  I relate to the world of the New Adult the most.  I'm going through many struggles and life changes in new adulthood as a twenty something and love reading about characters who are doing the same.  I try to reach out to people in the same predicament through my writing of 20-something characters!

What to do next!

Hop around the blog and have a good time!  Learn about this awesome new category and what it has to offer and give us any feedback on our contact page you can about what you want to see.  This is a resource for everyone and we want everyone to feel at home here!

Thanks for joining us on this journey! 

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  1. Love this blog already! My next (joint) project will fall in the NA genre, so I look forward to your posts! :D

  2. The blog looks fantastic! You ladies rock for shining the light on NA!!!!!

  3. Woot! I love the design that you guys have made and can't wait to see more. :)

  4. Yay! As someone who's written some NA stuff, I really appreciate that you've started this blog :-)

  5. As a reader who's constantly on the lookout for NA, this is exciting!

  6. It's great to meet you ladies. I've got a NA novel on the backburner, started writing it before I knew there was such an issue with the age group. But I'm looking forward to seeing you guys bring to the table. Nice to meet all of you.

  7. Great site! I shared it on Twitter (from @InkMuse). I am a bestselling new adult author who was told several times by agents that I had to pick young adult or adult. Sales show that we DO have an audience with New Adult, and I believe this category will explode over the next few years.

  8. Congratulations on the launch! Looking forward to reading your posts. :)

  9. Woohoo! So excited to get this party started! :D

  10. Woot! I'm behind you gals 100% of the way. :D

  11. Excellent blog. Nice to meet you all ladies.

    I've never heard of NA before, but I've soon discovered it's perfect for me.

  12. Thanks everyone for the kind comments & the support! We are so excited to be launching this blog & to be a part of such a great NA community. I'm stoked to expand that community!

  13. Nice to meet everyone! The site looks awesome and it's such a great idea to have a multi-author blog dedicated to New Adult :)

  14. Sounds like a good time.... thx

  15. Thanks for the lovely comments, everybody!! We're so excited about this!! :)

  16. Woohoo for New Adult! This is one alley I'm not afraid to walk down. ;)

    Can't wait to see what you guys have in store.

  17. Hey, everyone! *waves* So glad to see so many as excited as we are =D

  18. So stoked for you gals. Awesome what you're doing here! New follower of course ;)

  19. Hey ladies! So excited for you guys starting this NA website. Best of luck... I'll be lurking :)

  20. Thank you all so much for your supportive posts! I'm so glad to see there's so much interest! Stick around, there's a lot more to come!

  21. Thanks for all the comments and reads! We are all happy that there is so much support. Please feel free to send us any thoughts or suggestions.

  22. Awesome new blog! So glad Jamie McGuire posted about it on FB! Congrats & good luck to you all!

  23. I discovered this blog through Victoria on Twitter. It's great! I will be posting to my blog about it May 13th.

    Good luck!

  24. Hooray! As a New Adult and a librarian in a college town, knowledge of new adult titles is super important. Thank you so much for the resource!

  25. It was so much fun to read about what you each like about the NE stage. Definitely an interesting period of life.


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